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  1. Re: Player Value dropping when selling low rated player Hey i think its just based on what the chairman values that striker at,maybe the extra funds generated from selling the 80 striker makes the chairman feel immobile is less important as you can afford another striker? thats my take on it anyway
  2. Re: Addressing Concerns ah right okay cheers for clearing that up, i would sell him but i have a squad of 22 with the next replacement at rating 83 lol,not good enough for league leaders
  3. Re: Addressing Concerns these are standard wages,but i want to know about the inflated wages that were offered to address concerns,in my case thiago silva is on 200k a week when on standard he should be on 100k or something like that.
  4. Re: Buying from external clubs overall it depends on the value of the offer and that which is greater is accepted. so if you offer a player worth say 3mil and 1mil cash that totals to 4m as opposed to someone who just offers 4.1mil cash theyre offer will be accepted. its about overall value.
  5. Re: Player requesting a transfer raise a bug ticket shouldnt be happening probably a glitch.
  6. Re: Player Exchange Transfers Rejected sometimes they only accept when you offer in excess of that of minimum chairman requirements. so you state 700k+3.4mil which meets the 4.1 mil bang on try offering around 800-850k. it will be accepted.
  7. Re: Any hidden stats? their are no hidden stats but their are player abilities which are their strongest and some which are the weakest. to check them out go on their soccerwiki page. for example having 5 midfield players who are pacey and have flair but cant tackle could affect the teams defensive abilites.
  8. Re: Rating and Age of player Advice ratings are not affected in game they are affected by their performance in the real world. same goes for retirement. players such as zanetti and giggs who are retiring in real life will not be available at the beggining of the new season(turn 1) you will receive compensation in lieu of their contract length accordingly to replace them if needed.
  9. okay ive looked everywhere for the answer but cant find it. Basically the previous manager of my squad has dealt with a lot of concerns by offering an increase in wages. Now ive been managing them for close to 5 months now and havent been able to sign anyone since as the high wages are causing my team to run in minus cashflow. I was wondering when these players on high wages would return to normal wages as id like some money to sign players. Also in the case of selling these players its not an option as the squad is really thing at around 24. thanks.
  10. Re: Whats the longest youve stayed at a club? what team with?
  11. Re: Whats the longest youve stayed at a club? wow thats pretty long and pretty cruel to,i remember when i was with a leeds united real long as well and player concerns was a massive problem,i had to keep rotating my team until i just left as well too,but it werent nowhere near as long as yours i think it was around 200 games.
  12. Re: Didier Drogba what formation do you play him with?sounds really effective
  13. Re: New player positions! who said im leaving
  14. Re: New player positions! ive been at my internazionale for 550 games now with 1499 points lol, i know my teams inside out.
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