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  1. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread

    1. First Come First Served = United

    2. Moving to Big Club D1 = Bayern

    3. Moving to Smaller Club D2 = AS Roma

    this is how the outcomes for release fees are for me,in that case I think it's Closer choice where he will sell Di Maria(the most reasonable it will be if he give ADM to Roma as they are in different divisions rather than give him to any of his title competitors)

  2. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread

    You currently sit 7th place with 1 point in the bottom Division.

    In real life if faced between the choice of a Division 1 club with a spot to fill who are 2nd place and gunning for the title, or Division 2 club who have never been promoted and are on 1 point who would Angel Di Maria pick? Manchester United every time and as funny as it would be for him to go to Roma it just wouldn't happen.

    Firt of all,I hate long posts and don't read them so sorry if it's said before

    second,Ben,I understand why Di Maria wouldn't go to Roma but in that logic why Di Maria would want to go to Man Utd who have one 4th and 1st place in Div.2 and one 5th place in div.1 insted of going to Bayern who have 2nd,4th and 1st place in Div.1


    The outcomes for release fees are:

    1. First Come First Served = United

    2. Moving to Big Club D1 = United

    3. Moving to Smaller Club D2 = AS Roma

    I saw this a little down but I'm little confused,point 1 and 3 are okay but point 2 seems strange for me,a team who promoted from div.2 and have only 1 5th place in div.1 versus a team who have been in title battle almost every season and who had win it last season with big domination against other teams(Bayern)

    I'm also United fan IRL but in this gw Bayern should be count as a bigger club than United

  3. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread

    The roar of the tigers

    Here we go again,Hull are on playoffs in div.4.One of the weakest teams last season who finished 16th now show their power under my managment.Getting the team last season with 7 games left I already didn't have a chance for reaching the playoffs and the team played without any pressure his last games.This games was very helpful for me,it was a chance to find the right tactic and instructions for my players.

    Season 12,my first full season with the tigers have been more than successful.With nobody expecting to finish at the bottom part of the table we managed to be a team dangerous for everyone in the league.The 4th best forward power and the 5th best defence in the league show how good balanced was my team during the season.Our killing trio in the attack was Vossen(12 goals)-Hernandez(15goals)-Soriano(13 goals) who was helped by the regularly scoring midfielders Ramirez-Baumgartlinger-Schiedebach-Rodwell and not in last place our top defenders Douglas-Nsue-Granqvist

    Now we are looking to the playoffs where we will play with Leicester another very good team with such a good players like Di Natale,Michu,Susaeta...It will be hard but the fans are ready for the battle.

  4. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread

    Rule 3: Aubamayeng justified his selection with 3 goals and 7 assists in 11 games a great return for the player! His pace has attracted the attention of Porsche who are interested in getting him involved in a race with their latest 911 as part of a viral campaign. For the deal to be struck however he must contribute toward 8 goals next season which should secure the £7m deal for the club.

    Ben,so Auba should score 8 goals or his goals+assists should be at least 8?

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