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  1. I have been offered Lacazette+Zaniolo for my Gabriel Jesus.Should I take it?
  2. Antonio Sanabria or Florian Grillitsch
  3. Guys which one you will choose Mammana from Zenit or Kehrer from Schalke
  4. It's show 115 managed teams,maybe one is on offer but the question is where?
  5. Come back at the right time,one spot for me too
  6. Alright, hope your well?

    A few of the “old faces” from back in the good old times are setting up a GW tht will revolve around the forum – basically we wanna get some forum based activity going to support it. It’s gonna be based on the america’s but blank squad, free for all type stuff. At the minute we have some great folks involved , heres the managers so far: -

    Machine, Swanseajack, Drseanfitz, HannahB, Pip, Elohim, Garry C, Son of Pluto, Longnose, Noisy

    I don’t want to sound like a kids tv presenter but its gonna be laugh and – with the folks we are attracting - competitive.

    Be great if you could join us? If your interested head over to : -


    and just add your name. We’ll probably cap at 16 managers so I hope I see you in there!



  7. Applied for div.3 Rotherham,back after long brake from the game also looking to return in 7777 and 7046
  8. scrooll


    despite the lose with 2-1 from Willem II,Rayo managed to get the last place for direct promotion and to back again in div.1 good luck to all in the playoffs
  9. scrooll


    The game of the truth tonight in div 2,most of the teams are on 1pt difference and even the 7th could reach the playoff spot,good luck to all in the last game
  10. Is there any way to change this to the old version?I really don't like the new layout
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