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  1. Re: Counter formations my formation is 3-5-2, and my opponent formation is 4-2-2-2
  2. Re: Counter formations i won a match 7-0 to a 94 rated team. my team is 92 rated and my opponent team had ronaldo and messi.
  3. Re: Riferimento: Counter formations
  4. Re: Counter formations hello guys i am going to against a very tough team which got both ronaldo and messi and he uses 4-3-3 wingers which formation can i use to counter it normally i use 3-5-2 but i am not sure about this one
  5. Re: Counter formations yeah delete this thread but don't delete all of em. 4-5-1 defensive work against 3-5-2, so don't delete all of em
  6. Re: Counter formations i have lost today's match aswell using 4-2-2 diamond against 4-3-3 wingers i lost 2-0
  7. Re: Counter formations guys please help me today i am going against 4-3-3 winger, should i use 4-2-2 diamond my average rating is 93 (NOTE: reply before 8:00pm) and one last thing guys i got Samir NASRI in my Man city should i trade NASRI for MULLER
  8. Re: Counter formations i used to 3-2-2-2-1 to counter 4-4-2 diamond but i lost 4-3
  9. Re: Counter formations This is my SQUAD 1-R.ADLER 2-R.ALBIOL 3-V.MARCELO 4-F.PEPE 5-H.WESTERMANN 6-B.SCHWEINSTEIGER 7-L.LISANDRO 8-M.REUS 9-G.HIGUAIN 10-S.NASRI 11-J.HERNANDEZ Substitutes 12-I.CASILLAS 13C.FABREGAS 14Y.TOURE 15-L.DIARRA 16M.HUMMELS 17C.RONALDO 18G.CHIELLINI and my average rating is 92 everyone in substitute without casillas and diarra are not match fit so which formation should i use to counter 4-2-2 diamond
  10. Re: Counter formations What formation should i use to counter 4-2-2 diamond. I really need help i need to win the match otherwise i will loose the championship, so please help me i need a good formation to counter 4-2-2 diamond and please reply as soon as you can because the match is tomorrow. please help me
  11. Re: Counter formations thanks mate 4-5-1 defensive worked against 3-5-2
  12. Re: Counter formations should i use 4-5-1 formation to counter 3-5-2 formation i actually got a manchester city and i want to counter the best team in our league which is barcelona and he uses 3-5-2 formation so i want to beat him for sure please help me
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