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  1. Re: Juventus ... Who to keep? I would sell the bolded ones.
  2. Re: Matias Suarez: buy?? i think you should. He's been good during regular season (11 goals 13 assists) and during play off (1 goal 4 assists) so he should get a rise especially if anderlecht wins league which is likely. Also he coukd be in for a move to a bigger club during the summer.
  3. Re: MARCHISIO, Claudio?? could he get a rise at the end of season and what do you think is the highest rating he could get?
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i'd say biglia.
  5. Re: Lass Diara for Adeybayor???? I would try to get more decent young RB for diarra cause maicon is past his prime and valencia doesn't play much on that position so he could lose it. Or you could take this deal and then use etoo to get even better RB
  6. Re: Huge deal - please help i wouldn't do it unless you're in desperate need of depth at midfield. real is on way to win la liga and they could win ucl and benzema is very important for this team so if france has good euros this summer he could easily be in for a +1 again. van persie is doing great in arsenal so he has small of a rise to 95. looking at his side of the deal i would only go for di maria and maybe nasri but i think that sneijder and villa are way past their prime and are only going to slowly drop from now on.
  7. Re: Young Man U Defenders Jones Evans/Smalling Rafael Fabio Jones is only one who's gonna be 93+ in future but rafael and smalling could be around 91-93 imo.
  8. Re: Ayegbeni Yakubu he'll rise to 88 surely imo and there is a chance of 89 but considering that blackburn have been in relegation zone for almost whole season 90 is completely out of question.
  9. Re: help with deals i surely wouldn't do first deal. Gaston ramirez is a good player but leno is much more promising talent. As for ramsey he is playing for a better club and is more talented than witsel but he has a lot of injury problems so i wouldn't do that deal either. Too much of a gamble.
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i prefer Luiz out of these two because he'll be leading chelsea's center back very soon.
  11. Re: Best CB from these options i would also go for radu. He has best potential out of these three.
  12. ez44


    Re: puyol it depends on depth you have on cb position but if you have at least proper replacement for puyol i'd do it.
  13. ez44


    Re: Hazard No! You should get much much more for player with such potential. I mean he's 92 in french league!!!
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'd offer Ljajic, and that's a really nice deal btw
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'd go for alba.
  16. Re: Rooney not rising i think it depends on england finish on euro but he has 50/50 chanses of rising.
  17. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... James rodriguez imo...
  18. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Perfectly you should go for Hart + M'villa but doubt he'll do it so as more realistic option try getting Damiao + M'villa.
  19. Re: Jones Rating! Probably not in this changes but he's one of the best prospects so i wouldn't sell him even if he doesn't rise.
  20. Re: From Italian forum: "The best U21 for SM system" i would add alex chamberlain to the list.
  21. Re: Cambiasso, downhill from here? if you're getting lavezzi & aurier then do it. if you're giving them for cambiaso then a big NO!
  22. Re: How much for llorente? If it's external club then just offer two players (ones that you don't really need) and cash (if needed) to match the minimum asking price from chairman of that club.
  23. Re: Gotze or Di Maria I think that in short term di maria is better option, but gotze has much more potential if he doesn't have any big injuries like this one and if he moves to one of the big clubs.
  24. Re: Casemio vs Gundogan, Ledesma vs Chantome i would say that bolded ones will be best.
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