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  1. I think this is an important aspect of the game that would be easy to solve ! and is currently not working, so I am going to continue to post examples of the current mess. In one of my gameworlds I am trying to buy a player from an unmanaged club, value 2m. As per the new (old) system the external club values my rubbish players two or even three times what my chairman values them at BUT for example I offer rubbish player 1 (my chairman value 500k) values at 1m and rubbish player 2 (my chairman value 1.4m) value 3.0m. So I make an offer their chairman values the deal at 4m for a player he values at 2m but also rejects the deal because the offer isnt high enough !!!!!!!!!! Please can this mess of player valuations be fixed !!!!
  2. Just a note to add to this. In one of my gameworlds which is very competitive and the classic case where it is almost impossible to buy a decent player for cash. Victor Moses was recently bought by unmanaged ColoColo for 9.2m but his value in their squad now is 4.1m . This situation of players values needs to be sorted out otherwise there is no chance of the transfer market working properly.
  3. I have recently lost out on two transfers of players from unmanaged clubs where at the moment the bid was accepted my bid was the highest when taking into account the value I could see of the players offered by another manager in part exchange. But after the transfer had gone through I saw that the unmanaged club valued the player offered in part exchange much higher, so my bid was turned down. I then experimented with offering deals to a few unmanaged clubs with my players in part exchange. In every case the chairman of the unmanaged club valued my player at exactly the value he appears to be in my squad (Of course my chairman suddenly decides to value the player almost double the value he appears in my squad). What is going on with players values ? Has it gone back to the old system where you can get far more for a player in PX but only in some weird semi invisible way? Can someone please explain to me the logic for this?
  4. As I understand it at the moment there are four valuations on each player. 1. The value in your squad - visible in the players info, stats etc 2. Chairmans valuation - Which you only ever see when you offer a player in PX and is nearly always far higher than the players value in your squad. 3. Other chairmans valuation - Which you only see when you offer your player to them in a PX deal. 4. The value a player actually takes on when he moves to the other club, often higher than the value the chairman of that club put on the player for the purposes of the deal. I can see that there is a benefit to the game of players having a different value depending on the squad they are in but I cant see a reason for all the other complications. I recently tried to sign a player from an unmanaged club. Another manager had made a bid (which I could see) of a player plus cash, I looked at the value of the player (or the value I was able to see) and offered an amount slightly more than the value of the player plus cash that the other manager had bid. To my surprise the player went to the other manager and when I created a bug ticket I was told that this was correct as the chairman of the unmanaged team valued the player in the PX deal higher than the value I was able to see. I guess I am asking two things, firstly I just want to understand the system and secondly surely it would be an improvement to the game to get rid of this unneccesarily complicated situation. Despite some of the changes that have recently been brought in, the transfer market in most competitive gameworlds is totally stagnant. I think that getting rid of the chairmans valuation of players (the different higher valuation which is only ever relevant when a player is offered in a px deal) would massively help this. I have managed a couple of teams in very competitive gamewords where I started at the very bottom of div4 and tried to work my way up, In one case back to back promotions all the way to div 1. I have got together squads of good young players but it is obviously very hard to get hold of the top players and cash offers will essentially never be accepted. The only way to get the top level players is by offering two younger highly rated players, but because when it comes to a deal my chairman values these players so high it is never actually possible to make an offer that the other manager would consider. There should only be two valuations for a player. The value in his current squad and the value he will have in the squad he is moving to. I also think that as many managers have suggested in the past there is an argument for getting rid of a chairmans ability to block transfers. At the moment it doesnt make much sense to me that my chairman would allow a huge cash offer for a player but will block quite a reasonable px deal. When you consider that px deals are more or less the only ones possible for good players in competitive gameworlds this becomes even more ridiculous.
  5. The Southampton review was bizarre. Fonte gets a +2 Toby Alderweireld gets +1 but Clyne and Bertrand get nothing. If anything Clyne was the standout from that back 4 and for Bertrand to be on 88 while the two CB's are 90 is just crazy. Bertrand has won the Champions league !!! I thought that stuff was supposed to matter on SM
  6. Is Aleix Vidal ging to rise? I know he got a +1 in April but considering the rises other Sevilla players got he deserves 89 at the very least surely
  7. Can anyone explain to me why Totti drops 91 to 90 after a season of 1751 minutes 8 goals 6 assists but Mario Gomez stays on 91 after 1401 minutes 4 goals 2 assists. It is blindingly obvious Totti is the better player right now but he drops !
  8. What do people think of these aging forwards in serie A ? Gomez -1 Cassano -1 Totti - stay Klose - stay Thanks
  9. Does anyone think correa will get a rise? I think I'm right in saying some if his outstanding libertedores performances were after his last rise. Then he got the move to madrid. I know he hasn't played a minute of league football since then, but he has been outstanding when he has player for Argentina ( under 20s admittedly) I think he's a huge talent, just curious to know what people think.
  10. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - 12/13 Winter Predictions Up! - by BRNL||- Do you think Depay will get to 90 this review? I know he got a +1 quite recently but he did more this season than Eriksen did when he got a 90 in the Dutch league...
  11. Re: Shkelzen GASHI money maker! I would love to know what people make of Gashi now !! his stats look like he could go from being just a money maker to quite a serious player. He definitely deserves a rise and judging by some of the other players in the swiss league I think he deserves a +3 to 88 any thoughts ?
  12. Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread I guess he is exactly the kind of player who gets shafted by the current rating system. Ok Lille are not doing that well but nor are ac Milan, Manchester United etc etc. i guess the 89 to 90 jump is the hardest one if you are playing for a bD team. But I would have thought that being voted keeper of the year in France and being short listed for African player of the year might tip the balance. Does anyone know if those personal accolades count for ratings increases in a concrete way in the way that winning trophies does?
  13. Re: The Fluffy Ligue 1 Thread What do people think of Enyeama ? Goalkeeper of the year in Francd for 2014 but didnt get a rise in the last review !
  14. I manage Rushden and Diamonds in a competitive gameworld. Obviously managing a small team is quite tough and every penny counts. You are trying to buy good players to improve your team but as soon as you buy a player with a higher rating it decimates the value of half your squad! Is there any way of predicting what impact it will have on the ret of your squad when you buy a particular player. Below is an example of something that just happened to me. I recently bought Robinho for my team. Here are the Values of the other members of my squad who play in a position he can play before and and after buying him. Ntep 7.2m - 5.8m Casnos 7.2m - 5.8m Shaquiri 11.1m - 11.1m Depay 14.5m - 13.7m Bakkali 3.9m - 3.7m Coutinho 3.1m - 2.9m Cartabia 4.9m - 4.9m De Arrascaeta 3.8m - 3.6m To me there is absolutely no logic going on here Robinho AM/F RLC you could argue is in direct competition with Shaqiri AM RLR and yet he makes no difference to his value while he takes over a million off the values of Casnos and Ntep ?? and it is clearly not just because Shaqiri is rated the same as Robinho whereas the other two are lower, because Depay who is 89 (same as Shaqiri and Robino) also lost almost a million of value! Can someone help me with this, even if it is just so I know the implications of future transfers.
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