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  1. Re: Gomez.......!!!!!!!! these updates are a joke...makes me want to give up my gold membership
  2. Re: Eric Cantona i would say he was 96/97. he played similar role as rooney today. he was far superior in many aspects. passing, playmaking, vision, impact on games etc..
  3. what rating would you give him and why..
  4. Re: what do you think of this squad? i just got chamberlaine too... i sold gervhino and im buying hart. what do you think?
  5. Re: what do you think of this squad? thanks for advice. bench is even more exciting. reus bender kroos hernandez jones rafael welbeck subotic hummels smalling celverley
  6. Re: Best keeper ever? its all a matter of opinions...what would your list be??
  7. Re: Best keeper ever? coz a player hasnt won anything he cant be considered best of his generation??? come on you are only talking stats then...giggs never won a world cup so he cant be amongst the best either?
  8. cech Kompany vidic cole pepe modric valencia nani gotze hazard benzema
  9. Re: Best keeper ever? i actually forgot about him...hmmtough choice .
  10. who is the best goalkeeper to have ever played?
  11. Re: Oxlade chamberlaine good im glad i bought him for 10k..
  12. Re: Some interesting player ratings which surprise me...
  13. Re: Oxlade chamberlaine how high he will rise for both...
  14. how high do you think he will rise?
  15. Re: Some interesting player ratings which surprise me... what about lucho gonzales? he was 93..and hazard is far better than lucho.
  16. Would vidic drop due to his injury? and if he comes back on form willhe gain his point back? how come puyol is still 96? he has had a bad form and injuries like ferdinand but no drop... who is better vidic or puyol??
  17. These players imo are badly rated and need to be reviewed. let me know what you think.. Hazard only 91 - driving force of his team voted best player more than once. Nani 93- which means he has the same skills,impact as macherano?? Falcao 91- scores by the boatload!!! Gomez 93- scores during his sleep!!! Hart- hugo lloris is better than him??
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