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  1. Re: milos krasic why has he only started 4 of the first 11 games for cska this season :S is he injured?
  2. i have lass diarra and gago, should i sell them or do you think they will be playin regularly next year now that they have the likes of kaka, ronaldo, sneider, VDV, other diarra and robben in midfield all rated higher than them in SM thanks
  3. Re: Will it go through? sure once it becomes relevant to the thread i wud take the deal if money means anything in the setup, or maybe try and get the other manager to put another player in the deal, out of raul and henry, henry looks to be the better player atm although their ratings wont change for a long long time the deal will go through i think
  4. Re: getting the best out of your players use target man and set torres as your target man... although this may decrease the goals your other strikers get
  5. Re: finances if its near the end of the season wait until your chairman injection before you sell players, then you should get more money off your chairman
  6. Re: Manager Opinions' what if i was in the 'dodgy manager' category... wouldnt i then be wanting to take over a half decent team (such as everton or aston villa) and sell all their decent players for any offers just to get my manager transfer reputation back up, and then leave the club (hence ruining half decent teams)
  7. Re: which cms? so everyone thinks Hamsik, Keita and Yaya Toure so i will keep them i will sell sissoko, so its between gago and diarra, i will wait for the rating changes tomorrow to go through to help me decide thanks everyone
  8. Re: Spanish Ratings only 11 starts in a season isnt great and what has age got to do with a players rating?
  9. i need four cms and i currently have: yaya toure gago keita diarra muntari hamsik sissoko which four should i keep?
  10. Re: Spanish Ratings no but i have seen a player rise from 92 to 94 lol i think 92 wud be fair, 93 wud be slightly over rating him with what he has achieved so far, that wud put him equal with tevez and berbatov
  11. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? i need 4 CMs at present i have: yaya toure (rated 92) gago (rated 91) muntari (rated 91) hamsik (rated 90) diarra (rated 90) sissoko (rated 90) which 4 should i keep, and which 2 should i sell
  12. Re: player advise in layman's terms i think the answer was shut up and stop hijacking other peoples threads EDIT: PS. i wud sell VDV for silva the diego for silva deal is tricky, diego is gd, playing regularly and hihly rated on sm and wont drop anytime soon... but looking at the german table it doesnt look like he will be playing in europe next season (unless he moves, or unless they have got into europe through a cup)
  13. Re: Dani Alves is nuts..Decrease to 85 not when he is actually defending though, and the only reason he is a gd attacker is because he overlaps so the defence are outnumbered not one of the best rb, and wudnt be a gd full time rm
  14. anyone else got this message? Your last fixture had too many players out of position and so your club automatically attempted to pick a better side is this a new rule or something as it is stupid, i played a division 4 team in the cup with my division 1 team so i put out my cup team, which had an average rating of 90, and yet SM changed my team and now lots of my players are not match fit, 2 players became injured, and for some reason it put fabio at left back instead of my 89 rated cup left back how will i ever change my team to let them become match fit again if cant change my team without SM intervening, and what is the point of being the manager if i cant manage anyone else had this problem?
  15. Re: Best Team? definitely barce, they have high rated players in nearly all positions and have a very large stadium they also have lots of fairly high rated players that dont make it into their first team which you can sell (although the chairman value for these players will be very low) EDIT: if you go the 'real life clubs' page in SM you will be able to look at the players each team starts with to see which one you would like best
  16. Re: chairman value he does have slightly better stats but i didnt think that affected chairman value i have chilieni and skrtel in cb and they are still worth exactly the same to me even though chilieni performs better
  17. Re: Team Africa need help completing it well its not rocket science to use the search engine and search defenders with various african nationalities...
  18. Re: El Classico - The Biggest Domestic Game in the World real madrid to win 2-0, with higuain and VDV to score (and VDV in the starting 11) i rekon madrid will play a kind of 4-3-3 (with robben starting on the bench) Casillas Heinze, Cannavaro, Metzelder, Ramos Van der Vaart, Gago, Lass Higuain, Raul, Huntelaar EDIT: just saw MuntasirT pretty much had predicted the same line up
  19. Re: MIddlesbrough VS Man U tevez might be just being rested for the arsenal game (like ronaldo) tevez wants to play in the big games so aslong as he starts on wednesday i dont think he will be to bothered with being on the bench atm
  20. Re: soccermanager not working??? yet accordin to the home page there are over 6000 people online at the moment ...number of game worlds = 0... that is slightly worrying lol
  21. Re: soccermanager not working??? can any1 get on yet? just got an email sayin someone has bid for my player so i really want to get on
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