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  1. Re: Rangers Supporters Club like I said keep em comin lol
  2. Re: Rangers Supporters Club "your team needs you ???" ha ha ha never seen anything so funny in my life since a hobo told me that they will win the cup this year - keep em comin mate
  3. Re: Congratulations Barnsley!!! Well I'm staying in Bath at the mo' I am more of a Bristol City fan so my money is on Barnsley for the cup. I was originally going to put on my big bet of the season and it would've been Man U for the treble and Man U Champions League, Bayern Uefa and Chelsea FA Cup - good job I didn't. So I think it will be Barnsley FA Cup, Bayern Uefa Cup and Man U Champions League: your opions will be appreciated
  4. Re: best atmosphere (in Scotland) the result I see you didn't answer my after comment that Hibs are most deluded (assuming you follow the wee team that is)! Also even though it was only a 1000 odd fans who took part in the poll, and given that the majority of fans in scotland follow both the blue noses and the tic; this then must mean that they also voted Tynie as the best!!! And even though this season things aren't as good as one would like, when things are going well Tynie ROCKS!!! Anyone who has experienced the "old" Shed will also agree - Now thats where you could find a proper part
  5. Re: Wondering Vista any good?? dont I bought my pc initially cos I had a sh1tty day in work, but also cos I was impressed with how vista looked - My opinion now is it is "pish! my pc keeps on crashing and vista is so slow. The whole operating system annoys me! :mad: My mate has gone back to XP its that bad!!
  6. Re: Who could save your club If he was a few years younger I would love to have former Hearts and Spurs legend Dave Mackay. Did you know that in a 23 year playing career he never got sent off, which is great, especially when he was a defensive mid-fielder
  7. Re: a dark day for football Its going to come to a point where players will start dictating terms to their employers, no matter whom they maybe. And if the employer does not comply then their off to another club with little compensation to the former club. Only consolation is, Andy Judas Webster has since been dropped from the Scotland squad All that, just to join the blue noses through the back door
  8. Re: barry ferguson I was thinking last night "And you call us Paranoid" hmmm Was it not you guys who, a couple of years ago, were complaining that the whole of football was against you. Just because the SFA didn't change your game from a Saturday to another day, because you had a mid week euro tie in the Champions League, that you got f****d out of anyway!
  9. Re: barry ferguson pooh to you lol
  10. Re: barry ferguson i accept that the 2nd goal stands ok - still if Miko got his penalty claim then it would be a different story - like i said glasgow bias
  11. Re: Best/loudest fans in britain the thread was for best/loudest not MOST PARANOID lol
  12. Re: Best/loudest fans in britain Anyway, further to earlier replies, when Tynecastle iscomplete (the plans are in and have been accepted and the cash is there) it looks as if its going to be an awesome stadium, one that we (Hearts fans) can be proud of. So in 4 years time (the date forecasted for completion) we will see how good the stadium actually is!
  13. Re: The Forum Rumour Thread Here's one, Scotland are interested in Burley, but I dont think Southampton are aware of this Interest, I wouild have thought Souness might have went for it! Although I did originally fancy Collins for the Job. So we will see what happens.......
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