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  1. lol no its all random. The only thing which can increase your chances of winning is your team rating vs the opposition - the AI isn't genius enough to take into consideration tedious details such as the weather.
  2. Shall i go through with this deal? (I have aguero and want to buy suarez). What ratings will suarez get?? and likewise with aguero?? Thanks in advance
  3. Marco Reus + Arturo Vidal for my Iniesta? Is this a good deal? What are the highest ratings that Reus and Vidal can achieve? Thanks:)
  4. I have been offered Hazard and Neymar for my Messi. Shall I go through with this deal? What are the highest potential ratings that Neymar and Hazard can achieve? Thanks
  5. Re: Ramos for Neymar? Thanks, I wil keep Ramos then
  6. Hey all, I have been offered Neymar (93) in exchange for Ramos (95). Is this deal worth it?
  7. Someone wants to trade Busquets for my Thiago Silva. Is this deal worth doing? Is Busquets doing well at Barca? Is he likely to fall,stay or rise? Is Thiago Silva likely to fall,stay or rise? Thanks
  8. Hi, I've been offered nasri for £45M. I dont really need him but it would be a nice addition to my squad. Is he worth buying, Will he rise in the future being at man city? Any thoughts on Nasri are appreciated Thanks
  9. Someone offered to trade Fabregas (95) for my Aguero (94). I dont really need a midfielder or a striker. Should I go through with this trade? Thanks
  10. I got an offer to trade MARCELO for RAMOS. What should I do?? Will marcelo rise to 94? Will Ramos keep his 94? Thanks
  11. Someone offered to swap Mats Hummels for Dani Alves. Is this worth it?, Will Dani Alves fall?, How good is Mats Hummels?, What do you think is Hummels max rating possible? and when will Hummels rating rise again? Extra Info: I got better replacements for Hummels and dont really need him but is it worth keeping him? Hummels age: 23 rating: 92 Alves age: 29 rating:95 Thanks
  12. Will IBRAHIMOVIC rating fall soon? Will CHIELLINI rating fall soon? Will THIAGO SILVA rating fall soon? All responses are much appreciated .
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