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  1. I'e never had a blocked deal before. I have just taken over Liverpool and I am selling Peter Crouch and had him on Market for 16m and PSv put in a bid for 18m so i accepted it but SM blocked it :/ I don't know why 'cause i've never dealt with that person before.
  2. Re: Which player(s) will shine at Euro 2008 and earn an increase? Gomis and Benzema If they get to play together then they will be a major force in the Euros and could ultimately play a major role in winning the tournament for France.
  3. Re: Pacheco, Bruna and Bouzanis. Not in database How come (taking Liverpool players as example) Mikel San Jose, Astrit Ajdarevic and others are in the databse when they don't meet your stated criteria? Im not getting at you it just seems a shame that Bruna, Pacheco and Bouzanis miss out on criteria that is broken to allow other players into database.
  4. Three 16/17 year old Liverpool Players hinted at being one of the best in the world by Maradona (says that Bruna will surpass possibly Messi) , Benitez (rates Bouzanis as best young keeper in the world) and Worldwide Scouts (Pacheco was seen as Barca's version of Raul and had a great reputation there.) Surely these three players deserve adding to the database? Daniel Pacecho Position : Forward Age: 17 (5 Jan 1991) Nationality:Spain Possible Rating: 77/78 Reason for rating: Highly rated because of his pace and skill. He has a very good goalscoring record and has been likened to Raul for
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