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  1. i was trying to find the club debt thread to post this in but i cant so i thought id make my suggestion here. I have a squad of 18 players plus two on loan, so the smallest you can get plus some much needed loan players. my club having been in the black at the beginning of the season is now ending the season 5.7mil in the red because of large player wages. what i wanted to know is why i cant alter the wages of my players. you can offer contracts of varying lengths but you cant choose how much to pay them? for a start i want to offer reduced salaries to players, maybe this could be helpfu
  2. i thought id bump up this topic as its something i'd like to add my two penneth to. Ive managed my club mallorca for a fair few seasons with two successive promotions being gained and whereas the financial reward for it does help, ive not noticed gates going up that much which really they would do in a situation like this. Subsequently my team has only been dragged out of debt by prize money as despite only having 19 players my wage bill is still pretty high. I just feel there should be some other way for the clubs to earn money or that the money incoming to clubs should be more realistic,
  3. could one of the admin people let me know if the other transfers were gonna be put through? i understand it was something that screwed up but i wasnt on that early i didnt get them re-done in time after the error message so would they be able to make an exception and put peoples transfers through today? pleeeeeeease ill buy you a cake with a mouse on
  4. Did anyone else see the error messages on the transfer page saying on the 21st transfers had gone a bit funky? I thought transfers were on thursdays did this change? i noticed a transfer i had going through just completely disappeared i didnt get a message saying it was cancelled or anything it just went completely and i didnt get a player this turn i was supposed to. anyone know what happened?
  5. i think the only thing lacking in this game now is the ability to really influence the course of a match mid game. without live games id suggest altering the substitution system so you can choose to sub a player if his match rating at the time is lower than a certain number, wouldnt be too hard for the computers to calculate the rating at 45, 60 and 75 minutes would it? also changing formation and tactics during a game, just something as simple as selecting a team for half time, 60 0r 75 mins based on the score so far. i.e. youd switch to 3-4-3 if you were losing at 60 minutes, and also mayb
  6. i think its a sexy party with trifle and dandelion and burdock and a clown too, jimmy floyd hasselbaink the clown, with bobby davro as his sidekick, OH PLEASE SAY ITS THIS
  7. hehe damn 44 grand a week and i cant get rid of him for 18 turns im too lazy to research, unless you count football manager, which i dont.
  8. I come back after a few days and i suddenly find out 4 players have had their ratings decreased for no reason. i understand the database gets updated based on real leagues aswell but surely this is a bit much? one player i bought last turn was a 91 is now an 88, and 3 regulars have gone down a point. Is there any real value to the game in decreasing ratings and as managers not being able to do anything about it? surely there should be something you can do to train up players better, maybe at the expense of fitness you can increase a players rating over a few turns, within certain limits of c
  9. Hello, just thought id bump up the post to see if anythings happening with the zenit st petersburg manager in turn 52, im pretty sure its just the people youve kicked off last time using a new name or email who are trying to shift a player to their own team then scarper like bandits in the night once its done
  10. jammin moss of zenit st petersburg in turn 52, thats the sly one, not so sly as i didnt notice though. looks like someone trying to take over that club to sell the player to their own club
  11. hoooorayy tip of the hat to you squire, eggnog all round. g40force? whaaa? whats that when its at home in my bedroom with another man?
  12. ah excellent glad to see somethings being done. although ive just looked at that team has been taken over again by someone new with a suspicious name, although probably cant prove anything about that. tch.
  13. turn 52 seems to be riddled with cheaters. ive been trying to purchase a player from Zenit st petersburg and my transfer keeps getting accepted, only for it to collapse when someone called BEN FIRTH takes over the club. this is the second time in a week he has taken over and quit the club to prevent the transfer going through so can someone do something about it?
  14. I know you can set subs up to be brought on during a game but this doesnt usually help unless you could change tactics and formation during a game. for example if im losing a game with 60 minutes left, im not going to bring on a forward for a defender for him to play centre back all game, id want my formation changed to a 433 or 424 or something. i think there should be an option to switch formations and other advanced tactics during matches depending on whats happening to your team. i also think my team is a bunch of paedophiles because i have a 14 year old player on my bench and i think t
  15. ahhh i seeeee thanks everyone. gee whizz arent the people nice here, i usually find people on this kind of thing to be jerks, im pleasantly surprised as for the name, welll. i take a colour. red, a random thing, cancer, and animal, owl, and a minor celebrity, terry wogan..redcancerowlterrywogan. i also have blueropedogfrankcarson and yellowdischargemonkeyronniebiggs as usernames elsewhere incase you wondered . oh yes. i went there.
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