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  1. Re: Players to sale Thank you very much. I think that i will sell Bonucci,Subotic,Bender ( i have Lars Bender too who i think is better than Sven) and Walker because my first team RB is Daniel Alves and Ramos,Lars Bender and Marquinhos can play as RB's too.
  2. Hello guys! I just got Thiago Silva,Pique and i'm waiting for Sergio Ramos! Which of the following central defenders is better to put on transfer list? Subotic,Bonucci,Mascherano Also please tell me your opinion about Sven Bender,Claudio Marchisio,Kyle Walker! Should i keep them to my squad?
  3. Re: ☆☆Young-Boy™☆☆ BIG RISERS Thank you very much for your time!!!
  4. Re: ☆☆Young-Boy™☆☆ BIG RISERS Hi guys! I have all this players in my young team please let me know which of them are not worth keeping because i need some cash for transfers!!! Thank you in advance! DAVIES, Ben ROBINSON, Jack VERBOOM, Bryan MASI, Alberto WISDOM, Andre HOBAN, Tommie BATEAU, Sheldon PEZZELLA, Germán WALKER, Kyle DE SCIGLIO, Mattia VAN RHIJN, RicardoJ ENKINSON, Carl SOLLY, Chris SCHMELZER, Marcel RODRÍGUEZ, Ricardo BENDER, Sven VERRATTI, Marco OBIANG, Pedro ONAZI, Ogenyi WARD-PROWSE, James RABIOT, Adrien POWELL, Nick HALILOVIĆ, Alen BOUY, Ouasim KACANIKLIC, Alexander SUSO, Fernández BRUNO, Massimo BERARDI, Domenico OLINGA, Fabrice ICARDI, Mauro DYBALA, Paulo BOSETTI, Alexy DONGOU, Jean Marie MELANO, Lucas HENRÍQUEZ, Ángelo AZEMI, Ilir BETINHO, Alves NEILTON, Meira SOTRES, Daniel ELY, Rodrigo BARBA, Federico DIJKS, Mitchell GÜNTER, Koray FERDINAND, Kane BAGNACK, Frank HECTOR, Michael CURTI, Nicolò COROZO, Eddy SOUZA, Filipe DOUGHTY, Michael BENASSI, Marco AKPAN, Hope COADY, Conor SILVA, Tiago MUSONDA, Lamisha GRIMMER, Jack COLE, Larnell REILLY, Callum LUMU, Jeroen MURG, Thomas CLAYTON, Max PIAZÓN, Lucas MATTHEUS, Oliveira MEYER, Max PRITCHARD, Alex LOPES, Marcos EISFELD, Thomas DERFLINGER, Christian WEISER, Mitchell GNABRY, Serge LÓPEZ, Nicolás LOLO, Manuel COULIBALY, Souleymane SANDBERG-MAGNUSSON, Anton PERICA, Stipe AYDIN, Okan ONGENDA, Hervin BENNETT, Mason SINCLAIR, Jerome SANÉ, Abdoulaye BAKKALI, Zakaria
  5. Re: Counter formations Thank you very much! finally i played 4-5-1 def down both flanks and after 60min i change it to 4-2-3-1 att (down both flanks) and won 3-2!!!
  6. Re: Counter formations Hi guys! any idea on how to counter 3-2-2-2-1 ? Tackling StyleAggressiveMentalityAttackingPassing StyleMixedAttacking StyleMixedTempoFastPressingOwn HalfCounter-AttackYesMen Behind BallYesTight MarkingYesPlay OffsideYesUse Play MakerYesUse Target ManYes
  7. Re: Counter formations I used it and i got a tie! They were better than me! 53% possesion 15-12 shots 8 corners 47% possesion 11-4 shots 3 corners
  8. Re: Counter formations Best way IMO is using 4-3-3W playing down both flanks!
  9. Re: Counter formations I'm thinking to use it after 60mins to be honest! In case it has a possitive affect i will let you know. Thank you anyway!!!
  10. Re: Counter formations Seems more logical. Should i play attacking as he does or normal?
  11. Re: Counter formations Thank you! I will! Any specific instructions? I'm not sure with 3 in the defence because he is playing down both flanks with arrows in the wingers!
  12. Re: Counter formations Hello guys, Do you know a counter for the following formation? 4-4-1-1 He has arrows in his wingers and his AMC Tackling StyleNormalMentalityAttackingPassing StyleDirectAttacking StyleDown Both FlanksTempoNormalPressingAll OverCounter-AttackYesMen Behind BallYesTight MarkingYesPlay OffsideYesUse Play MakerYesUse Target ManYes
  13. Re: Counter formations So you believe that the best counter for 4-3-3W is 4-3-2-1 and after this 3-5-2? Playing 4-3-3W against 3-5-2 i won 2 times tie 1 and lost 1!!! Also if 3-5-2 is a counter for 4-3-3W then which is the best counter for 3-5-2 in your opinion?
  14. Re: Counter formations Try an attacking 4-4-2 because he is playing very attacking! In my last three games vs 4-1-3-2 i won using 4-4-2
  15. Re: Counter formations Hi guys! Do you know which is the best tactic to counter 4-2-2-2?(normal mentality) I tried 3-5-2 and 4-3-3W as suggested but it didn't work!
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