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  1. Will anyone of them got chance for increase in this summer's updates? Do you have any advice about bringing some players? LENO, Bernd 85 STROOTMAN, Kevin 88 LUCAS, Rodrigues 88 VARGAS, Eduardo 87 PAPADOPOULOS, Kyriakos 87 WOLLSCHEID, Philipp 87 XHAKA, Granit 86 FERNANDES, Mário 86 SIGTHORSSON, Kolbeinn 86 CASNOS, Luc 85 DRAXLER, Julian 84 ITURBE, Juan 83
  2. Re: Bernd Leno vs Ali Ahamada Thanks! But Rene Adler is going back from injury will Leno lose place in the first place team?
  3. Who is better and who will have better future?
  4. Re: Argentina and Ecuador under 21 players with minutes Is there any argentinian who is 75 -->80+ riser?
  5. Re: Argentinian risers Is there any more 75+ risers?
  6. Re: Brazilian risers Will Mário Fernandes rise?
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