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  1. Re: How about making a realistic game engine ? My chairman won't let me. Dammit !
  2. Re: Counter formations Nothing against that mate, afterall I've been saying that formations and player ratings don't have that much importance in the outcome of a match. So shuffling them out a little may set things straight in the next one or it may not, right ? However, in real life when one set of (better) players used to playing in a certain system do well against another specific system, this tends to repeat itself more often than not. Of course there is the odd game where everything goes against, but that's just that: the odd game. In SM however it's everyday business. I mean you do
  3. Re: How about making a realistic game engine ?
  4. Re: Counter formations Those results were against AI teams that used the same default instructions. I've also set the same instructions in both fixtures, using fit higher-rated players. So, how can 2 matches with similar premises go in such different ways ? In the first one, which I won 3-0, my team was all over the opponent, with many missed chances too. Then in the next game, lost 0-1, the first chance came in late second half, everything else went to the opponents. Now if I would've used a different approach or unfit players I could understand the huge difference, but this way it just
  5. Re: How about making a realistic game engine ? Ah, maybe we're just too harsh on the game. I mean you've got to admit the new Scout Opposition in exchange for credits is amazing. For example, I checked my next opponents' tactic and noticed they used 4-3-3. Then I decided to scout them and guess what: they're likely to play 4-3-3 ! Well whoopty doo, who would've guessed ?
  6. You know, one that would actually be worth setting up a tactic for. The updates so far are ridiculous. For example : Game 1: 4-2-3-1 against lower rated 4-2-4 : 3-0 Game 2: 4-2-3-1 against lower rated 4-2-4 : 0-1 (and not a chance until late second half) Or better yet, instead of that "watch the game" thing just make some "throw the dice" button instead and remove the formations and instructions altogether, after all it's all about the credits, right ? Or how about introducing an option to "fix" the result in exchange for some $ ? That would be wonderful and express the true value of this g
  7. Re: Counter formations Just another example of "brilliant" the game really is: Game 1: 4-2-3-1 against 4-2-4 : 3-0 Game 2: 4-2-3-1 against 4-2-4 : 0-1 (and not a chance until the end of the game !) Well there you have it, tactics don't matter. But nevermind, keep buying those credits.
  8. Re: Unrealistic RESULTS.. Game's turned into a complete waste of time. Don't worry about tactics or players, it's all poop.
  9. Re: How about fixing the broken issues rather than cosmetic changes?? Actually, I think the game is worse now after the last updates. The match engine is just ridiculous, I mean do the tactics really make any difference ? The results just seem all random to me. Basically, there's no real incentive to try and prepare a match regarding formation and instructions, in the end you've got just as many chances of winning as in a dice game. But maybe there'll be another update sometime that would allow you to actually put together a string of good results in exchange for buying some credits.
  10. Re: Counter formations This game is just getting worse with each update. This can actually be taken as a tactical advice. Since the results seem pretty much all random, you can just use whatever formation you like, doesn't really make much difference. Oddly enough, the best results I've seen managed teams get in the leagues I played were with default instructions (i.e. normal tempo, normal tackling, etc.) and 1 player being assigned all the duties (i.e. captain, playmaker, targetman, etc.). This just shows you how really important all that stuff is. But don't worry, maybe they'll make an up
  11. Re: Counter formations Tried a defensive 4-5-1 against a 4-2-3-1 and lost 0-3. So far, none of the counter formations I've used according to the instructions here have worked. Maybe it has something to do with the update...
  12. Re: Total LOAD OF RUBBISH!!! I've been playing the game for little over a year now and I never managed to put together a long string of good results, no matter what tactics I tried. At first I thought I didn't pay enough attention to it, but after trying out all sorts of different formations and advice from the forums, the situation is exactly the same. Winning 3-0 away, losing 1-4 at home, etc. If I manage not to lose for 5 matches that's a big achievement, even if it happens against lower rated teams, barely scraping with 2-2 draws in home games and such. Playing against AI teams is basical
  13. Re: Counter formations Tried a default 4-4-2 with Normal Mentality, Short Passing, Counter-Attack and Men Behind Ball (since the opponent was so V. Attacking). It didn't work, I lost 1-2 but I can't say it's a surprise. After playing this game for over a year, I've never managed to get any string of good results, no matter the team or tactic. My longest unbeaten run was about 7 games I think, and back then I didn't even care about the tactics, just used the same one for every match, home or away. As interesting as it may be, I don't really think that the information in this thread makes to
  14. Re: Counter formations I recently won an away game using a 4-2-2-2. But since I was leading after 60 minutes, I changed to a defensive 4-5-1 with short passing, slow tempo and ticked counter-attack, with the DM as playmaker and FC as targetman. I didn't score other goals, but kept the ball well and had a few chances, if that counts for anything. Here is how things looked at the start: The instructions: And the match stats: I've used 4-2-2-2 quite a few times in the past with some good results, but I didn't really care about opponent tactics then, so I can't really say how good it
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