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  1. I play in a german championship with Bayern Munich, playing 4-2-3-1. Money: 26.9 mill Squad: Neuar,Krul Marcelo,Alba,Aurtenetze Silva,Varane,Martinez Ivaovic,Walker Fabregas,Modric,Toure Muller, Eriksson Di Maria, Hazard, Munian, Piatti RVP, Sanchez plus 11 youth players such as McClean, Guidetti, Isco, Jairo & Faraoni Possible Transfers(get the left hand side): Ramos- 27.2mill Casillas-Neuar Inesta-Muller Messi-RVP Pique-Ivanovic + cash Any ideas on other possible deals that i should consider doing?????
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Is granit xhaka a talent/prospect????
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... he's already risen this year for what he did in the earlier part of the season so he will stay the same
  4. Re: Some Iniesta deals in my league i can get inesta for muller, who would want to do that if you were getting muller but selling inesta
  5. Re: Bayern Munich Advice Walker will rise? so have cover for ramos. So then can get a CB to replace ivanovic. I'm also just put a bid in to get alba to have cover for marcelo
  6. Re: Bayern Munich Advice why should i sell T silva, he is playing for a mint team that are currently top of a a mint league and have just got to the champions league QF's. Looking to replace zanetti with a CB but he is good because he's versitile. Also i'll wait on frimpong to see weather next season he can break inot the arsenal first team.
  7. What advice would you give me on may Bayern team nearing the end of the first season in a german championship. Who should I sell and who to buy(part-ex or cash)? Formation: 4-2-3-1 Budget: 3.0 mill Goalkeepers: Neuer, Krul Full Backs: Ramos, Marcelo, Ivanovic(currently offered 15.5mill), Walker, Faraoni Centre Back's: Silva, Zanetti, I Martinez, C Dawson Centre Midfield: Fabregas, Toure, Modric, Frimpong, Hervas Attacking Midfielders: Muller, Eriksson, Grenier, Jairo Wingers: Di Maria, Hazard, Munian, Piatti, Jorgensen, McClean, J Lukaku Attackers: Van Persie, Sanchez, Guidetti, Sam Ameobi
  8. Re: Benfica → opinions on my squad! good youthful team that should rise in coming years
  9. Re: Grosskruetz for 12m? well if he doesn't play then yes, but if he does can you get a suitsble replacement for him?
  10. Re: Puyol depends on what players are avaible to replace him with weather you can get a good replacement
  11. Re: Thomas Muller for Mario Gotze????? thanks for all the advice my 11 average: with muller 93.1 with gotze 92.9
  12. Re: Thomas Muller for Mario Gotze????? thanks for your all your help and i've made the offer to the manager and we'll just have to wait and see if he thinks that he's getting the better deal or not, it's a shame that he's a manager that doesn't reply back to messages or offers quickly, as i offered pecro part-ex earlier in the season and he didn't make any changes to the offer or reject in about 3 weeks so i took the offer away
  13. Re: Thomas Muller for Mario Gotze????? so offering muller for gotze is a good deal if the other manager will accept
  14. Re: Thomas Muller for Mario Gotze????? i'm wanting gotze and currently have muller, would it be a good deal for me to part-exchange muller for gozte?
  15. I'm currently managing bayern muchinch in a german championship with broiussa dortmund being managed and i'm wanting gozte Would swapping Muller for Gotze be a good deal for me as will he over take muller in rating over the next few years? If not muller ho else would you part-exchange from these players: modric di maria van persie fabregas Y toure
  16. Re: will pedro decrease? I'm going to part exchange him for ramos as I need more defensive players as I already have a quality attacking line-up with suitable back-ups So this will be my team after transfers: Neuer,Krul Marcelo,Ramos(bought part-ex with pedro),Walker,Ivanovic(sell for a CB) Zanetti,Silva,Vermealen Modric,Toure,Fabregas Eriksson,Muller,Piatti,Hazard,Di Maria Van Persie,Sanchez
  17. Re: Help with my Bayern team!!!!!!! yeah thats the same CB's that i had in mind that are young and still have chance to rise as they are with mint clubs in mint leagues yh that's a good idea, I would prefer Ramos, younger, starter for club and country and RM are going to be title contenders for years, and try to exchange ivanovic for for eg hummels, kompany etc
  18. Re: Cazorla for Bastos? I back him up on this one
  19. Re: will pedro decrease? thnaks for the help, i have heard lots of people also say that and i just wanted an opinion, as if he was going to decrease i was going to part exchange him now
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