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  1. A manager ask these two players for his Raheem Sterling. Should i accept? Please
  2. Would you give 15+arda for isco? considering the fact that in the next two weeks a ban for lahm, di maria, sturridge, khedira, benatia,cavani, matic, marquinhos is going to expire, and these players are currently in nonmanaged clubs? i have only 46 mill, and if you had to choose who to bid for, which players would you try to sign first?
  3. Re: Sell Rooney for FAbregas+10, help please come on people, it's urgent...
  4. i have an offer of fab+10 for rooney, should i accept?
  5. Re: bale for silva, quick please alba is left-back...
  6. i got an offer for silva, i asked bale and the manager accepted...should i cancel it now? please help...i have neymar, ozil, ribery,ronaldo, khedira, kroos, rooney, van persie who can play in midfield or wing...
  7. Re: Accept Oscar+Alba+4 for Di Maria? Urgent, please take few secs and answer
  8. Should i accept this? I believe Alba is 93+ material, Oscar also while i don't believe Di Maria will ever cross 94 due to hard competition at real...please give me your opinion...i have Mata, Hazard, Gotze, Ozil, Lucas and Reus who can play on the wing...
  9. Re: Ramos for David Silva ramos definitely, it's much easier to get fantastic midfielders and attackers than fantastic defenders...just watch how teams with great GK and 93, 94 rated defenders always challenge for titles...for me, everything starts with a good defence...and ramos is your choice for next 10 years
  10. I made a bid for Kompany, a manager made me a counteroffer modric+7? should i accept? I play 4-3-3 wingers, have Busquets, Silva, Fabregas, Khedira and Vidal in the middle, Thiago Silva, Vidic and Badstuber as CB-s...i think i'm gonna accept, as i have Thiago and Eriksen as potential midfield stars, but i need to hear some more opinions? please...
  11. Is this a good deal or madness? Please note that Gomez and Clichy are growing concerns even though they played more than half matches (thanks to this new ridicuolus concern system)...also, i have Alba and Aguero and i'm playing 4-3-3 wingers so i could handle the loss of these players..just, the question is...is it too much?
  12. In defense i have sagna and piszczek on the right, alba and clichy on the left, badstuber, vermaelen, jones, vertonghen in the middle...de gea is at the moment my best GK, and i also have leno and ter stegen so you see i need a better rated GK in order to compete...is this deal good for me? Please be quick and please help !
  13. I'm in a very very competitive world and have long been trying to get messi. Now i was finally told a price...it's ribery and aguero ! Is it too much? Have in mind that this is a very competitive world and that despite ribery's 95 this is my last chance to trade him. In a year, nobody will want him. My attacking options are Gomez and Reus, with Hazard, Bale, Ronaldo on the wing, and Kroos and Gotze on the AM (4-2-3-1).
  14. In one of my game worlds it is 11th season, so it seems that every club is full of money. During the time, clubs have accumulated a lot of money and now the money has become practically worthless. You offer 120 M for Ronaldo for example, and the manager doesn't even consider your bid because money means nothing. Where are the good times when a manager would sell you Iniesta for example for 45 M, if it is season one or two, because he will invest that money to buy 3-4 top talents. Also, there is a space for manipulation, as there are some cheaters in my gameworld who take over a club with appx 400 M transfer budget and then buy all the good talents, keep them until they mature and their rating increase, and then just sell them to his primary club. What i suggest is that SMFA make a poll to all active managers in a gameworld and ask them if they want transfer budgets from all the clubs in a gameworld reduced by 80 percent. That would narrow the space for cheating, that would return the healthy competition, that would reduce the differences between clubs, that would be relative, and that would be fair. What do you say? And is there any chance that this matter comes to reality??
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