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  1. Re: silva, pique or marcelo???? pique, then possibly silva, marcelo is great but id look more at possibly chiellini, who can play both CB and LB.
  2. guys what do we all think of thomas muller??? do you think he will ever be a 94-95 player???? my thinking behind this is i have both Kroos and muller in my man utd team, with the euros and the champions league if say germany won the euros and bayern lifted the champions league surely its gota be merited a point or 2 increase for them both respectively?????? thoughts please
  3. afternoon guys.... any reason's you can suggest as to why Hernandez, continually looses out on his rating change..... surely the guy is not a 90 rated player gota say 91 at least, 92 wouldnt be too out of the question considering looking at the likes of dzeko etc
  4. Re: Götze, Alaba, etc etc Will they rise? hey guys german league for me has a lot of potential going for it of late from a youngsters perspective.... can we include Marin on this do we think he will get a rise this time???? quite interested personally when it comes around, i have Marin, Gotze, Muller, Kroos all in my main squad, jus tryin to get my hands on Gomez, although i think 93 is his limit... comments???????
  5. morning chaps. just wandering if i can get some predictions or thoughts on the above mentioned and what we believe they will rise to if any, not to sure on dzeko wether he will drop, certainly hernandez merits an increase, in my opinion i believe he merits an 92, partly because he was unfortunate in the last round of reviews any thoughts on muller and mertesacker??
  6. Re: Mirko VUCINIC for Stevan JOVETIC on the subject of vucinic i currently have him in my team and am currently playing him, however im getting very tired and bored of him, im considering including him in a playuer plus cash bid for a couple of 93+ players, but am strongly considering a straight swap deal for Jesus Navas - do we think navas will rise/fall????
  7. im looking for a consensus on wether to stick with vucinic or look to replace him with navas??? both 92 rated vucinic 28 navas 26 yrs old
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