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  1. Re: unfair kicking This happened to me to when the owner kicked me because my team was too good and he wanted to take over. So angry!
  2. Re: Tribal Wars-Middle Ages Browser Game Same here. Joined, tried, then quit. A terrible game in my opinion. It takes ages to build something!
  3. Re: Bestpay's Czech Republic rating change forecasts - 21 players I have tried to buy a lot of these players but I can't seem to be able to find Lukas Vacha. How would I find him, are there any other ways?
  4. Re: Real Madrid Ratings I agree Robinho is the best played for Real Madrid this season and scores a lot.
  5. TheBest


    Re: Hello Thank you for all the warm welcomes. I have seen that some people talk about rep. What is rep anyways???
  6. Re: THE BEST FORMATION (inc Poll) I like to play the traditional 4-4-2.
  7. Re: Bayern problems Willy Sagnol wants to go to Marseille, most newspaper says. Bayern are getting sloppy!
  8. Re: Adrian MUTU ratings?? He will stay at 93 for the next rating changes. He is playing very well at Fiorentina and is scoring goals. Buy him. Or keep him.
  9. Re: Forumer of the year 2007 - Group G Sparky wins it all. He is just the top 3 best forumers, maybe even the best! Go Sparky!
  10. Re: Forumer of the year 2007 - Group C Leigh is a legend, and he is just excellent. Leigh wins it for me.
  11. Re: Forumer of the year 2007 - Group F Definitely Baseball Furie. He has been here the longest and has the most green boxes next to his name. I really like to vote and see who wins this year.
  12. Re: Forumer of the year 2007 - Group E I have been very impressed with TomOwen. A great forumer who has just joined, so I'm impressed. I've read a lot of the match reports, excellent stuff. Kevche and Danny_Williams have both gone through, so I didn't really feel like voting for them.
  13. TheBest


    Hello, my name is Samuel and I live in Russia. I am half-Russian and half-English but can only talk English. I have been reading the forums for a few days already, and I am very impressed at what you guys have, and I really like what you have all posted. I am showing great interest in the Forumers of the Year Awards. Thanks. Sam
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