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  1. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 Of course Ibrahimovic still deserves 96. The interesting question (slightly off-topic) is what would SM do with a player like Matt Le Tissier. Obviously biased, but he was Xavi's favourite player growing up and regularly scored 15+ goals a season for a side who were always in the bottom five. You'd like to think he wouldn't be capped at 87/88... Rises like Obiang happen all the time when players have switched clubs. They still get the credit from their previous club.
  2. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Continued.. QPR TAARABT 85-86/87 MACKIE 85-86 Lots of big droppers (CESAR, PARK, BOSINGWA, M'BIA in particular are at risk) READING FEDERICI 83-84 MCANUFF 83-84/85 ROBSON KANU 82-83/84 LE FONDRE 80-83/84 MCCARTHY 80-82 MCLEARY 79-83 MORRISON 78-82/83 SOUTHAMPTON LALLANA 84-86 CLYNE 84-85/86 LAMBERT 84-85/86 SCHNEIDERLIN 83-85 CORK 83-84/85 FONTE 83-84/85 PUNCHEON 82-84/85 K.DAVIS 82-84 SHAW 75-82/83 WARD-PROWSE 75-82 GAZZANIGA 73-80 STOKE BEGOVIC 87-88 KIGHTLY 85-86 CAMERON 84-85/86 SUNDERLAND FLETCHER 87-88 MCCLEAN 84-85 ROSE 83-84/85 SWANSEA MICHU 87-88/89 WILLIAMS 86-87 ROUTLEDGE 85-86 DYER 85-86 DAVIES 75-83 TOTTENHAM CAULKER 85-87/86 LIVERMORE 83-84/85 WALKER will probably get a +1 but has been poor in the 12/13 season VERTONGHEN, DEMBELE and SANDRO could get a +1. WEST BROM MULUMBU 87-88 LONG 86-87 YACOB 86-87 MCAULEY 86-87 OLSSON 86-87 WEST HAM NOLAN 87-88 DIAME 87-88 REID 85-86 O'BRIEN 83-84/85 VAZ TE 82-84 WIGAN MCCARTHY 86-87 GOMEZ 85-86 DI SANTO 85-86 MALONEY 85-86
  3. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Looks like the reviews are coming up shortly. CFC's done some great work setting out the risers at the start of the thread but just thought I'd give some of his work a quick update below. Have listed all the high-rated definite risers and high-rising low rated players: Arsenal Recent form means rises less likely. The following should still get a good rise CAZORLA 91-92 GIBBS 87-88 OXLADE CHAMBERLAIN 86-87/88 JENKINSON 82-86 MANNONE 82-84 Aston Villa BENTEKE 85-87/86 GUZAN 85-86 CLARK 85-86 BANNAN 85-86 LICHAJ 82-83/84 WEIMANN 80-82/83 LOWTON 78-83/84 WESTWOOD 72-80/82 Chelsea RAMIRES 91-92 CAHILL 89-90 OSCAR 87-89 MOSES 86-88 BERTRAND 83-86 MATA, LUIZ, IVANOVIC and HAZARD all have a decent chance of rising +1 too. Everton FELLAINI 90-91 BAINES 90-91 JELAVIC 88-89 OSMAN 88-89 (not 100% but I think highly deserved...) Fulham KACANIKLIC 78-83 Liverpool ALLEN 86-87/88 STERLING 75-84/84 SUSO 75-82/80 WISDOM 75-82/80 SUAREZ also has a decent chance of +1 - but Liverpool's league position might stop him from getting it... Manchester City ZABALETA 89-90 NASTASIC 84-87/88 KOLAROV, HART, LESCOTT, YAYA TOURE and KOMPANY may all rise - though personally only Kolarov deserves to on this year's form.... Manchester United KAGAWA 90-91 RAFAEL 89-90 CLEVERLEY 86-88/87 POWELL 70-82/80 Newcastle United Dreadful league form may prevent many from rising... AMALFITANO 78-82/83 (due to delayed rise for Reims minutes last season) BIRGIRIMANA 78-82 If SM are feeling generous BA, CABAYE, BEN ARFA and COLOCCINI may all get +1. Norwich City RUDDY 86-87 SNODGRASS 85-86/87 PILKINGTON 85-86/87 JOHNSON 85-86/87
  4. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 Jeez guys calm down... Obiang played all the games for Sampdoria in Serie B last year (which wasn't reviewed with the rest of Serie B in the summer). For that he would have been due a +8/9 to 83. His minutes this year so far mean he deserves a further +2/+3 to 85/86. Moreover he's been playing well and attracted a lot of interest and should be rated as a starter for a team like Sampdoria... Similarly for Stevanovic - think these rises were reasonable (if generous). Now Umtiti/Lucas Moura on the other hand...
  5. Re: -Alain Traoré- To sum this up: 1. Elohim rates Alain Traore and has said why. 2. MUTD doesn't think he's going to be cut out for the top. 3. Go away and make your own mind up!
  6. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed? Now here is a wholly unbiased view. I don't buy players from the "lesser leagues" as it takes a long time to make a profit on them, and its uncertain when they're next going to be reviewed. I think it's important that SM review the leagues it has put on its database. No one is saying it ought to review the Estonian league three times a year, but once every 18 months or so seems perfectly reasonable to me. There is clearly no point in having a massive out-of-date database. And it's good that Estonians/Lithuanians playing the game can buy their favourite players for their Torquay United or Man United teams. The game is meant to be fun and more inclusive. Also, it makes much more sense for SM to wait til October/November to review the bigger leagues - would suggest that it may even mean you squeeze an extra +1 or +2 out of your risers. And after much scepticism on my part, it looks like SW is actually speeding up the rate of player changes so fair play to SM/SW/SW admins on that one. Lastly calm down a bit. The name calling is pretty immature.
  7. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - End of Season Ratings Up! - by BRNL||- Word on the corners is that Ola John is heading to Benfica as a replacement for Gaitan.
  8. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Hmmm... hard one. I think he will go out on loan again next year. If he goes to a lower La Liga side perhaps he will play and rise from there. Doubt he will get much action at Spurs though. I'd say there are many better players available so personally would probably look to trade him out (depending on the competitiveness of the game world etc..). Might be worth seeing if any of the Spanish/Italian experts have seen more from him? My opinions are only really on his brief performances in England.
  9. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 I'll take this one. From watching Southampton this season we can at times struggle with being a little bit lightweight - anyone who saw the Reading game yesterday would have seen us dominate the game, get manhandled a bit and contrive to lose thanks to an incredible goalkeeping display and some clinical finishing. From what (admittedly) little I've seen of Iago he hasn't produced that much - certainly much less than Lallana, doesn't have the same workrate as Chaplow, directness as De Ridder. Thought he'd be used more seeing as we have a tiring squad now who hopefully can hold on for 3 more games!!! Can only guess he hasn't impressed in training and Nige doesn't trust him yet - imagine the physicality is the real reason. Have a horrid worry he might be another Marc Crosas. Either way not convinced that England, particular the Championship is the best league for him to play and grow in.
  10. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Agree to disagree on this one. Cisse has played well now for three/four seasons. 31 goals in his last 50 league appearances for Freiburg, and now 10 in 9 for Newcastle. Ba was unlucky not to get 90 last time, but he hasn't done an awful lot to warrant a rise since ACON. Respect to him though for playing on the wing without any fuss.
  11. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Wow, there's a lot of hate flying around on here this morning... I think SM did a pretty good job [and where's the fun if they always get it right?] Think Ba (notwithstanding Elo's point about him not contributing as much since the last rating changes) and Smalling were a tad unlucky. Parker too perhaps. All may still rise post Euro 2012 so no great anxiety here. Tevez lucky? Maybe, but perhaps SM treat "excluded" players like injured players. Koscielny should not be 91 YET. SM are quite conservative in rising players over 89 and there's no reason why he won't hit 91 after the Euro's. Few would consider it undeserved. So too Szczesny hitting 90. Perhaps De Gea was a bit lucky, but he seems to have adapted better now and is an excellent shot stopper. Jones and Pogba should not have risen. Jones has been inconsistent and is for my mind the English David Luiz. Still think he will be a great player, but needs to work a bit on his defending - very much like Rio Ferdinand at a similar age who was excellent on the ball but prone to lapses of concentration and getting caught out of position. And if Pogba is so good why has he barely kicked a ball this season. Even in the Carling Cup he looked pretty average in the defeat to Crystal Palace.. And please anyone who makes a M'Vila point, hang your head in shame and wait til you see England v France in the Euro's. The only English CM I'd pick ahead of him would be Scholes and he's 823 years old.
  12. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 I for one am pleased Dembele has risen. Stats are not and should not be the be all and end all, especially at the 88+ range. Dembele may not have scored many (and assist stats are worthless IMO: fair amount of luck involved whether you have a clinical finisher on the end and it isn't the final ball that is always the key factor in making a goal) but has played very well for Fulham in a more deeper lying role as a creative CM. Seeing as Reina, Gerrard and Kuyt all dropped, would expect that some of the other overrated players may drop - I'm looking at you John Obi Mikel..
  13. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Anyone else think SM could notify us when changes are/aren't happening? Have absolutely no problem with them taking time off - but nice to know if your players aren't going to rise before your next game.. It can't be too much work seeing as we get a notification each time they create a GC..
  14. Re: Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II) Changes are all done now, quite a few surprises. Pleased to see both Cavani and Lavezzi getting deserved (even though not predicted) 92s. Inter players dropped heavily as expected. Pleased to see the ratings being slightly more subjective again though, looking beyond the stats (e.g. no rise for Mesbah who is possibly the worst player ever to play for Milan).
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