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  1. I noticed that there are two "problems": 1) When a team is unmanaged the squad is the one that the old manager selected.. so maybe he left a without a correct tactic and the team will lose a great number of matches for 6-0, 7-0 or more.. this should be solved 2) Unmanaged teams should not offer money only for players that the team has in the real life, but it would be nice cpu too to be a contender for every player in the game..
  2. Riferimento: Gold Championship 1 News CS Sedan new manager is here..
  3. Riferimento: Ronaldo 99? at the moment: CR 99 Messi 98/97
  4. Riferimento: Re: GC 386 official discussion
  5. Riferimento: Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  6. Riferimento: Extra-time? 90' + 3 minutes extra time for example? it doesnt exist? all matches end at 90' always? unreal IMHO
  7. Riferimento: Making subs any minute, or to sub an injured player Yes, this would be valid for red cards too
  8. Riferimento: GC 386 official discussion We lost 3-0 against Napoli in SMFA Cup... Maybe this competition is too much for us.. anyway, congrats to Napoli manager
  9. Riferimento: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread dont think so. SM has never been more knowed and successfull i think... Competition is stronger and bigger than 2-3 years ago.. on Facebook fans are near the 500.000... dont say always this game sucks..
  10. Why matches ends at 90'? Where is the extra time?
  11. Riferimento: Squad Options Yes, it's ugly to see a squad of a large number of players, it would be easier to have a reserves team too. IMHO
  12. It's Boca Juniors here! Looking forward to win the league!
  13. Riferimento: Arguing reversal of transfers this is non sense. Aboely. PS: Admins read this forum? Or we have to send some messages ourself?
  14. Riferimento: Awards for players so, how we can say that to the admins?
  15. Re: Awards for players where is the suggestions box?
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