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  1. I have grat defenders and he is substitution. What to do, sell or keap? Any chanse of rise?
  2. Will Kagawa rise to 92?
  3. Will he rise? He play but Milan is very poor this season.
  4. Please rate my team: NEUER, Manuel 93 ALBA, Jordi 90 DANILO, Luiz 88 ZOUMA, Kurt 83 PAPADOPOULOS, Kyriakos 88 MATIP, Joël 88 VARANE, Raphaël 87 WOLLSCHEID, Philipp 87 NASTASIC, Matija 84 GARCIA, Javi 89 NAVAS, Jesús 92 OBIANG, Pedro 75 HAMSIK, Marek 91 KAGAWA, Shinji 90 LUCAS, Moura 88 LAMELA, Erik 88 OSCAR, Emboaba 87 ISCO, Alarcón 87 DRAXLER, Julian 86 REUS, Marco 90 MANDZUKIC, Mario 89 CABALLERO, Mauro 75 LEWANDOWSKI, Robert 90 LLORENTE, Fernando 91
  5. Re: Srdan Mijailovic "Mićko" stays in Red Star for a wile .
  6. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed? Last time after the Croatian was Serbia.
  7. red star


    Re: Croatia This is not place to discuss about Markovic but do you know that hi didn't scored goal in 2012? He will rise but for +5.
  8. Re: Search for a new keeper. These are currently the best young goalkeepers. Wojciech SZCZESNY Bernd LENO Marc-André TER STEGEN Thibaut COURTOIS Ali AHAMADA
  9. Re: please rate my squad Marcelo - 93/94 Benzema - 93/94 Ramires - 92/91 Other should stay.
  10. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell?
  11. Re: The must buy players.. Srdjan Mijailovic 18 75---82/83.
  12. Re: Top 5 Leagues - Must Buys. Will Ross Barkley rise? Should I keep him?
  13. Re: Need forward Thanks guys.
  14. Re: Top 5 Leagues - Must Buys. Will Teemu Pukki rise?
  15. Re: Need forward Unfortunately he is menaged.
  16. I need young forward who will have great future. I have CASNOS and SIGTHORSSON. Please some advice.
  17. Re: Top 5 Leagues - Must Buys. I will add Matija Nastasic from Fiorentina. He is great. 80-84/83
  18. Is it possible that no 75-80+ risers in ''Big 5'' Divizions???
  19. Re: ashley cole Essien will definitely drop, Cole maybe.
  20. Re: Defender? I have these defenders: SCHMELZER, Marcel ABATE, Ignazio DJOUROU, Johan SUBOTIC, Neven BONUCCI, Leonardo BOATENG, Jérôme GUSTAVO, Luiz GASPAR, Mario MUSACCHIO, Mateo PAPADOPOULOS, Kyriakos NASTASIC, Matija Who to sell?
  21. I need defender (89 or 90) who will rise soon. Please hellp.
  22. Re: Bernd Leno vs Ali Ahamada I have Leno and I will buy Ahamada. Thanks
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