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  1. Grazie lunastorta, avevo dimenticato di questa discussione, hai fatto benissimo a postare qua! Appunto, dovrebbe essere provvisoria la cosa e quindi è un forum molto elementare, ma molti avevano richiesto uno spazio come il vecchio forum e come soluzione temporanea spero possa andare. (e fu così che il forum rimase in funzione dieci anni... ) Se possibile, scrivetelo in bacheca nei vari mondi italiani, fate un pò di passaparola insomma!
  2. I don't know if it's the right section of the forum or not, anyway... We've been asking for some time for a national forum inside the official SM one - and i suppose all other national communities need their one, since the forum has always been an important part of the game. Sadly, we didn't get used to use a single thread mixed with all other threads. That's why i opened a few minutes ago a very simple and basic forum for the italian players, since in the majority of our GWs people were asking for one. The idea is to use it as a temporary solution until we'll have our official one back. You c
  3. Ok, If i understood correctly, since he had an old account with an high rep, he could bypass voting by directly modify the players, withouth submitting them, is it right? I don't know about the old ones but i'm sure the last ones were on the voting list , infact i arrived to the user from the voting list , just because i noticed that they were proposed by the same user, he had an easy to remember nickname. And his proposals had a lot of "thumb up" votes, they were high in the list , but since it looks those players didn't "mutate" ( i took note of them ot see what was going to happen and inf
  4. So, everybody noticed what happened : young players turned in retired ones. By simply checking on Soccerwiki it was obvious what was happening: an user ( now banned ) proposed to change old players into young ones and somehow the mutation was approved. Why did he propose that? Elementary, my dear Watson. Since they were interesting young players, by introducing them that way he would have skipped the "new player in database" way, that usually leads to expensive auctions. You don't need to be a genius to understand that. When the "scam" was discovered, the young players were set on "retirin
  5. I won auctions with teams that have a lot of money (i have almost nothing), so i'm not sure about that. The more money you have, the more you can bid, in theory. But maximum bid seems to be exactly the same for very different clubs, I think it's a combination of money, number of players, ratings, division, etc. Some managers tried to understand it and gave up: as for other SM rules, that's not clear.
  6. Once loans were based on the numbers of players you had in a role, now it's based on rating: at my club i can send on loan players rated 86 or less, no matter the role, but i have a lot of player of higher rating. Every team as a "cap" , usually top club have a cap of 88/89 but some of them 87. A friend of mine had a very similar team to mine and was capped at 85. I've never understood how that maximum rating is calculated, but i suspect it has something to do with team average rating or something like that.
  7. In the custom GW in which i play, we had some auctions for young players recently, with the same teams involved, more or less. Some has more money, some has more players, some better average, etc. We all offered the same. In some of them , i won, in some of them the player went to other teams. This in a couple of days. I don't know how transfers work now, but i'm quite confused... XD
  8. A little update on the story of that player. For those who lost the first chapter: i bid for an external player, no other offers...so he's mine! no. SMFA refuses the transfer instead of accepting it because...dunno. At this point an auction with 3 bids starts and... I offered 2.4, the other team offered 2.4 (the third offer was lower). And...guess? I lost. Because...dunno. Well, in this case i can guess it's because i'm a league above, i've more players, my team value is bigger...something like that: it's "better"... somehow. Knowing exactly "how" would help me in managing my club, but
  9. I am fine with having a small stadium...but the problem rises when it's not possibile to understand how they decide whose stadia are improved and of how much. We had Malaga (winner of DIV3) having +900 seats. Twente (third in DIV 3 and promoted after play offs) having +450 seats. Villarreal (8th in DIV3 , so out of playoffs) having +5000 seats. And so on. Result, after being promoted in 2nd DIV: I have the 59th stadium on 60 (a month ago i had the 50th on 60 ,more or less. But now i'm a division above...) , just a bunch of seats above Villarreal (which remained in DIV3), thousands of seats le
  10. I survived the UI (i'm using the old one and that's all), i survived the economy (if you manage Twente for 11 seasons, you're actually used to financial problems...) , i survived obtaining 0 from my chairman and seeing top teams receiving up to 50 millions, i survived seeing my stadium obtaining the amazing amount of 500 new places no matter i was promoted to 2nd DIV (and Twente's stadium is one of the smallest in my GW) , with other teams obtaining thousands of new seats. I am used to have problems at Twente and somehow i made it being competitive for 11 seasons, with a lot of young talen
  11. Riferimento: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion Dear SM, a friend asked me why i never signed up for a gold account. What happened a few days ago sums up the answer. Bayern (my team) - A. Madrid Shots on target: 12 vs 6 Result : 0-2 Why? David Lopez, Atletico's GK, is MVP with a note of 9. My GK is Neuer and he took only 6/10. Ok, it happens. Since i'm going to be relegated in Div 2 because of Neuer, who seems to be unable to stop even a passage in SM, i didn't pay too much attention to it. But in the same day... Twente (my team) -Rubin Shots on target 18 vs 7
  12. Riferimento: Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions
  13. Riferimento: Re: Site down again No results so far, but the site is working fine...
  14. Riferimento: Re: SM site loads slowly We understand that, don't worry, it happens to everybody! But the delay will influence transfers too, in some way?
  15. Riferimento: Soccer Manager: Single Player While i do see as a fine news the fact that SM is going to update the match engine, i have a doubt about this:
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