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  1. Re: GC 157 Official Discussion Thread Are we still alive? Barca have had a good season, just got Costa & Kroos in the door!
  2. Re: Luka Muzenjak, next stop: Roma
  3. Re: Riferimento: Re: scottish FA youngsters
  4. Badly need a younger cb to get Samuel out my team. Dzeko same rating as Lewandowski but we all know Lewandowski is going to get a good rise. Dilemma, help!
  5. I have Ranocchia but has concerns, thinking of swapping him for Gustavo?
  6. Re: Lewis Macleaod - Rangers' New Hope Fully agree with this post.
  7. Re: scottish FA youngsters Don't know much about the rest but Shankland impressed in the games against my supported team Rangers. Worth holding this now as he may get promoted with Queens Park, if not then might be sold on. Keep an eye on him. One player you need to get though is Lewis MacLeod. Outstanding talent and a beam of light for us Rangers fans in which has been a tough time.
  8. Forza Sorrento!!
  9. Re: GC 157 Official Discussion Thread Been a while since i logged in on here. Brilliant first season winning all domestic trophies but lost in semi finals of champs league/ Season 2 was one to forget, a season i never focused on and it showed. Good start to season 3, league title coming home hopefully
  10. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Hello all, thought i would join the forum to gloat at times
  11. Re: GC 157 Official Discussion Thread Barcelona having a mixed season so far. Sitting pretty at the top of La Liga. 4 points out of 3 games in champs league and got knocked out the first cup away to Levante. Hasn't helped with injuries to RVP, Xavi, Pique, Messi & Hleb. Got the players back recently and ready to build on a stable foundation the season has created. Iniesta has been fantastic.
  12. Re: Gold Championship 155 Discussion Thread!.. After 9 games in i took over Sorrento. That's me been manager for 12 games. Got knocked out the cup by Roma away, just may i add. Other 11 games in the league have been 6 wins, 3 draws and 2 defeats. Good record so far, managed to get them from relegation to midtable. Feeling confident of achieving promotion
  13. Re: Gold Championship 159 German Shield Round 1 Hoffenheim 1 v 1 SV Sandhausen SV Sandhausen win 5 - 3 on penalties. Get in there Struggling in the league at the start but it will come good. Cracking cup result!
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