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  1. Re: Vucinic I feel like he might fall, but you never know if Juve really clench a CL berth he might get back into the same profile he enjoyed with Roma in 2007-2008. He's in good form for his country Montenegro though (he played better than Jovetic when they lost to Czech Republic in EURO qualifying, but that's almost never the case). Just to throw something in, my family are from his hometown Niksic So I have that connection
  2. Re: EPL Players Shock Guys, it's not really all due to SM anymore, now soccerwiki is determining the ratings in SM, although maybe SM has something to do with soccerwiki (if they do forgive me cause I'm new to the forum and don't kno much background info). But in any case, do people realize since the switch to the soccerwiki system that the submission of new players has completely freezed? And I think the changing from one league rating changes to another league has also frozen too! I like the idea of the soccerwiki voting and what not but I think it has just added a huge bureaucracy to the r
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