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  1. Re: 60-80 rated risers Just type "palacios" and then click view more you'll see a 20 year old rated 72
  2. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Thanks for the direction.
  3. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread It's so odd.Newcastle is oddly silent in odd antics this season.In the past you get Titus Bramble or come cool manager (Keegan?) or even players in conflict (Lee Bowyer Vs Kieron Dyer).
  4. Re: Adem Ljajic Agree Terms With Fiorentina !!! A mistake perhaps.
  5. Re: Over 95 in 2 years Andrew LOL a birmingham team filled with better ratings than barcelona is omfg LOL. Think the one with the biggest chance of hitting close to a 95 or 95 is joe hart but that might take a few years as goalkeepers tend to hit their peaks later .
  6. Re: singaporean talent hot one really read plz It is possible but must give it time .
  7. Re: singaporean talent hot one really read plz I posted before even the player was released.Beat that.
  8. Re: BREAKING NEWS - Robert Enke Passes Away To people who criticise him for taking his own life stop it . You are not in his shoes how do you knw what he feels ? Losing a loved one is not easy to take everyone deals it in a different manner and some cannot control it . I do not think anyone has the right to criticise him in such a manner afterall none of you are Robert Enke .
  9. Re: Bassong - heads-up worth buying? Things are looking up for him , his grabbed 1 against liverpool in tottenham's win
  10. Re: Daniel Jarque Aged 26 dies of heart attack. Poor daniel Jarque never get a call up to the spanish senior squad while still alive and kickin .I still remembered he was some property in some setups when at rating 91..
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... But now i got 1 more i am offering pazzini giampaolo and 200k for balotelli good deal or bad deal?I'm the 1 with pazzini and 200k
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... thanks mates that means im getting melo for just a mere 200k and off loading an aging seedorf
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Im swapping seedorf+200k for felipe melo.Is it a good deal?
  14. Re: m diara i will accept if i were you muntari is 1st team at inter milan ATM the same cant be said for M. diarra as there are just too much classy midfielders in real .
  15. Re: JAFARI, Abolhassan why did he drop 4 ratings?Is it because his overrated?
  16. Re: Asian Scouting James VIRGILI is he promising?
  17. Re: Which Goalkeeper? Frey no doubt . I'm still pretty puzzled as to why Frey was'nt part of the french squad much.If you cant go after frey i believe you should lower your expectations and go after asenjo or rui patricio or if u want a slightly older option there's diego lopez of villareal his recently linked to manchester united,speaks a lot about his standards...
  18. Re: Bosingwa 4 clichy?? If your Left backs are really bad then do swap bosingwa for clichy PROVIDED YOU HAVE A STRONG ENOUGH COVER FOR BOSINGWA WHEN HE LEAVES.But no pressure
  19. Re: help my wolves against a much better team ? This is tough stick to a 4-4-2 first and see if it works if it doesnt then go for something that is well balanced with 4 defenders no more or less
  20. Re: Gonzalo Castro ahh i see...so thats WHY:eek:
  21. Re: Gonzalo Castro Why did his rating drop from 91 in the previous german changes?
  22. Re: Asian Scouting yay some local people.Anyway is there a mention of the u-14 south korean guy who plays for portsmouth u-14?
  23. Re: Darius Vassell - Shoddy in England; Absolute Hero in Turkey one of the weirdest moves IMO i mean how often do you see english players go to the turkish league?
  24. Re: Finance improvement--inflation curb or bankruptcy´╝č Ooo this finance improvement thingy is certainly making SM more challenging
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