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  1. Hey guys, should I do a straight swap of my suarez for kagawa? Will kagawa get to 91 next rating?
  2. Re: Granit Xhaka Yes, probably +1/+2.
  3. Re: Austria, denmark and switzerland A few of my finds: Josef Martinez from Young Boys -> winter transfer 78 rated. got some playing time in the venezuelan league (poor league? his old team's highest rated player was 86 though) plus some minutes for his national team. already played 3 games in the swiss league. +4/+5 to 82/83? Jores Okore from Nordsjaelland -> 78 rated, 19 yo. played 1170 mins this season so far as well as 118 mins for the danish national team. +5 to 83? Pol Johannes Justinussen from Aalborg -> winter transfer 75 rated. lots of minutes in the faroe island and icel
  4. Re: so whos the best 83 - 87 rated players? A few more: - Eduardo Vargas - Jordan Ayew - Emmanuel Badu
  5. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (I) Will Kagawa raise to 90 for next rating change? He looked brilliant the past couple of games and with Gotze out injured he's taking the spotlight.
  6. Re: January 2012 transfer window: hidden risers BENNETT, Ryan just signed for Norwich City. 77 rated and played 2,491 mins in the Championship so far. Last raise for him was 8 May 2010. Will probably rise a bit I reckon.
  7. Re: Attackers Llorente is the best of the group, but Demba Ba will have the best chance of +1.
  8. Re: Argentina and Ecuador under 21 players with minutes Juan Govea just got a +7. Ecuador ratings are very inconsistent....
  9. Re: Argentina and Ecuador under 21 players with minutes
  10. Re: Best risers: argentina e ecuador Only +1 to 78....
  11. Hi Guys, I am thinking of selling these three guys since I don't think they will rise any time soon. What do you guys think? I have a first XI consisting of 89-91 rated players and 88-89 rated subs.
  12. Re: Best risers: argentina e ecuador What do you guys think about Carlos Feraud? He's 21yo and 77 rated. Played 3597 mins and scored 9 goals last season. Should raise to 81/82?
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