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  1. Probably need to reload a data pack- https://www.soccermanager.com/data-pack.php load the super worlds data
  2. I like the idea of fluctuating player ratings +/- 5 maybe a touch heavy but I would have to re-read this thread to see if how it works is explained. I'm hoping that decent tactics are needed to raise the ratings as opposed to the players just getting enough games. Long overdue some of these changes.
  3. Fitness in SMFA Competitions is only affected in Gold Championships, everywhere else its ignored.
  4. Talk that Fellaini is off to Galatasaray.. We better have a replacement lined up. Or, and I never thought I'd say this, we'll miss him.
  5. Allan-NI

    Game bug!!!

    Yeah I've no idea. If this was me I'd be as confused as you are.
  6. Allan-NI

    Game bug!!!

    I've honestly never had any trouble with concerns, any player I've had that has become concerned has had a valid reason. I've a few questions that'll help me decide if in my opinion its a bug or not: What turn are you currently in? 12/24/36? In what turn was Mata injured? How many games has Mata played so far?
  7. You are unlikely to get any help from the Devs here tbh they dont seem active lately I use chrome and don't have any isses. Have a read of this and see if any of these work: https://www.techinpost.com/how-fix-solve-error-err_ssl_version_or_cipher_mismatch-chrome-problem/
  8. I think Morata is a very good signing for Chelsea, a very good player and probably more suited to your style of play than Lukaku. Lukaku is a better fit for Man United as United have been after a CF who doesn't drop deep all the time, for me its been one of United problems recently with Rooney and Zlatan always playing too far back. One thing I'm not looking forward to is the Lukaku vs Morata weekly updates.
  9. Small change to the English side to be honest.
  10. Dembele at 88 would have wanted 40% of games, you said you didn't use him in 10 games so he didn't get his 40% game time, I'm not surprised he got concerned. You then played him in 95% of games since his concern but even that wasn't enough to stop it rising as when you take into account his expectations for the whole season. From my calculations Dembele would have wanted At Review 1 - 40% of 1st 12 turns = 5 games // At Review 2 - 65% of 2nd 12 turns = 8 games So he'd have wanted 13 games? You used him in 11.5 games.
  11. I'd be surprised if you got any answer here tbh the SM staff haven't been active on the forum for some time now. Havnig a quick look at the online help and it says Sometimes transactions from PayPal are not registered with our website automatically. Please send your Transaction ID or Receipt Number as well as the date you purchased this as a support ticket and your account will be updated as soon as possible. Create Upgrade Query
  12. Concerns are reviewed 3 times a season and in a 38 turn season it would be turns 12, 24 and 36. Even playing him in every games from the last concern review might not be enough to drop his concerns.. Kane would expect to play 75% of turns in a season so by turn 24 he'd want 18 games.. by turn 36 he'd want 27 games.
  13. SAF was a miracle worker to be fair. No other manager in football could win titles with the players he left behind.
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