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  1. Re: player concern troubles Thanx very much !!
  2. Re: sell or keep Ribery thanx everyone, i'll decide what to do, hhhmmm
  3. Re: sell or keep Ribery i have 97 mill. i pretty much have all the big names, starting x1 is 96, but due to this player concern feature my whole team has concerns, sum are at high level, i have 3 great players out on loan aswell, don't really need anyone else
  4. Re: R.Madrid tactics advice i went for the 3-5-2 formation and drew 2-2 against an unmanaged 4-5-1 i dominated the match with 61%, 23 shots, but 2 of my players got injured and 1 of the opponents player 1st game, never mind, 37 more to go
  5. Re: R.Madrid tactics advice any one ??
  6. Re: Real Madrid Help ! got to the match report > `print screen` button > save it on `paint` > upload it using `imageshack` or tinypic.com
  7. Re: Samir,NASRI thanx for the posts guys
  8. Re: Samir,NASRI thanx hhmmm sell him and i will use sanchez to replace him, who should rise to 92 ?
  9. Re: Sell Iniesta? or if you got bit of cash, you could keep iniesta and try getting muller/ganso
  10. Re: Sell Iniesta? does it matter if you `hog` all the best players ...? cause i been managing a club for years, took them over when they had a current squad back then, during the time i have made big changes, like buying ronaldinho (99) totti(96) nesta (96) gattusso and many more, and my line up now is 96 rated with the likes of ozil,rooney,ribery and other young players on reserve, player hogging or not, it's about building a team,
  11. Re: Official Red Devils thread and david bellion fergie needs to buy a natural AM (play maker)
  12. Re: Tactics Help Thread you have to click on, game world♣ > and then club information
  13. Re: Tactics Help Thread hey guys, i have recently had a dip in form with a brilliant Man.U side, i am not sure if it's due to a change in the database or if i am trying too much with the team, any ideas what formation and tactics would best fit this team home and away) ? link to squad http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php Thanx
  14. Re: countering 4-1-3-2 Np i went for a 4-4-2 and lost 3-2, i should of gone with a 4-5-1 defensive thanx
  15. Re: countering 4-1-3-2 no replies:eek:
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