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  1. Re: T. Silva for Aguero? Well with Suarez in I'd probably do it.
  2. Re: Gary Cahill vs Jonny Evans cahill imo.
  3. Re: T. Silva for Aguero? i wouldn't do it. silva is very good but so is kompany and with pepe and martinez as backup you have no real need to buy him especially to give your 1st team player.
  4. Re: De Rossi drop? Well even if he drops it's going to be -1 so 93 mid isn't bad at all to have isn't it. I mean he has peaked and there's no chance he'll regain this rating in future but if he's going to be of use to you buy him.
  5. Re: Mascherano= Mario Gomez? Urgent help needed! i wouldn't do it. you have a nice attack and after selling etoo you should try to get some young fwd, probably not as god as gomez but still giving up masch is too much especially considering that maicon and zaneti will only drop in the future and he'll be your best defender for some time.
  6. Re: Younger low rated defenders due to rise to 85/86/87 (with potential) Santon the most obvious one to me. Maybe Savic from city but not so sure about him though.
  7. Re: goalkeepers who to buy Stefanos Kapino and Maxym Koval look promising to me.
  8. Re: Walcott or Sakho definitely sakho.
  9. Re: Müller or Özil? I'd prefer Ozil.
  10. ez44


    Re: Saurez? Do it. Podolski has a very nice chance of getting 92 in arsenal and lucas was playing very good for liverpool before the injury so if he can keep that up when he's back next season he could also be in for a rise.
  11. Re: Kagawa + de Rossi = fabregas I'd do it. De rossi will drop for sure i think and kagawa is good but i don't think he'll ever be 95 caliber player like fabregas.
  12. Re: goalkeepers who to buy ter stegen, ahamada & leno are 87 gk that are great prospects and krul and courtois are rated 88. all of them should get a rise in the future.
  13. Re: jerome boateng for alex song yeah do it. boateng may rise but if bayern wins ucl but i don't think he'll ever be as good as song.
  14. Re: Oscar Cardozo if you can buy better players with the money i'd say sell him.
  15. Re: Jovetic i'd keep him. i think he'll be very good and he'll get a rise as soon as he moves to some bigger club.
  16. Re: James Milner he won't get a rise.
  17. Re: Ask here for ratings help What about Adrian Lopez?
  18. Re: Cazorla or Podolski?! I would go for podolski simply because he's moving to arsenal in the summer and he'll be playing in a better league, better club and in a better national team.
  19. Re: Leno for Piszczek i'd do it. Dortmund have won bundesliga again and Piszczek could get a rise. Leno is nice prospect but since you have Casillas and ter stegen you're safe regarding gks. On the other hand both of your rb are older. Although arbeloa still plays regularly for Real i'm not his biggest fan and Srna has his high rating due to Shaktars great run in Europa league few seasons ago and he will drop in next few changes in my opinion.Therefore i think Piszczek would be nice signing.
  20. Re: Jack Rodwell for Nuri Sahin? that's great deal! i'd do it right away.
  21. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Ribery. Better player, better club.
  22. Re: Which Player to Add? jovetic and mikel are ones you should go for. i'd preffer jovetic because he can cover more positions than mikel (he can play in midfield position and also in attack). worst thing about jovetic is that he's currently stuck in fiorentina who's doing bad so until he moves in a bigger club he won't be getting a rise to 91.
  23. Re: vidal or richards? I'd also go for vidal.
  24. Re: Young GKs? Branescu and Kapino are probably best ones. Also i would add Jack Butland but i think isn't 93+ material.
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