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  1. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I like the fact Flanagan can play both sides, and has been our second best full-back this season, after Sterling. Would definitely keep him and he's one of the few defenders I would keep. Hope we get to see Ilori next season too.
  2. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Sometimes that's the problem. People forget about what we get wrong after a win, just as people go over the top forgetting what we get right after a defeat or bad performance.There's a balance somewhere, but the failure to get any deals done, or strengthen weak areas in this transfer window has to be seen as a problem. I think we can still finish top four, but it would have helped us do so had we signed a player or two in this window. This season is a chance like no other in the recent past, and likely to be the best chance in the near future. Finish top four and we can really kick on in seasons to come.
  3. Re: Official Liverpool Thread ^^ Agree with that. Some people forget that the only reason we're in this position to have high ambition at then moment, is because of how well the manager and the majority of the players have been doing so far. At the game against Villa some guy sat a few seats down from me was chatting to his mate "Do you believe in Rodgers? I don't!" As if our manager is some sort of apparition. What I don't want us to do is rest on this and think we don't need to improve, and there are players available.
  4. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Just a funny video I thought! I just think we need one or two players to continue to compete. You have to keep moving forward to keep the challenge alive, if you stall you fall behind. Is it a refusal to pay or an inability to get deals done? Is it worth a couple of million to have less chance of finishing outside the top 4, but get better players for more reasonable prices in the summer? I think we have a chance to finish top 4 with this squad, but I think we'll have a much better chance with a stronger squad (seems silly to say it!). We're obviously weak in some areas of the XI, and lack quality depth in others. Would be good to address the quality depth or the weakness in first XI now.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Haha they never get old. The Dunkin Donuts bit!
  6. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Linekar said something about being "bullied" into passing.Not watched the game back yet, but from where I was it looked like both Coutinho and Suarez were in better positions. He'd been moping around ever since the penalty miss, and he should be sensible enough himself to know it was the right decision to bring him off.
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I would have started Alberto tomorrow anyway, but alongside Allen, giving Henderson a rest seeing as he did the running for four people last week. Now we'll need Henderson in that midfield, and if not Gerrard then who else? Coutinho as a proper no. 10 with both Henderson and Alberto deeper? Or will Rossiter get a game?
  8. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Maybe, but there are a few young players vying for that spot, or that back-up spot. Will be between him and Gegé i'd imagine.Will know more when the season starts, and they have a Libertadores game at the end of this month.
  9. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I'd be disappointed if we didn't sign anyone. Other clubs will be moving forward and there's a risk of being left behind if we don't. Reasonably happy with our attacking options for now, but it would be good to get a full back and a defensive midfielder.
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Great stuff. Now we know what Ayre's been busy with instead of signing players!
  11. Re: Brazilian Football Great stuff that. Have been watching a bit of it, but it can be very one sided in the early rounds. The Sao Paulo v Kashiwa Reysol game was more evenly matched though. Reysol had much of the game v Santos, but the Brazilians scored from two corners and a couple of long range efforts. Should be a couple of good games tonight I reckon.
  12. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Having Gerrard there will be great for launching counter-attacks though!
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