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  1. WANTED: "1" BELGIAN PARTICIPANTS. World: Private REAL-LIFE world "Belgium Champions Chip" with three additional transfers and numerous awards,only 1 league 16 teams - 16 managers ...1 free place - Second Season. Club which is free = " CHARLEROI SC " 05-02-2014. ID World: 204 835 World Name: Belgain Champions Chip "Jupiler Pro League" Forum: More information can be found in Dutch Forum " http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?p=2842863#post2842863 " or " Soccer Manager Forum > Nederlands Forum > Soccer Manager Spelwerelden > Nieuwe spelwerelden " Real-Life Belgisch Kampioenschap (enkel met belgische managers) ...look a page 1 and see also to the new rules,some post back. Requirements: Honest and trustworthy managers who also repect the rules from this world, a REAL-LIFE world. Participants: send a message to me. Thank you.
  2. Re: Custom Gameworld Association - Help and Management WANTED: "1" BELGIAN PARTICIPANTS. World: Private REAL-LIFE world "Belgium Champions Chip" with three additional transfers and numerous awards,only 1 league 16 teams - 16 managers ...1 free place - almost end of season 1. Club which is free " KAA GENT " FREE TODAY (17-12-2013) ID World: 204 835 World Name: Belgain Champions Chip "Jupiler Pro League" Forum: More information can be found in Dutch Forum ...look a page 1 and see also to the new rules at the last page. Forum: Real-Life Belgisch Kampioenschap (enkel met belgische managers) Requirements: Honest and trustworthy managers who also repect the rules from this world, a REAL-LIFE world. Participants: send a message to me. ONLY For BELGIAN MANAGERS ! Thank you.
  3. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread The rumors that circulating on the internet from Nicolàs Otamendi (FC Porto) that Chelsea would have bought him and he will leave the club in the summer of 2014,are these rumors true or is it yet again another gossip from Mourinho ?
  4. Soccerwicki and Soccer Manager when it comes to players is not really a good cooperation. 1. Why vote? there is too much abuse of it as not to enter into all of the details, in general, too much abuse is made ​​of it and the honest user from soccerwicki who want to customize a player or a rise, or whatever would suggest for the player is the brunt of it by this vote and is left out in the cold, really outdated, give the players what they really deserve. 2. Other wedsite give a much better overview, take for example now "transfer market co.uk " they don't need a vote (a German frima) when it comes to player position and value players, players rating is another chapter 3.Many players really do not get what they deserve, and many players are overestimated. 4.Add new players takes far too long, and there must also be voted on .. incomprehensible! 5.a small example, (picture) a player that I see every week playing and though I can not chance that player to add his cb postite ....incomprehensible! .Player who realy do play on those position they don' get it...because is a vote.. another example to show "However, I will do it here via the "wedsite" of the his club still 1ST teams players who have not added a eruopeese wedsrtijd behind them, which run along the A-KEY ... it is only Standard de Liège but if it is now-for example CHELSEA or REAL MADRID or BARCELONA or UNITED or MANCHESTER CITY or B.MUNCHEN, etc..., these players were long added and is it incomprehensible to me you still have to vote too .... what know an Argentinian or know someone from Russia what really happens with Standard de Liège in Belgium .. this is really not more from this time and is long past, just adds the frist team en others youngh players who do play really for the frist time , it is very simple to find at every football obligatie in any country and by the UFEA. It is really time that soccer manager start thinking seriously about this way to add players, why to vote, why to vote to change a postition or a at some more too and players rating increase...' ll just give each player what they really deserve,please SM try to find a better way than how it is now , I call it disastrous. Voting is also such a thing,I have already expressed my opinion, removing that stuff. wedsite standard de liege, " http://www.standard.be/saison.htm?lng=nl " Julien de Sart : not included by soccerwicki, however transfermarkt.co.uk does give the full data from the player why not soccerwicki?, has already spent two European competitions, and some league minuts . Corentin Fiore : ditto but in this case, only raid turns a few minutes I do know ... that a player need x-number of matches to play, before he is added at soccerwicki,but in Belgium FRIST TEAM PLAYER they do play for the frist team or A-SQUAD AND NOT FOR THE B-SQUAD, I do not understand why soccerwicki not just add the 1st team players from each club not directly..without a vote, without you or someone else that must add those players, just do not understand it really is outdated.. thx.
  5. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread ok thanks, know that they loan him out, but don't know he was already whit Rennes,but it was a Lucky goal...though for me. thanks.
  6. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread OLIVEIRA, Nelson from Benfica is it still worthwhile to keep him? knows that he will be rented, but also know that Totteham also lures for his services, what is his future whit Benficia and in SM ? Thanks.
  7. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Timjansen, yeah, Tobias Figueiredo really impressed me at the Euro U19 a couple of weeks ago at CB. Should get some bench time at A team and absolute starter at B team. Also, watch out for Rúben Semedo he was magnificent against Fiorentina last Sunday, hecan very well be the surprise of the season! Thanks , also a other talent to watch out and a real "crack" from Fc Porto (not yet on SM) Sérgio Miguel Hora Ribeiro, born at Mafamude - Vila Nova de Gaia 18-01-1996 only 17 years old ,position forward,attacking midfielder . More than a year ago tried some big clubs in England, Spain, Italy and even the old AS Monaco to purchase him ,happy is he loyal to FC Porto (for now!).. and we,Porto expect a lot from him. UEFA.com > UEFA European Under-17 Championship > News Portugal As well as overcoming England at the Algarve tournament, they drew 1-1 with the Netherlands and – after a game they led – Germany. "That was our best display of the tournament," coach Filipe Ramos said. "We played a very attractive brand of football and created opportunities. I think it was a good preparation for the team." Captain Sérgio Ribeiro was named player of the event. Description: Captain at his club and in the national team, Sergio is a player with great and charismatic personality. Acts as extreme but has already played in mid positions where we believe he can became better in the future. It has an excellent capacity to build and organize the offensive game given his excellent vision of the game. It has a technical quality above average both in terms of the pass, dribble and driving. Has a good shot and his tactical sense is already well established in view of his age.
  8. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Tobias Figueiredo ,I also recommend this player, a cheap alternative if you are looking for a young a good talent defender ! Full name: Tobias Pereira Figueiredo Date of birth: 02.02.1994 Place of birth: Sátão, Viseu Nationality: Portugal Height: 188 cm Position: Defender, Midfielder – Centre back, Defensive midfielder Current team: Sporting Lisbon Strengths: Physical strenght, Heading, Intercepting, Passing, Free kicks, a fast player,huge leadership and very strong in the air,very good in giving long passes and crosses, a ball winning weird Reminds: Ricardo Carvalho National teams: Portugal U-17, U-18, U-19 Club career: 2012/present Sporting Lisbon Honours: - Contract until: ? Agent: ? Market value: +/- € 3.000.000 Transfer rumours: Manchester United, Manchester City, Barcelona, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool nl2uxNsTJII the only youtube movie !
  9. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Oliver Baumann is he any good ? In one of my worlds now season 6. I try to buy already from the beginning a new GK however, all the better goalkeeper are all ready taken and no one want to sell, in a world whit about 75% of the clubs are taken, at least not at a good big price, just for your best players...what no option is . have in my possession Nicola Leali, Kapino Stefano and Alphonse Areola, 1st keeper is Helton still likely to be very busy on his last season at FC Porto..so need urgent a new GK ..though one than better is than my yough GK's ..all young and old well-know names are already taken, perhaps you know another GK rating of around 88 I do not know ... Thanks anyway.
  11. Re: ::: The Two States ::: Manchester City won the Cup ::: The Two States Cup Final ::: last season we were second after a 0-1 loss .... and we missed our price a highly valued player Xavi from Barca...this season there is no price, which is a shame... taison Barcellos has Manchester City to a victory in ::: The Two States Cup Final ::: against Valencia led! Manchester City defeated valencia (the club from manager Closer Valvis) whit 2 - 1 in the final in order to achieve the trophy. Yarmolenko played an impressive game and was voted Man of the Match. García was on the scoresheet for his side. With the almost a complete B-team, thanks to the many injuries of the top players .. Now we finally win the CUP Manchester City in a 4-2-4 1 gk Joe Hart 2 rb Vrsajlko Sime 3 lb Kolarov 4 cb Richards 5 cb Nastasic 6 dm Rodwell 7 wing R Yarmolenko 11 Wing L Konoplyanka 8 cm Garcia Javi 9 CF Guidetti J 10 am Tevez Carlos Valencia played a 3-5-2 1 gk Akinfeev 2 cb Alves bruno 4 cb Toulalan 3 cb Mathieu 5 dm Bangena 6 am Menez J. 7 Wing R Griezmann 8 am Feghouli 9 cf Soldado 10 cf Gameiro 11 Wing l Van Der Vaart 54% we had the ball 24 shots against 14 from Valencia 13 shots on target against 8 from Valencia We won !... Petros "Closer Valvis is looking for a new challenge and therefore handed his contract as manager of Valencia ..... now we are only whit 4 .managers anymore .... of the original 24 managers ... Season 2::: The Two States ::: Cup Winner manager taison barcellos club Manchester City Season 1::: The Two States ::: Cup second place manager taison barcellos club Manchester City Season 1Divisie 1 second place manager taison barcellos club Manchester City Season 1SMFA Shield second place manager taison barcellos club Manchester City
  12. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  13. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread First name Lorenzo António Last name Melgarejo Sanabria Nationality Paraguay Date of birth 10 August 1990 Age 22 Country of birth Paraguay Place of birth Loma Grande Position left back - lm/w Height 171 cm Weight about 67/71 kg Current national player: from Paraguay His club ; 2013/2014 Benfica loan out to liverpool .. 2012/2013 Benfica 2011/2012 Pacos de Ferreira loan out 2011 Independiente sold to benficia for about 680.000£ 2010 Olimpia DIP move again free transfer 2009 12 de Octubre move in a free transfer He started his career as a left-sided midfielder' date=' mainly as a left back, but formerly as a left winger, but Jorge Jesus, the Benfica’s coach turned him to a full-back due to lack of defensive options in last season. He has a remarkable goalscoring record for a full back with 28 goals in 101 senior games across his career, but there is more to it - before playing at Benfica he was a left-winger in South America. He has a release clause of €30 million in his current contract with Benfica, which expires in the summer of 2018. He made his debut for the Paraguayan national side last season in November during the 3-1 win over Guatemala. He had a passing percentage of over 70% in both the Champions League and Europa League with Benfica last season. He has only ever suffered heartbreak as a player with two runners-up honours the Europa League last season and Taca de Portugal, the main knock out cup tournament in Portuguese football on youtube you do find some movie [youtube']3uHJt3pXjeo DnT8j_deooA
  14. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread The Brazilian talent Bernard is popular in most of Europe. The Brazilian has his sights however targeting a transfer to FC Porto That let his father know. Bernard currently plays for Atlético Mineiro, but does not seem to hold for the Brazilian club this summer. Include Arsenal, Shakhtar Donetsk have serious interest in the midfielder but Porto seems now to have to annex. The international best paper "Shakhtar is no time been an option for us," said Father Delio Duarte opposite MaisFutbol. "Bernard does not want to go there. Atletico who is put under pressure. Everything will be settled this week. Porto If really want him, as it stands now, then they should immediately contact Atletico. Maybe all this easily as and Bernard's wish comes true. " Duarte is not satisfied with the conduct of Atletico, which he ignores the desires of his son. "Bernard is not a doll. Atletico He has given much. He would like to Porto, so they will attempt to venture and try to reach an agreement source goal.com posted today to Jul 31. 2013 18:28:00 By Yorick Hokke so if we are to believe this all ,now hopefully Porto do what it should do ... is an overt declaration of Bernard ... "please buy me... Porto"...hope Porto will make there move now... I do hope my friend have it right again...same als the purchase from Quintero some weeks ago. PORTO will be stronger as before.
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... can you make me a list of FC BARCELONA B PLAYERS who I will have to keep and who does not? Think no need to post the whole team..or well ? .... Find it needless to all these players to post here... have them all ... The entire team fc barcelona + Team B still the original team, with all players in and outgoing ... NOW 6TH season, it will help a lot. whit those new update from sm,lost too many on wages...so only won't to keep the best...no others players are purchase,only Fc Barcelona players. Thanks. or a guick picture from transfermarkt,note don't have them all,what is post here, but it will help a lot. thanks.
  16. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread yup..PORTO will never paid 25m. so Shaktar is in the lead. The portugees newspapers write this today. In recent days there were media reports that FC Porto is about to complete the transfer. Atletico Mineiro striker Bernard off However' date=' Paulo Fonseca, coach of the Portuguese top club, denies that the club will present him. Foreseeable future In addition, Shakhtar Donetsk have serious interest in the twenty Brazilian. In the Portuguese media reports that Porto Sunday for the arrival of Bernard would fix came. "I have no information about Bernard. I only talk about the players that are here now. I do not know if he's coming and I'm not talking about someone who is not in our selection," as told to Fonseca Mais Futebol. Adriano Spodato, agent of Bernard, says that FC Porto have a major contender is. "I can confirm that the interest is huge, but Shakhtar Donetsk is there too. It's between these clubs. If it were up to me, then Bernard a player of Porto. He is very interested to go to Porto" said the representative of the same medium. Shakhtar would have a budget of 25 million cast. [b']Other news said[/b]...is the first time I hear or read something about from it .. FC Porto might have make an offer on the weekend on Vinícius Vasconcelos Araújo, known as Vinicius, but Napoli and Shaktar want this attacker in their ranks too. The twenty old Brazilian made ​​this season impression in the shirt of Cruzeiro. The Brazilian medium O Tempo is able to report that in addition to FC Porto and Shakhtar Donetsk also Napoli and Udinese seriously interested in Vinícius Araújo. The latter club would already have make a bid some weeks ago for the promising attacker, but this offer was rejected by Cruzeiro. The Brazilians hope to keep Him with a new contract in the club The past season was Vinícius Araújo transferred to the first team and in eleven games he scored six goals for Cruzeiro. He also impressed with Brazil at the tournament in Toulon. With seven goals, he played an important role in the final victory of the Brazilians. FC Porto would be the most concrete club. We will keep you informed.
  17. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  18. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread FC PORTO have bought (Free TRANSFER ) the replace for Helton... Simon Bolat from Standard Liege ( again Porto bought whit Standard Liege,...defour,mangala old players even als Witsel to Zenit ,before Benficia ) The 24 year old Belgian Turk gets immediately transferred to FC Porto, where he signed a contract until the summer of 2018 free transfer !Bolat is currently a free agent after refusing to renew his contract with former club Standard Liege. 30 juli 2013 The 24-year-old goalkeeper pulls the door at the Rouches behind him and pulls to Porto. There he finds his former teammates Eliaquim Mangala and Steven Defour back. After Standard yesterday announced the arrival of the French goalie Yohann Thuram, a possible extended stay Bolat was nonexistent. Earlier in the day were already rumors that the goalkeeper was in contact with the Portuguese club. Moreover, the wage demands of Bolat were a lot higher than what it had to offer Liège board. Steven Defour already posted on his Twitter account a picture of his new teammate. Steven Defour @Steven_Defour35 Retrouvailles.. Bemvindo bienvenue welkom #SinanBolat pic.twitter.com/FuJPxNU6ld Think so, he will move to Fc Porto ...all what I can find on the internet is that FC Porto has the lead in the purchase,a message from my friend and source in the world of football confirms it, transfer price and wage conditions are agreed, Porto paid reportedly less than 21M., but there are bonuses and some players are loaned out, wondering who that will be ... Helton begins his final season at Fc Porto and returns to Brazil in the summer of 2014 .... of Bolat (I knew a little longer, than the deal was already done ..but not yet a confrim from Bolat himself ,today he have it confrim ) he get or have one season to adapt, is a solid goalkeeper and national goalkeeper from his country, but not the level of Helton, but can now prove his worth ... for comparison with the other goalkeepers in the Belgian Jupilier leaque he was one of the better, an injury has keep him almost a year on the side ... The 24-year-old keeper missed most of the season with a cruciate ligament injury however, has recovered and was recently called up for the Turkish national team.The Turkish international keeper famous for being the only goalkeeper to have ever scored a Champions League goal in open-play kept 19 clean sheets in 52 games in 2011-12.....a nice guy,good character, a team player always gives himself fully ... not a bad asset and certainly not as a trans-free player....he is worth something more than an average player,...but not the top talent.
  19. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread some news about Porto ...hope it will be true ! Arsenal set to miss out on £21m Bernard Bernard's agent claims there is a strong possibility that the player will move to Porto Published 5 hours ago by Alex Martin, read by 4,517 people Arsenal are facing up to the prospect of missing out on another transfer target after a move for Brazilian playmaker Bernard was all but ruled out by the player's agent Adriano Spodato. The Gunners were thought to be close to sealing a deal for the young star after reports emerged that a £21m deal had been agreed with his club Atletico Mineiro. Those initial reports were found to be false but interest from Arsenal was still strong. However, a move to north London now looks unlikely for the 20-year-old after Spodato revealed there was a strong chance he would move to Portugal. "I can confirm that the possibility [of joining Porto] is strong, but there is Shakhtar Donetsk too," he told Mais Futebol. "It should be between those. On Monday or Tuesday there should be something more concrete. "If it was up to me, Bernard would be a Porto player. I told him that this is the best way. "It is preferable to enter a medium, but good, European club, rather than risk a top club and have no space to play. Indeed, Bernard is very interested in going to Porto." The revelation will come as frustrating news to Arsenal, who have already failed in their attempts to sign Gonzalo Higuain and are stumbling over a deal for Luis Suarez. They were dealt a further blow after the player's father revealed that Porto legend Hulk has told Bernard that Portugal would be the best place for him to develop. "He wants to continue his career at a club like Porto," Duarte told the media. "He dreams of that. Bernard is Hulk's friend, they became very close in the national squad and they talked about this. "Hulk spoke highly of the club and [bernard] was convinced it would be a safe bet for this stage of his career." Porto know only the won't to spend about 50M. in new players...we don't have reach that number....not yet! RUI PATRICIO on his way to Monaco ? Monaco is pusching to complet the deal this week...second bid is place but a lot higher than the frist bid from 10M.,some speak about 15 to 20M.€...another lost for sporting cp ?... true or not,do not know,in both stories....know only Monaca have need to a good gk...and the have the money..so wait and see...?
  20. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Someone know a little more about ; Full name: Miguel Fernando Pereira Rodrigues Date of birth: 16.03.1993 Place of birth: Fàtima Nationality: Portugal Height: 189 cm Position: Defender – Centre back Current team: Nacional de Madeira Strengths: Intercepting, Heading, Passing, Elegance National teams: Portugal U-20 Club career: 2011/12 União Leiria, 2012/present Nacional de Madeira Honours: - Contract until: 30.06.2017 Agent: Eurofoot Market value: € 1.500.000 Transfer rumours: Borussia Dortmund Rui Patricio on his way to Monaco ?
  21. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Nothing special, scored only 4x time in 2259 minutes and in 51 games since the season 2009/10 to the present. There are better players to be found,not enough for an attacker.though he was play out als a AM-CF in his old club.
  22. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
  23. My way to compete with the new system. This is my final capstone on Sm, is one of my first game world SM, after returning from years of inactivity. Once my gold membership is over, it is finally done. Where the game in his earlier years was not a challenge, and you won almost everything on simple 3 formation,that was the main reason to leave, now after some years from inactivity and at the pressure ,demand of some friends started back in Sept 2011, but after a little more than 2 - year, there is now a definite end, yet one year gold membership over, sufficient for 3-4 season more. The ever changing from SM, which has to date been no real improvement,to the game at least not for me. The lowering of income, the increase in fixed costs, the adjustment of prices, credits...the line is too long and sure the hunt for players collectors coming in first place, but no good improvement, no real good improvement for the game, too old, outdated, no more of this time ...we life in 2013...not more in 1990...gives me time to take a good think is this game worth it, worth to keep one going...sorry not for me... at least not in its usual application in the private world maybe you can do more or less what you won't ...but than again I preferer others games. Now to come back,we go completely against the system. We depart from one of my regular game worlds,a FC Porto team that was almost completely bought out in dec 9 2011,only 21 players remained,whit a lot of cash. We accept the challenge, and had intended us to get to buy every new or old real FC Porto player to bring back at the club and every real FC Porto that was bought to bring them back in our squad. We have succeeded in that respect, only after a few players that we were been unable to return we not have bring back Hulk and Mangala ...the latest acquisitions of the summer 2013 have yet to be added. We also had intended us to buy NO 90 or 90 + players and that is also our happiness 5 season long, we have safe a lot of cash ,there is just made ​​an exception for Jovetic and only for the orginal Fc Porto players. It was a hard world, nobody was prepared to sell even if you offered 4 or 6 time more for .... a 88 or 89 player, we do not speak of a 90 or 90 + player prices of 30-70 million was normal. With only a squad of 21 men, and the first purchase Jovetic a forced sale that we only just won, the challenge was what now .... stay or leave, no one wanted to sell, and crazy prices we do not give. But we stay and accept the challenge. We did a little research, and most of the talents of 84-86-87' were free,and also the most improved talents of 70-80 . Now we shifted our transfer policy to only the orginal Fc Porto players and bettere talents from 75 to 86-87'. It was a hard fight, we remain in the first division and ended up becoming within the top 6 every season....many larger clubs were beaten by our humble Fc Porto team season,after season. Meanwhile most Fc Porto players were back at the club,after 1 to 2-3-4 and 5 season, Danilo luiz was the last player whe had bring back on the end of season 5, no way to get Hulk or Mangala back in there old and real club and our team had grown to a thick 60 good talent players. Many players have come and many have gone, every player who took the magic broder of 88-89 and had not enough chances to play wast sold, however, our preference is always to keep the orginal Fc Porto players, many have since grown to 90 and 90 + ... We do have made ​​a nice profit, but do not overdo it, a nice price not more than that. However, since the introduction of the new system, there was suddenly no longer sufficient income. We were no longer able to maintain our team remembers we don't have purchased any 90 or 90 + players only exception were Jovetic in those days just 90', and 90 also for Moutinho. Our youth team had become a real talent group,many players were suddenly 88-89-90-91-92-94, choice had to be made,continue in this line, or completely throw it upside down. After some discussions with other managers,some friends, also active in this world and already taller than me active in that world, and the guarantee that none of these managers even preparing to leave or was to sell any original Fc Porto player ( only 2 more to go old player Hulk and Mangala) and than the less income, we have now stopped the fight. Our team of more than 60 players, we have kept the best, the rest we have sold, some must still leave, or are for sale. With a well-stocked bank account and the promise made ​​to my self to buy no any other 90 player,who do not belong to Fc Porto old or new player ,and the almost one third lower income,we were suddenly facing a new challenge ! What now ....stay , leave ,guit Sm now ...or what will we do... so we made from ​​the new system a challenge and go against all logci in. We limit ourselves to a limit of players per position, needed to fight it to compete in the Cup, SMFA Champions and the leaque ... the 1st place now is the main target done with the weaker small team ,only the best players remain, the others were sold, real Fc Porto player or not ..only the best players in our squad stay ,and this whitout to buy any other 90 or 90+ player....but we go also in the fight whit the new system... Where SM hunts players collectors, they may now also add me to this group ! ...we have bought 100 players from 70 to 85...never had so many players...(lol) ...the main purpose to obtain by selling and buying, solely on the growth of the players more revenu in our club ! The most impressive is that my wages are still lower that some other clubs with only 50 players ... now we have 160...but about 40 players will leave now or in a few days...all have a increase...when each player gets an increase we sold them again, only remains the best of the best in my team and another older players will be sold ... obviously with more profit now. Have a other year to well on my gold membership, then it is done for every. Let's see how much profit we can make, or how much we lose ... We are now really go in against all logic, and we buy to buy, sell if there is an increase...team limit, we now have NO LIMIT anymore... we are now a player collector ... a store of players, however, only up to 85 "in height we buy...and sell whit a increase..see if we do can make more profit. It allows you to give free comments but your opinion is appreciated. However, for me I am completely done with SM ... is my last challenge, let's see how much we can earn or lose by buying so many players as possible, and sell by a increase who small it may be. Meanwhile we are still trying to win the 1st place, to win a Cup with the team we have now ...
  24. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread FC Barcelona target after the failed acquisition of Thiago Silva all arrows on his compatriot David Luiz old player from Benficia. Writes that the Catalan media Sport.es. The Chelsea defender would become by far the top of the list of coach Tito Vilanova shine. The reigning Spanish champions in recent weeks tried in vain to loosen Thiago Silva at Paris Saint-Germain. The French, however, refused to cooperate in a departure from the defender, after which Silva did prove itself to respect his contract. Paris Because Barcelona still wants to expand with a central defender, the team plans to sign up for Luiz. Itself over time in London The Brazilian made ​​in the winter of 2011 the move to Chelsea and has since evolved into an important mainstay. It is therefore questionable whether Chelsea is willing one of his key players to get rid of. Luiz still has a long-term contract (2017) in London and The Blues paid in 2011 about 25 million to Benfica. Thus, the club a hefty charge for the defender. Monaco have agreed a season-long loan deal for Rio Ave defender Fabinho. The 19-year-old Brazilian spent last season with Real Madrid and has already joined up with the Ligue 1 newcomers on their pre-season training camp in Seefeld. A statement on the club's official website read: "AS Monaco FC is pleased to announce the arrival in the professional team of Fabio Henrique Tavares, also known as Fabinho, a Brazilian right-back of 19 years who has had spells with Fluminense and Real Madrid. "Fabinho is loaned for one season by the Portuguese club Rio Ave." Fabinho was a youth player with Fluminense in his homeland before joining Rio Ave in 2011. He spent the last campaign on loan at the Bernabeu, making 30 appearances for Real's 'B' team and a single appearance with the senior squad. Fabinho becomes the latest new face to join the big-spending principality club, along with the likes of Radamel Falcao, Joao Moutinho and James Rodriguez.
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