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  1. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    yeah very very hard. And to be honest i dont mind doing the occasional cash deal for a 90+ player.

    All will be invested in promising youths anyway :) the accepted bid is 40 million

    Negredo also joins for 25 million from Almeria.

    Yeah ill accept' date=' only for a few games though pal ?[/quote']

    ye will only be for a couple of games as im playing LB/LM at LM atm due to the injury crisis. Would have loved him for tonight but doesnt matter too much. I had shortlisted Negredo also but didnt have any funds for him (Lucky you).

    Both my injured players are out for a few days so will only need him for like 2/3 games so they can recover from injury then gain fitness for games.

  2. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    would anyone be willing to risk 5.5mil to get Fabian Delph?

    or 5 mil for Soslan DZHANAEV rated 84 at moment but Spartak Moscows 1st choice keeper' date=' bound to rise when the reratings are done, should hit high eighties by end of Russian season.[/quote']

    Intrested in both :P but wont pay that for Delph its insane :eek: Bristol do have around 13mill to spend and dont want to risk it. Might get my first win tonight as no cups means i can finally field my strongest side.

    Delph i will pay around 4-4.5mill

    Dzhanaev around 4.5-5mill

    If u want to sell them to me let me knw

  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    Just found out that my Inter have 2 wingers injured so is anybody in Gc 56 and will loan me a 85+ winger for a couple of games.

    Gc 36: Looking to add some 90+ players under 25 and willing to do 2 for 1s. I have Fayzulin, Llorente, Nene, Semak and Baptista (Off top of my head)

    Gc 69: Porto have only signed a couple of youths. Mariano, Farias and Costa for sale. Will give 2 for a 89/90 rated player. Also dont want Helton so will use him for a 88/89 keeper under 25.

    Gc 55: Xavi, Abidal, Marquez, Puyol, Milito, Frings, Hleb, Henry and Eto can go for p/e deals. Will use Frings for a youngish 88ish player. Not expecting much for all apart from Eto and Xavi.

    "IF" anybody is interested let me know :P.

  4. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread

    Check my brief conversation with Chipolopolo. :)

    Sell Nuno' date=' Tomas Costa, Mariano and Farias. Keep all the others.[/quote']

    Why sell Mariano hes started in 3 out of 4 games which i know of Also what about Beto will he ever take Helton's place?

    Also what has happened to Cristian Rodriguez ive noticed in 4 games hes made 2 subs... has Varela replaced him?

    Lastly what is Porto's starting 11.


  5. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed !

    Gonna go look at some real life squads for a bit.

    Not really wanting a "really good" team' date=' but one with a squad where you can comfortably put 2 teams out for league and cup (about 25/6 players tbh) as well as a couple of players in the squad who are desirable to other managers to use as bargaining tools.

    Any suggestions from you lot?[/quote']

    i would suggest Napoli or Genoa in italy or Palmeiras or Internacional in Brazil

    Im going for Benfica/Porto/Lanus... will descide later

  6. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    Lost 3-1 oh well must be the difference between division 3 and 4 then.

    I did not play my full strength side and im actually glad i lost now i can concentrate on the league.

    Bristol also signed Cerny, Vukovic and Vondrasek for the youth squad who will get nice rises next time :P

    Also why does everybody go for my targets lol especially Huddersfield.... should have 2 more youths joining unless i get outbidded, hope i dont thou.

    Will do a match report later even thou i did loose :)

    Next game against Shorpe and i will loose again!

  7. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    Sorry Turna!

    Cacau's getting a few call ups for germany at the moment and i got huge chairman valuation of beerens (about 12 mill' date=' + hes not rising)

    play you on wednesday ;)[/quote']

    Nevermind i signed Luyindula instead for Ceaser (very old) + 1.1mill, which i really am happy with. i wont be playing my first team against u as most of fit for tonights cup game and id have more chance against Gillingham than against u :P

    My squad is looking up now and should be adding a few more players tonight or tomorrow(when they decide to go threw).

    Finally have sorted out my first team now need second team and youths filled now.

  8. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    Bristol sign Lupo 29 89, Boussoufa 25 88, Andreu 20 80, Astvald 19 75, Adeyemi 17 70, Clark 19 75 and Bargfrede 20 78.

    Trying to sell Emerton 30 87 and Cotterill 21 84.

    Got the same money i started with now and the team is way better than it was :D

    Missed out on Cacau as Shorpe offered Beerens for him. Pretty gutted but thats life.

    Still abit angry at sean for telling people about Bargfrede and having to pay twice as much due to him.

    Got high hopes for all my youths as they all should rise in the future :)

    Also trying to keep my wages below 500k as they wasnt loosing money when i took over. Im well under atm also.

  9. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    Rochdale Boss "Jealous " - Claims Turner


    Turner is labelling Suttcliff as "Jealous" about the way he runs things at City. Turner was appointed manager a couple of days ago and did drastic changes to the club so they will not be the same club that got relegated last season. Turner was rational and indeed abit crazy about how he is doing things but he wants results thats all that matters at the moment.

    Turner has sold players such as Karadas, Basso, Fortune, Watson, Monzon, Gallagher, Viduka, Carey, Murray, N'Daiye, McCombe, Beauchamp, Pogolle, Rodriguez and Freire in cash or p/e deals.

    I have indeed sold these players who didnt fit in my future plans, some had been at the club for a long time and is the reason why they was struggling and i want to take them out of the routine of loosing. The reason for some sales was to fund the club to bring in players that are needed to make them successful and fight for promotion. About the teams which bought the players i do not know much of them but i do know that they were wanted and were very happy to play for a club which wants them in their side.

    Turner on the other hand has bought in players such as Ranger, Crowther, San Roman, Lluy, Geromel, Leto, Ruffier, Jovanovic, Bittroff, Vermeulen, Maka, Tissone, Paglialunga aswell as getting Feghouli, Schaars and Rami on loan.

    I have bought in top quality players who will make the club successful and a team for the future with alot of youths being stated as hot prospects and i do have high hopes for them in the future. Players such as Geromel, Leto, Ruffier, Tissone and Jovanovic are the new first teamers who are indeed quality players who will show that they are worth every penny.

    After hearing how Suttcliff was going on at Turner's management skills, the 1st team coach didnt have many words to say other than this to Sutcliff :


    This means war ;)

  10. Re: English Championship 106 - Transfer/Gossip thread

    Division 4 League Match

    13_1202400808.gif VS23_1201035962.gif

    Bristol City 3 - 1 Chesterfield

    S.Feghouli 20 J.Chester


    S.Schaars 55 S.Fries 50

    A.Karadas yellow-card.gif

    A.Rami 88

    Turners first game in charge of division 4 side Bristol City. Turner made a imeadiate impact at the club by selling almost everybody and was hoping for a draw against Chesterfield with their small squad. Turner yesterday agreed with Holt and James the loans of Feghouli and Schaars who was both to start in the game.

    First Half

    The match itself started very dull until Sofiane Feghouli converts a well timed crossed with a scorching header 20 minutes in. Later on James Chester was booked for foul language at the referee and was lucky to get a yellow card for it, Many fans pleaded for a red.

    Second Half

    The start of the second half saw Chesterfield incontrol of possession as Bristol City were struggling. Sebastian Fries hammered home a beauty past Basso who stood no chance to even the score line. Shortly after the goal Bristol City scored immediately after with Stijn Schaars making up for a mistake by Chesterfield for a easy finish to put Bristol up 2-1. Schaars had another attempt to put his tally to 2 but hits the post. Azar Karadas was booked for unsportsmanship with a elbow to James Chester, he was rightly booked for his foul. 86th min and non other than the last loaned player at Bristol Adil Rami finds himself open and places the ball bottom corner to secure 3 points for Turner and for Bristol, Sefaine Feghouli was awarded MoM for his performance today.

    After the match Turner had to say " My team played very well today to secure 3 points and i am happy that the new loaned players are fitting straight in and i hope they continue to play like this"

    Match Stats


    58% 42%

    Total Shots

    30 14

    Shots On Target

    8 6


    8 6

    Yellow Cards

    1 1

    Red Cards

    0 0

    Next game is Gillingham in the 1st round of the shield

  11. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2

    Can anybody fill me in on Yoann Andreu of Saint-Etienne who is 80 rated? i see hes played in every game so far even if they are subs or starts with getting subbed. Is he now a regular and a good buy? or is he jus filling in for somebody injured. If hes a starter would he rise and if so what to.

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