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  1. Re: Hex`s Champions league(edition2) recaps, discussion thread! tottenham relishing sundays challenge of atletico madrid! last night warren was interviewed at a press conference asking him a selection of questions and one that popped up was what do you think of your oppenents on sunday? and warren smuggly replied there a good team but not good enough and when asked on robbie keanes future he said robbie has handed in a transfer request and a number of deals have been agreed with an anonymous club however the anonymous clubs manager keeps rejecting the deal and warren said...hopefully we can to some agreement
  2. Re: New/another setup! kk ill be everton? are they a medium team
  3. Re: New/another setup! im intrested to join if u are can i be man utd please? thx let me no any info whether im in or ur making it?
  4. Re: Hex`s Champions league(edition2) recaps, discussion thread! manager: warren (the master) collins team: tottenham transfers in: 4 oscar ustari alaves assis jo diego milito ashely young transfers out: taarabat o hara malbranque darren bent paul robinson paul stalteri kp boateng assouso ekotto note: im looking for some 87+ players to take on loan and im also selling berbatov and keane
  5. Re: Best teams setup! whats the set up called?
  6. Re: New setup, Join people! van der vaart is my player nfs all the others can go for a good deal
  7. Re: New setup, Join people! hey this set up looks intresting can i be hamburg?
  8. Re: Best teams setup! lol ok ill take lyon unless i cant pic yet?
  9. Re: Best teams setup! my list lyon tottenham tell me if there avalible
  10. Re: Best teams setup! oh yh lol silly me
  11. Re: Best teams setup! kk m8 is the league made yet or u w8ing for people to pic there teams?
  12. Re: Register - BATTLE OF THE CONTINENTS thanks for real is the league alredy made?
  13. Re: Best teams setup! am i allowed to make a pic now or do i have to w8?
  14. Re: Mr HoW's BInternational Setup im intrested in this set up any teams goin?
  15. Re: Battle of Prestige Official thread hi i no this is the wrong thread to ask but is there any space in this league as i would like to join it tell me asap if i can join thankz
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