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  1. waswas

    player concern troubles

    Re: player concern troubles Thanx very much !!
  2. waswas

    sell or keep Ribery

    Re: sell or keep Ribery thanx everyone, i'll decide what to do, hhhmmm
  3. waswas

    sell or keep Ribery

    Re: sell or keep Ribery i have 97 mill. i pretty much have all the big names, starting x1 is 96, but due to this player concern feature my whole team has concerns, sum are at high level, i have 3 great players out on loan aswell, don't really need anyone else
  4. waswas

    sell or keep Ribery

    hey all i am not sure if i should sell Ribery, i have Ronaldo,Iniesta,Di Maria and also Ozil any ideas ? thanx
  5. waswas

    player concern troubles

    hey all, out of now where the whole of my starting x1 and backup players have become concerned, including messi, ronaldo. iniesta, and other big players, sum have reached very dangerous lvl of concern, even my 3 players out on loan have got a concern, is everyone else in the same boat ? it has taken me over 4 years to build such a great squad, and its a waste of time a great shame to see this feature ruining the game, i have not been on the forum for ages, so i did not know were to post this, apologies for any inconvenience's thanx
  6. waswas

    R.Madrid tactics advice

    Re: R.Madrid tactics advice i went for the 3-5-2 formation and drew 2-2 against an unmanaged 4-5-1 i dominated the match with 61%, 23 shots, but 2 of my players got injured and 1 of the opponents player 1st game, never mind, 37 more to go
  7. waswas

    R.Madrid tactics advice

    Re: R.Madrid tactics advice any one ??
  8. waswas

    R.Madrid tactics advice

    hey all, i have a decent R.Madrid side but, i don't know what tactics or formation to play with i was thinking a 3-5-2 Ramos vidic silva Alonso Ozil kaka modric ronaldo benzema higuain hard tackling normal mentality mixed passing mixed attacking normal tempo all over counter attack - tight marking - play offside trap - playmaker (ronaldo) what do you think of this set up ? here is my full squad its the real madrid in the `Knock **** who's there` setup http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php thanx
  9. hey all tonight i have an away match to tottenham (unmanaged). i have to play my reserve squad, because of players not match fit here is what i plan on going with 4-2-3-1 -------------vidal----pepe----kompany----schmelzer---- ------------------m'villa(concern)----modric----------------- di.maria-------------------Nasri----------------------nani- -----------------------Hernandez(concern)---------------------- hard tackling normal mentality short passing mixed attacking normal tempo pressing own half counter attack tight marking use target man is this formation and tactics suitable ? i really need to win as i am in 3rd position with 54 points whilst barcelona(more goals) and inter milan are joined top with 72 points - 29 games have been played - catching up to them seems very unlikely, but still want to give them a run for their money should i play khedira instead of modric, and benzema instead of hernandez? thanx
  10. waswas

    Real Madrid Help !

    Re: Real Madrid Help ! got to the match report > `print screen` button > save it on `paint` > upload it using `imageshack` or tinypic.com
  11. waswas


    Re: Samir,NASRI thanx for the posts guys
  12. waswas

    fernando, FRANCISCO

    what will happen to his rating, despite porto (champions of europa last season) are kicked out of europa ?
  13. waswas


    Re: Samir,NASRI thanx hhmmm sell him and i will use sanchez to replace him, who should rise to 92 ?
  14. waswas


    hello all, do you reckon Nasri will get a drop to 92 ? my other wingers are ozil/ronaldo/hulk/di maria/sanchez thanx
  15. waswas

    Sell Iniesta?

    Re: Sell Iniesta? or if you got bit of cash, you could keep iniesta and try getting muller/ganso