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  1. Re: ** rating not changing
  2. Re: ** rating not changing what do you mean. Is SM not powered by soccer wiki anymore. Or is it SM being lazy and not updating??????????:confused:
  3. Hello, as everyone know, sm is powered by soccer wiki. and i have an acvcount on soccer wiki. If you guy go to soccer wiki and look at aubamayang's rating, it is 90 whereas in sm it is still 89. it is not only for aubamayang but other players too. I found it completely **. so i want to know if there is any way i can complain to sm about this.
  4. Hello, I currently have Reus in a very competetive gameworld. I have been offered Falcao for Reus. I accepted it, but I will stay in the game world for long term. What should I do? Should I cancel the deal or Should I do the deal.
  5. Some one offered bale for schwensteiger. I accepted, but now i am think again. Is it a good deal
  6. Voltage


    Re: Bale In my opinion bale is a lot better than ozil. also if falcao at the age of 25/26 went up to 94, anything is possible
  7. Voltage


    Re: Bale 100% Bale. He got great potential to become 96+ rated in the future
  8. Re: WILSHERE or MUNIAIN? Wilshere Def
  9. Re: Bale or Benzema/Higuain I think for long run Benzema is better (at the moment). So i would say to swap higuain with Bale
  10. I am in a very competetive gameworld, and my goal keeper is literally ****. i really want a goal keeper who is have the potential to become 90+ in the future. Any suggestions guys
  11. Re: Reus + M Perriera = A Sanchez get sanchez. he plays for a better team, and have the potential to become 93 or even 94
  12. Re: De gea or hart Short term= Joe Hart Long term= De gea
  13. Re: Abate for Walker get walker
  14. Re: Di Maria or Bale? I would sell di maria, i prefer bale over di maria (this is my opinion guys). in my gameworld bale did lots of assist, whereas di maria didn't even do 5 assist.
  15. I have been offered kompany and balotelli for chiellini. i have accepted it. but i am not sure about it. Is it a good deal, as i really needed a fwd, which balotelli is going to take, and i play chiellini in cb, which kompany can take.
  16. Re: roone or aguero??? i would go for rooney
  17. Re: rooney or aguero??? i would go for rooney. i know rooney didn't play well last couple of seasons, but after he is back from injury this season, he is doing quite well. if he keep up it, he might move up to 96 again.
  18. Re: Modric+7 for Kompany? Please answer quickly
  19. Re: Falcao for Robinho? definitely do the deal
  20. Re: Ramos for David Silva if you need a defender, then do the deal.
  21. I need a good swap for sneijder, as he is in inter and will drop soon. so i want a good swap for him. who would you recommend. Thanks
  22. Re: ozil for silva thanks for the reply guys, but silva is my top player and he did most of the assist last season, whereas ozil was not in the assist list, still didn't accept the deal. any more opinions
  23. real madrid offered me ozil for my silva should i accept it or not
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