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    Respuesta: Re: Liga MX
    I haven't been watching the cup where some of the players have played so I couldn't give you an opinion for them.
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    pacalde reacted to Village in Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II)   
    Riferimento: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II)
    Hi guys! I'm italian, so I feel like I MUST contribute to help in this topic.. When I have time, I'll share with you my predictions about italian clubs I'd like to underline that I don't absolutely think to be necessarily right and that IMO sharing your considerations can only improve my work, so feel free to comment.. I hope that it will help

    BUFFON, Gianluigi 94 => 94
    STORARI, Marco 88 => 88/87
    MANNINGER, Alex 85 => 83/84
    DE CEGLIE, Paolo 88 => 88
    GROSSO, Fabio 86 => 85
    LIVIERO, Matteo 75 => 75
    LICHTSTEINER, Stephan 89 => 89/90 (even if he is currently experiencing a bad form period, he has been one of the best this year.. I firmly believe that if he doesn't rise now, he surely will at the end of the season.. His price is low, BUY HIM)

    CHIELLINI, Giorgio 94 => 94
    BARZAGLI, Andrea 89 => 89/90 (what I said about Licht applies to him too, the best CB this year by far)
    BONUCCI, Leonardo 89 => 89 (one of the worst CBs I've ever seen, don't buy him)
    CACERES, Martín 89 => 89
    ESTIGARRIBIA, Marcelo 86 => 87
    PIRLO, Andrea 92 => 92
    MARCHISIO, Claudio 91 => 91
    VIDAL, Arturo 91 => 91

    MARRONE, Luca 83 => 83/84 (Great talent, BUY HIM)
    PADOIN, Simone 86 => 86 (Conte trusts him, might rise at the end of the season)
    KRASIC, Miloš 91 => 90/91
    PEPE, Simone 89 => 89/90 (Pepe=Barzagli=Licht)
    ELIA, Eljero 89 => 89/88
    GIACCHERINI, Emanuele 86 => 87/88 (87 is far more likely to happen)
    VUCINIC, Mirko 92 => 92
    QUAGLIARELLA, Fabio 90 => 90
    DEL PIERO, Alessandro 90 => 90/89 (LEGEND, will leave Juve for sure at the end of this season, unfortunately is not the best SM buy ATM)
    MATRI, Alessandro 90 => 90
    BORRIELLO, Marco 89 => 89

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    pacalde reacted to speegs619 in A Guide for Newcomers   
    Re: A Guide for Newcomers (Every Human Manager's Nightmare: The Unmanaged 4-4-2)
    Inevitably throughout the course of a season, every SM manager is going to have the dreaded (or welcome, depending on how you look at it) fixture against the unmanaged side that plays the basic 4-4-2 formation with the default settings. In this case, this is when you, the human manager, really have to do your homework.
    As I said in an early post, this is when looking at your upcoming opponent’s last fixture report and full match report is a necessity. This will give you all the information that you need in order to try and do the best that you can according to what the opposition side has to offer. There’s no need to fight an opposition side that you know nothing about when all of the information is right there for you to use to your advantage.
    The key factors that will lead to success against the unmanaged 4-4-2 is your squad’s defensive capabilities and ability to control the tempo of the game, two factors that go hand in hand on the pitch. By speeding up the game against a side that may have players that are “not match fit” and applying pressure on an unmanaged opponent side that cannot make substitutions during the course of a match, you can feel pretty good about your chances of at least coming away with a draw.
    The question is how do you apply that pressure and attempt to knock down the seemingly impenetrable fortress that the 4-4-2 formation (at least if you ask fans of the English Premier League) presents. In knocking down the walls of this fortress, as a manager you have to have the right balance between attackers and defenders and pick a system of play that is mindful of the strengths of the unmanaged opposition side.
    So, in this post I will attempt to break down a strategy that you can use that will be more successful that not when attempting to defeat the monster that is the unmanaged, generic 4-4-2 side.
    1. In selecting a formation, there are three formations that can be used to combat the 4-4-2 which will pose problems for the unmanaged opposition side. They are: 4-2-2-2, 4-3-3, and the unconventional 3-2-2-2-1.
    Both the 4-2-2-2 and 4-3-3 are formations that will give you good coverage in the back.
    In the 4-3-3, you will always designate one of your midfielders as a defensive midfielder (DM), which will give you an additional defender, thus really giving you 5 players charged with doing the defensive “dirty work” for your side. You will then have at least 5 offensive players attempting to penetrate through the opposition’s defense. With a tactical adjustment discussed later, however, you will soon turn 5 attackers into 7.
    On the other hand, the 4-2-2-2 gives you the option of placing 2 defensive midfielders in front of the back line, thus giving you 6 players to defend your end of the pitch. However, this will seemingly weaken your attack as you will only have 4 players in an attacking position. But like the 4-3-3, with a tactical adjustment you can easily get the number of your attacking players back up to 6.
    In the unconventional 3-2-2-2-1 formation (which is very similar to a 3-4-2-1), you will have 3 players across the back, but you can designate 2 defensive midfielders in front of the back line which will now give you 5 players charged with defending your area of the pitch. This would seemingly leave you with only 5 attackers to harass the opposition’s defense, but with a tactical adjustment, this number can easily be brought back up to 7.
    2. When selecting a tackling style in preparing for an unmanaged 4-4-2 opponent, it is always best to opt for HARD tackling. Often times you will be facing these opponents in the middle or the end of a season. The first team members of the opposition squad have played every minute of every game thus far for their side so there will be several members of the starting eleven that will be starting the game in a “not match fit” condition. This is your opportunity to pounce on a weakened opponent, and challenging for each and every ball is the way to take advantage of this dying beast.
    3. In choosing a style of play, it is always best to choose an ATTACKING mentality if your sides are relatively equal (within 1 average rating point of one another).
    If the other side has the advantage by 2 points in average quality, a DEFENSIVE style will be more suitable.
    You must keep in mind that the unmanaged 4-4-2 is locked in a normal mentality, so whatever route you take, you are already starting down the path of dictating how the match will played to the unmanaged opponent side.
    4. In choosing a passing style, it is best to use DIRECT passing when matched up against an unmanaged opponent in the 4-4-2. This ensures that your players will try to play passes up field whenever possible to your striker(s) in order to get scoring chances.
    Again, you are attempting to take advantage of an opponent in an already weakened state, and as discussed earlier, midfielders posses the ball the most in SM, so the midfielders will be the players most likely to be in a “not match fit” condition.
    5. In choosing an attacking style, when playing the unmanaged 4-4-2, your selection will depend on which of the three formations you choose from above.
    In the 4-2-2-2 formation, it is best to use a THROUGH THE MIDDLE approach in your attack, and preferably in an ATTACKING posture. This will provide for the 2 designated defensive midfielders (DM) joining the attack, accompanied by the two outside midfielders (AM, RM, LM, or Wing(s)) just in front of them. All 4 of these midfielders will now be looking to get the ball to your strikers in the match engine. When using this formation and scheme, it is best done when you have two highly talented forward players (CF or F) rated at 89 or better.
    In the 4-3-3 formation, you will always want to select DOWN BOTH FLANKS as the attacking style. Because you have designated 1 of your midfielders as a defensive midfielder (DM), you will have to account for this missing attacker who will be reluctant to join an attack, especially in a DEFENSIVE posture. The way that you do this is to enable your outside backs (RB and LB) to join the attack on the flanks, where they essentially become wingers. In order to be really successful in using this tactic, it is best to have outside backs that are listed as being both LB/LM and RB/RM, and preferably at a rating of 88 or higher.
    Finally, in the 3-2-2-2-1 formation, you will also want to choose to attack THROUGH THE MIDDLE. Again, this will provide for the 2 designated defensive midfielders (DM) joining the attack, accompanied by the two outside midfielders (RM, LM, or Wing(s)) just in front of them, and the 2 attacking midfielders in front of them. All 6 of these midfielders will now be looking to get the ball to your now lone striker in the match engine. When using this formation and scheme, it is best done when you have an extremely talented forward player (CF or F) who is rated at 90 or better, as well as skilled attacking midfielders (AM) who are rated at least the league average of 87.
    6. When choosing the tempo at which your squad will play for the match against an unmanaged 4-4-2 squad, it is best to play at a FAST tempo. Just as it was in choosing HARD tackling, you are seeking to take advantage of a weakened opponent who will most likely have “non match fit” players taking to the pitch.
    7. When choosing where to press your opponent, obviously keeping with the well-established theme here, you will be looking to press the opposition side ALL OVER the pitch in order to take advantage of their weakened state.
    8. Finally in choosing a play style, you will want to select COUNTER ATTACK, TIGHT MARKING, USE PLAYMAKER, and USE TARGET MAN (especially in the 3-2-2-2-1 formation).
    COUNTER ATTACK will enable your squad to play on the break when they regain possession of the ball. You’ll guide the weakened unmanaged side into mistakes and attempt to take advantage of those mistakes on a quick break out.
    By using TIGHT MARKING, you are not giving an already tired side a chance to dictate the pace of the game. You will be pressurizing the opposition attackers at every opportunity and will not allow them to make any aggressive runs at the back of your defense.
    USE PLAYMAKER will put the ball onto the feet of your most skilled attacking player at every opportunity, even on the counter attack. Moreover, if your designated playmaker is playing with a high morale and recent good form, the opposition side will not be able to keep up with his pace, thus allowing him to dictate how the match will go.
    Finally, USE TARGET MAN will put the ball to your striker in the best areas on the pitch in order to score goals. He will make aggressive runs toward the heart of the opposing side’s defense and often times he will be unable to track down and the opposing defenders will just let him go, giving him a fair share of 1 v. 1's with the opposition keeper.
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