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  1. Re: World International League Nice idea I fancy this, taken KSC Lokeren. Belgium. Good luck to all involved and hopefully this fills up.
  2. Re: Riferimento: Leno or Ter Stegen? Actually he wont cos Barca are transfer banned until Summer 2015 haha
  3. Re: Results are questionable I think the players in form in real life, then on SM they have a blinder that week, not sure if it's true but that's how i pick my team each week, and seem to do fairly well. If my theory is correct, then this is how the game should be anyway. Basically if you have Ozil, don't play him, and Vidic lol Benteke on the other hand is a monster, and Messi always gets a couple of goals!
  4. Re: why increase the price for gold when the product hasn't improved. No justification in rising prices without improving the service. Nothing has changed so why has the price? My guess is that since the app has been made, you can see how the new gameworlds are now filling up like they used to many moons ago, so therefore the proportion of new people playing to the people out of these buying gold is going to increase, so the price must increase. Pure greed basically and a middle fingerup to the originals that helped make this game what it is.
  5. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? These are the top free agents available in my gameworld are any really worth it? Van Ginkel has a bad injury so he is more long term to buy him, but a few young brazilians there. - DAMIÃO, Leandro 24 - 90 £13.4M Free Agent - BERNARD, Duarte 21 - 89 - £11.8M Free Agent - FERNANDO, Lucas 21 - 88 - £8.9M Free Agent - VAN GINKEL, Marco 21 - 88 - £8.1M Free Agent - MARKOVIC, Lazar 19 - 87 - £7.4M Free Agent - FRED, Santos 20 - 87 - £7.3M Free Agent - THAUVIN, Florian 20 - 87 - £7.0M Free Agent - BAPTISTÃO, Léo 21 - 87 - £5.0M Free Agent - CASEMIRO, Carlos 21 - 87 - £4.5M Free Agent - BERARDI, Domenico 19 - 86 - £5.6M Free Agent -
  6. Re: Premier league player don't think he'll quite go to 88 mate but a definite +1 and a possible plus 2 to 87 is for sure
  7. Re: Cannot load tactic page and unable to bid a player using Internet Exploer (IE) same bloody thing. i can only use the library for an hour every day and only have IE available. This is so annoying, i hope it is fixed soon Are SM aware of this issue?
  8. Re: The New Players Thread Is Jack Grealish beioing added
  9. Re: Accommodating Messi & Ronaldo 3-5-2 defensive - long ball. all day long mate. messi and ronaldo up front
  10. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * lets hope gary gardners injury is fully cleared, he would have learnt loads last year so he has missed out there, but he should provide the creativity we need
  11. Re: Strange transfer activity you must mean external clubs? unmanaged clubs don't accept players as part exchange...
  12. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * HE scores when he wants, he scores when he wants, Christian Benteke, he scores when he wants!! UTV SOTC!!!!!!!
  13. Re: The race to reach 90 - Second Edition Emre Can - Bayern Munich
  14. Re: any young leftbacks who r definite risers? yea for me also gotta be Bertrand, or Joe Bennett & Matt Lowton from Aston Villa should get bumped a couple of points also
  15. Re: Most amazing/jaw dropping transfers you've been involved in or seen in your world My Cheltenham Town team EC 322 - Sold Thiago Silva for £71.9m to Everton, few months down the line the Everton manager leaves, which I didn't notice so Aston Villa buy him for £21m, but then this March the Villa manager left so I got him back for £26.5m! TOok a total of 6 months but hey
  16. Re: Neuer or Casillas Fair point about Casillas not dropping. So i'm still a bit stuck any more suggestions
  17. Hi fellow soccermanagers This is the situation on which i'm just looking for other opinions before I take the plunge for a new goalkeeper. I am Liverpool in English C 15155, first season and flying at the top of the league. I have based my squad on mainly Spanish and German players, with the exception of Modric who I snapped up when the Spurs manager left, Sanchez of Madrid and Van Der Wiel. So I still have Reina in goal and this is my next target for improvement, as Ihave a suspicion he may drop, if not now then in the near future. Not only are Casillas and Neuer still available, my dilemna is which one to go for, both same price and surley both of equal class, must be the 2 best keepers in the world currently? So will Casillas drop to 94 and Neuer raise to 94, or Neuer straight up to 95? Throw into this that Valdes is available for 14 mill, will he rise? I think i'm gonna go for Neuer but I am really not sure, I have actually been stuck between the 2 choices for a few weeks now, so also i'm lucky in a way neither have been snapped up What would you do?!
  18. Re: West Ham United Help Sell the bold ones mate, play a 4-3-3
  19. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * confirmed tomorrow apparently, happy days if he is Youth, Youth, Youth!
  20. Re: Pedro or Di Maria Good enough for me, right laong the lines I was thinking, thanks guys
  21. Hi, so I am Cheltenham Town in EC 322. Top division Anyhows, I got both of these players, Di Maria and Pedro, but want to sell one of them really as I have enough quality having just snapped up Gotze. Basically i'm looking to take my wage bill down. So which would you keep, I think Di Maria to keep but am interested in peoples opinions who watch Spanish football more than me Thanks
  22. Re: 2 questions....???? I have never in all my time had a GK injured, booked or anything and I been playing a fair while. I think this should be implemeted into the game!
  23. Re: What squad would you take to the Euro's ? Hart Richards-Terry-Ferdinand-Cole Young-Gerrard-Carrick-Walcott Milner Rooney Squad: Robinson Foster Johnson G Smalling Jones Barry Lennon Parker Crouch Defoe Welbeck
  24. Re: Job Offers message deleted doesn't work mate, thanks though. Anyone else??
  25. I have been offered the Man Utd job but have deleted the message is there any way I can still accept the job?!
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