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  1. Re: Kroos = Alaba + Shaw If he gives me only Alaba, is it still a good deal?
  2. Re: Kroos = Alaba + Shaw I already have Marcelo, Rodriguez and Gibbs as LBs. What should I do with them if I accept the offer? Thanks for the feedback
  3. I have Kroos, and was offered Alaba and Shaw for him. If I try to get someone else instead of Shaw (since he plays in the same position as Alaba), is it a good deal?
  4. Re: Lucas Moura Thanks both
  5. Re: Which 2? I'd say volland and immobile
  6. Re: Lucas Moura P.S. I put him on the transfer list because he has a level 3 concern for lack of games and I need 10m to address them.
  7. I put Lucas Moura on the transfer list and was offered 37m for him. Should I just sell him or try to exchange him? The other player has the likes of Jordi alba, azpilicueta and isco. I was tempted to try to get azpilicueta. What do you think?
  8. Is hamsik worth selling? He plays in my 2nd team, which consists of pogba (who I usually play with hamsik), and koke and strootman as subs.
  9. Someone wants my khedira or strootman. Is it a good deal if I can get coleman or zaha for one of them? As CDMs, I have the likes of busquets, pogba and verratti. As RB, I have ramos, rafael (and varane if needed). Thanks
  10. Re: GRIEZMANN vs Asomoah Griezmann all the way
  11. Who should I sell between these 3? Thanks
  12. Re: Advice please - which keeper to retain Scuffet had a brilliant season and has a huge potential imo. I don't really know about the potential of the other 2 !
  13. Who should I sell between these 3? Thanks
  14. I was offered Alaba, and in return he wants Gotze/Hazard and Luke Shaw. Should I accept? Thanks in advance
  15. Re: Gervinho or Muriel Gervinho is playing better imo. The only downside is his age!
  16. I have been offered Benteke for my Immobile. What should I do? Thanks
  17. I received an offer for Lukaku of Benteke + 10mil. I don't really need the money, so it just comes down to who's the best (future potential) between Lukaku and Benteke. What do you think I should do? Thanks
  18. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Should I sell Buttner?
  19. Should I keep or sell him? I don't really know what his potential is.
  20. Re: Lamela, Pastore or Walcott Thankyou
  21. So, I have these 3 players which are not even in my reserve squad. Do you think they will rise or not? Should I sell them all? Thanks for the help
  22. Re: Hot DM© 10m maximum ...any ratings, as long as he is going to rise quite a bit
  23. Re: Hot DM© I was thinking the same, pogba was my first choice. Thanks
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