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  1. Grazie lunastorta, avevo dimenticato di questa discussione, hai fatto benissimo a postare qua! Appunto, dovrebbe essere provvisoria la cosa e quindi è un forum molto elementare, ma molti avevano richiesto uno spazio come il vecchio forum e come soluzione temporanea spero possa andare. (e fu così che il forum rimase in funzione dieci anni... ) Se possibile, scrivetelo in bacheca nei vari mondi italiani, fate un pò di passaparola insomma!
  2. I don't know if it's the right section of the forum or not, anyway... We've been asking for some time for a national forum inside the official SM one - and i suppose all other national communities need their one, since the forum has always been an important part of the game. Sadly, we didn't get used to use a single thread mixed with all other threads. That's why i opened a few minutes ago a very simple and basic forum for the italian players, since in the majority of our GWs people were asking for one. The idea is to use it as a temporary solution until we'll have our official one back. You can find it here: http://smforumitaliano.forumfree.it/ It's not a secret or a mistery, but we really need one, we are losing players everywhere and we are trying this to save our GWs, we simply have no way to communicate as a community, without a forum. **** Visto che non riusciamo ad avere un forum italiano all'interno di quello ufficiale, ne ho aperto uno qui : http://smforumitaliano.forumfree.it/ E' una soluzione temporanea, finchè non riavremo quello ufficiale. Potete usarlo come usavate il vecchio forum di SM. Fate passaparola con gli altri italiani!
  3. Ok, If i understood correctly, since he had an old account with an high rep, he could bypass voting by directly modify the players, withouth submitting them, is it right? I don't know about the old ones but i'm sure the last ones were on the voting list , infact i arrived to the user from the voting list , just because i noticed that they were proposed by the same user, he had an easy to remember nickname. And his proposals had a lot of "thumb up" votes, they were high in the list , but since it looks those players didn't "mutate" ( i took note of them ot see what was going to happen and inform GW owner, to take some actions in that case ) i think you stopped the thing before the final step. But i hope you'll agree that is not very clear how the whole SW thing work, for the SM users: it's not very transparent as a community...site...thing. This SW problem arrived in a difficult phase for SM and perhaps an official statement by SM about what happened would help SM users to understand . You answered in this thread explaining how this scam has been possible, but the problem is that we needed a thread on the forum to obtain something close to an official answer. If an official answer exists yet , i beg you pardon and skip this answer. But while i may have missed it, i see a lot of players asking everywhere, from GW news wall to SW pages, "what happened?", so i think no answer arrived yet and that' s why i started this thread. I see many SM users that are angry with SW for this story - and those who ignore SW existence are angry directly with SM, like this game needed more problems now - and perhaps it's the right time for the delevoppers to explain to all the SM community the whole SW/SM thing, which community is in charge of what, and so on. This time it's not a bug, a subjective opinion on the UI or on the engine, or some kind of algorithm of the game of unclear working. This time is a scam that affected many players and all the GWs and people feel betrayed by the game: as you said, it was something never seen before, so this time i think it's important for the devs to show they care , this time i think that "we solved it, we flagged it, stay calm an keep on playing" isn't enough as an anwer. These are my 2 cents and perhaps i'm the only one thinking this way, but i don't think that having a little more connection with players will hurt the game...
  4. So, everybody noticed what happened : young players turned in retired ones. By simply checking on Soccerwiki it was obvious what was happening: an user ( now banned ) proposed to change old players into young ones and somehow the mutation was approved. Why did he propose that? Elementary, my dear Watson. Since they were interesting young players, by introducing them that way he would have skipped the "new player in database" way, that usually leads to expensive auctions. You don't need to be a genius to understand that. When the "scam" was discovered, the young players were set on "retiring" on Soccerwiki and the real ones were introduced in the standard way (perphaps you didn't noticed that, but for example we have had 2 Fosu-Mensah in the database, for a while). By simply checking that user profile, you could predict exactly which players would have been affected by this story. You didn't need to "discover" it , actually, it was in plain sight. And it took me 5 minutes . Now, Soccerwiki has a quite strict way to process modifications. I have an account on it but i cannot propose modifications because i'm not at..i dunno...4th level? something like that? And if you manage to propose a modification and it's not approved, you get banned or get a malus or something like that. Ok, that's fine. Soccerwiki is strict and this keeps the quality high. I don't like Soccerwiki but at least that was a guarantee that the voting system was serious. Given the almost paranoic/elitaristic way that Soccerwiki has to rule who can propose and what he can propose, i'd like to know how on earth such an abvious scam about young players has been possible. That user proposed the modifications, but the modifications were: - voted - approved - implemented And after some time in which innocent managers bought the fake players (just for the record, i am not one of them, this story had no effect on my team because..well...i'm not that stupid. I checked them before spending money on them, but not all the managers were so smart)... - corrected How has it been possible? And this is not a mundane problem. Since all the game is based on the rating, and the rating is based on Soccerwiki, all the game is based on Soccerwiki. But nobody knows who takes decisions on Soccerwiki, who's behind it. Everything is so misterious with it and this may be ok only until it works. So, some explaination is needed, at this point...
  5. I won auctions with teams that have a lot of money (i have almost nothing), so i'm not sure about that. The more money you have, the more you can bid, in theory. But maximum bid seems to be exactly the same for very different clubs, I think it's a combination of money, number of players, ratings, division, etc. Some managers tried to understand it and gave up: as for other SM rules, that's not clear.
  6. Once loans were based on the numbers of players you had in a role, now it's based on rating: at my club i can send on loan players rated 86 or less, no matter the role, but i have a lot of player of higher rating. Every team as a "cap" , usually top club have a cap of 88/89 but some of them 87. A friend of mine had a very similar team to mine and was capped at 85. I've never understood how that maximum rating is calculated, but i suspect it has something to do with team average rating or something like that.
  7. In the custom GW in which i play, we had some auctions for young players recently, with the same teams involved, more or less. Some has more money, some has more players, some better average, etc. We all offered the same. In some of them , i won, in some of them the player went to other teams. This in a couple of days. I don't know how transfers work now, but i'm quite confused... XD
  8. A little update on the story of that player. For those who lost the first chapter: i bid for an external player, no other offers...so he's mine! no. SMFA refuses the transfer instead of accepting it because...dunno. At this point an auction with 3 bids starts and... I offered 2.4, the other team offered 2.4 (the third offer was lower). And...guess? I lost. Because...dunno. Well, in this case i can guess it's because i'm a league above, i've more players, my team value is bigger...something like that: it's "better"... somehow. Knowing exactly "how" would help me in managing my club, but that's another story. So, SM, offers are refused in a random way. This is frustrating, boring and upsetting and this atmosphere (summed to other problems of the game) won't lead to anything good. Is it a new rule? How does this new rule work, exactly? Is it a bug? How does bidding rule work, exactly? How the game decides who's the winning team, with more offers of the same amount? I think the golden rule of every game and sport is that everybody knows all the rules and he's able to play according to them. Knowing rules makes abusing of them easier but being ruled by unknown mechanisms is even worst. Don't tell us you won't go into details, because we need the details to understand the game and we need to understand the game to be able to play it.
  9. I am fine with having a small stadium...but the problem rises when it's not possibile to understand how they decide whose stadia are improved and of how much. We had Malaga (winner of DIV3) having +900 seats. Twente (third in DIV 3 and promoted after play offs) having +450 seats. Villarreal (8th in DIV3 , so out of playoffs) having +5000 seats. And so on. Result, after being promoted in 2nd DIV: I have the 59th stadium on 60 (a month ago i had the 50th on 60 ,more or less. But now i'm a division above...) , just a bunch of seats above Villarreal (which remained in DIV3), thousands of seats less of other small teams still in DIV 3. Ok, i'm fine. But why? This is the problem SM has always had: it's everything so unclear, so foggy, so misterious. Mythbusters? Naah, we need Man In Black combined to X Files agents to understand how this game works, actually. It's not a national security matter, it's a game. Which is the algorithm that calculates how the stadia are improved? the one for player rating in match (my guess: at random). The one for morale and condition effect in match (my guess: no one) ? the one for audience cap (as Steven said in the blog, each team as a default cap, which is modified by the season result, more or less) ? My huge 33k seats stadium had a 24k average this season, and it has been the best season ever for me, 3rd place is my record so far. What i have to do to have a 33k average? The algorithm that decides who i can send on loan (years ago i had just 89 players and i could loan 88. Now i have even 91 players but i'm capped to 86...) ? The algorithm that decides which is the winning bid? And, last but not least. Does external teams refuse offers, now? Why? How? The player i was talking about was virtually mine. Now we have 3 bids. How does this improve my game experience? Perhaps it helps other managers, since it may happen that they will obtain the player, not me. But, again. I'm Twente manager, not Real Madrid one. Do i really need more and more problems to improve my game experience? Seriously, i'm thinking about giving up, this time. I don't mind the challenge. I don't mind difficulties. I receveid one of the worst teams in the league and i worked hard to improve it. But this thing of randomly refused offers is too much.
  10. I survived the UI (i'm using the old one and that's all), i survived the economy (if you manage Twente for 11 seasons, you're actually used to financial problems...) , i survived obtaining 0 from my chairman and seeing top teams receiving up to 50 millions, i survived seeing my stadium obtaining the amazing amount of 500 new places no matter i was promoted to 2nd DIV (and Twente's stadium is one of the smallest in my GW) , with other teams obtaining thousands of new seats. I am used to have problems at Twente and somehow i made it being competitive for 11 seasons, with a lot of young talented players, cup finals, etc etc etc. I survived everything so far. But what happened this morning broke me. I had some bids for some external players and this morning bids should have been accepted. Since i was the only one bidding for them,they would have been mine as soon as accepted,ar mininum fee. This is important for me,i can't afford auctions. Everything went fine,but.. For 2 of them , for the first time in 4 years, i've read "transfer was refused etc etc" by the external teams, for no reason. No club change, no rating change, no position change, no SMFA problems, i had the money to buy them,etc. Simply, the 2 external teams had decided they didn't want to sell me the players. At least, in the single player they have the decency to answer that the bid is too low and they refuse it.. . I asked around and other managers told me this is happening everywhere and that it's unclear who wins the auctions, now. In the meanwhile, other teams discovered those 2 players and now it's an auction. Will i obtain the players that were virtually mine? I don't know. What i know is that i can't compete in auctions with other teams that received 50 millions euros from their chairman because every body can bid the same , but the more money you have, the more you can bid (did you read "Animal farm" perhaps? "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others" ? ) It's simple. And only top teams receive money. But it's not the main problem : the main problem is "what happened to transfer system?" If external teams can decide if they want to sell you a player or not, you've simply destroyed everything my team was based on. Because i survived everything and build a decent team since i'm a good scout and i can spot players before the others, buying them at minimum fee before the hype. If the external team refuses to complete the transfer, i have no other weapons to fight the top clubs. Since the match engine is not reliable (i don't know about the new one but i have some doubt...) , the only thing that required real human talent was the scouting ability. If now it's up to the game to decide if your team is good enough to have the player, everything is gone for me.
  11. Riferimento: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion Dear SM, a friend asked me why i never signed up for a gold account. What happened a few days ago sums up the answer. Bayern (my team) - A. Madrid Shots on target: 12 vs 6 Result : 0-2 Why? David Lopez, Atletico's GK, is MVP with a note of 9. My GK is Neuer and he took only 6/10. Ok, it happens. Since i'm going to be relegated in Div 2 because of Neuer, who seems to be unable to stop even a passage in SM, i didn't pay too much attention to it. But in the same day... Twente (my team) -Rubin Shots on target 18 vs 7 Result 1 - 2 Why?David Lopez (yes, him again), Rubin's GK, is MVP with a score of 10/10. My GK is Perin who takes just a 7/10. And it's a big improvement for his standards on SM... Ok. It happened...again. And again, and again...this is just an example. It's not only the GK the problem and not only the poor David Lopez the problem. The problem is that almost every match has a random result and, if your game is a football management simulator in which the only thing you can actually simulate is the match, it's a big problem. Of course, sometimes i won when the other team did 1 billions shot on target and my gk took a 10/10. The engine game is so random that it balances itself in the whole league season but this can't justify the fact that it's random (random balancing means arriving always in the middle of the chart). I've been seeing these absurd results for years (not to mention losing to almost abandonned teams with way lower average, messed up tactic and no condition, etc) and the real problem is that i never understood, with over 2000 matches played, if the results have something to do with the fixtures and the match commentary or not. The commentary...i love it. It has nothing to do with my tactics and it's hilarious when a skilled player turns in a serial killer doing horrendous fouls (i still remember when Tadic almost killed an opponent's player with what should have been a flying kick, according to the commentary). So, that's why i never spent any money on SM. If i want cool graphic, i watch a movie. I don't play sm for graphic and I don't care if you change it (if you stop messing it up every three months i'll be glad, anyway), i play sm because it's a football simulator and i'm interested only in how it simulates the football. Why this should be of your concern? Because i've never spent money on it but i would have liked to. Because i'm old school and i believe that it's fine to pay for good things. I pay for mp3, i pay for movies, i pay for books and i'd pay for SM too if it'd be worth the money. That's the point. If the engine is messed up so badly, it's not just a players problem, it's your problem too because you are losing all the money from core players. If i have a restaurant and my cook sucks, i don't paint the wall of another color. I change the cook. The game engine is your cook and the graphic of the game is your wall... Game devs are not a no profit org: they want to make money by their game and i'm totally fine with it. But if the core of your game - the engine that moves every single GW - is messed up, all the game is messed up. Cheating, team limits, player concerns, etc are all problems but you have to deal with the core of the problem first. And i've read many times in the past that you were dealing with the game engine. It should have been here in summer of 2014. Then fall of 2014. Then first weeks of 2015. We are in may, now. This was even worst than having no news about it. Honestly i don't think that the single player engine is really better than the multiplayer one (i've tried it and i had my share of *** moments even with the single player... ) , but it' s better than nothing...but do it! deal with it if you wants player spend money on it! So, dear SM, not dealing with the engine once and for all it's not arming just me and the other players, it's arming you. We don't need anything fancy and complicated, but until you won't deal with the engine everything else will be useless.
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  14. Riferimento: Re: SM site loads slowly We understand that, don't worry, it happens to everybody! But the delay will influence transfers too, in some way?
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