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  1. I have been a gold manager for about 3 years now. I recently renewed my membership for another two years. Why do I see advertisements everywhere I go? Surely one of the advantages of being a paying customer should be not seeing any advertisements. I don't mind them being on the game itself but its very annoying to have to wait for them to finish (or sometimes 5 seconds so I can skip it) before every match I watch.
  2. Same here. I thought it may be because I was still using the old interface but its the same when I switch to the new one.
  3. Just sold Jerome Boateng for 20m + Isco. Is this a good deal? I thought it was but thinking more about it I'm wondering if I made a mistake. I needed a CAM & I'm now playing Alaba and Marquinos at CB so not a big loss losing Boateng.
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... thanks for help everyone, I hope Pogba can fulfill his potential. as for Bastian, I got him in a straight swap deal for Fernando Torres a few years back! also got Olic as part of that deal so I don't lose any money on him, hope this deal will prove as good as that one!
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Schweingsteiger for Pogba - straight swap, I offered it to the other manager (Pogba the player I would receive), he accepted. Now I'm starting to doubt, is this a good deal? yes I know Bastian is 95, Pogba only 92 but Pogba is about 9 years younger. I always look for long term deals but also would like a bit more money in the bank.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Got an offer of 28m + Thomas Muller for Ibrahimovic (the latter being my player) this to me seems a very good offer, Ibra is getting older now so will start to decrease value now, Muller is 94 rated and only 24 years old, really tempted by this but want to know what you think. P.S. money situation is not great, I've been manager of this Liverpool club ever since I started SM in 2010, I've built a good young squad and am constantly buying new youngsters, I recently bought several players and now only have 19m so would like to sell someone, was thinking about s
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... hi guys, I'm selling Xavi, I've put a 40m price tag on him (or player exchange) and was wondering if you think its too much or I can get more or whatever... thanks!!
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... ok guys thanks for help, think I'll leave it and look for someone else
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... trying to buy Van Ginkel, have offered 17.5m...rejected, replied with 20m...rejected, both times simply rejected, no 'not for sale' message but I don't know whether I should go any higher or not, I have over 100m balance so money is not a problem, 32m is the max my chairman will let me offer so I don't know...
  10. Re: How do I find out how long gold management I have left? on my profile, there is no number in brackets next to my username but next to 'Membership', it says 'Gold Manager (41)'...
  11. think I upgraded in October last year, I have 5 clubs so I'm a bit worried that the gold management will suddenly run out and I'll lose most of my clubs, how do I find out how long I have left and what happens when it runs out? how long do I have to upgrade? thanks
  12. Re: Friendlies? thanks guys, didn't know that about the subs!
  13. I have been at one of my clubs (my very first club) for 3 years in real life time so over that time have obviously built a big squad, most of the players were bought young 2-3 years ago and are now expecting first team football but there is already an established team so is difficult to include them all, even when rotating for different competitions and using subs. what I want to know is, if a player is concerned about lack of playing matches, does he just mean the league? any competitive game or does it even include friendlies? I am going to start playing friendlies now anyway, even if it d
  14. Re: English Championship 6952 - Discussion Thread wow this is so tempting, as you know we won the Champions League in my first season but I've got a job offer from Man City! so tempting!
  15. Re: English Championship 6952 - Discussion Thread YES!!! CHAMPIONS!! wow, more than I could ever have expected in my first full season, 6th in the league and win the SMFA Champions Cup with Oldham
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