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  1. Lets just hope that sm has a Wee think about it, it's just another way of improving the game
  2. I think it would be good idea for normal managers too, give them a chance to play fringe players
  3. Would it be any better for your club to have a reserve team sheet filled out so you can play them in a friendly without having to change your full team around every time you wanted to play a friendly , I think it would be good for the reserve team to be saved
  4. i would like to be able to go and ask my chairman for some money, as teams with low stadium capacity are not generating the same income as the bigger clubs and it makes it harder to compete
  5. i have had 2 players up for sale for months now but no bid has came in yet, as there are only 2 managers in the league,why hasent an unmanaged club made any bids yet ?????
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