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  1. Re: Suarez or Falcao ? Suarez for me
  2. will he rise or not. if he rise what will his rating be? thank you
  3. Is XAVI a safe 97, will he drop?if yes what will it be. and when is he going to retire
  4. Re: Rooney or Benzema 1000% rooney
  5. Re: Isco or Van Wolfswinkel i totally agree. Keep Isco. he is younger and got a lot potential than wolfswinkle
  6. Re: Counter formations my formation is 3-5-2, and my opponent formation is 4-2-2-2
  7. Re: Counter formations i won a match 7-0 to a 94 rated team. my team is 92 rated and my opponent team had ronaldo and messi.
  8. Re: Ozil or Fabregas ? Definitely Fabregas mate
  9. Re: Iniesta for £48m? why did you sold him
  10. Re: Countering 4-2-2-2! i used 4-2-3-1
  11. i just manged a brand new milan, and i want to sell the old players. so can you huys give some opinion, who to swap and who to sell: Ibrahimovic(good but getting old) nesta robinho(don't like him) seedorf abbiati mexes van bommel cassano Thanks
  12. I got a offer to swap tevez for sneijder. i got tevez
  13. Hey Guys, I am against a very strong team and he uses 4-2-2-2. The information about his team is: opponent average rating= 92/93 my team average rating= 91/92 i lost the friendly match with the team 6-0 i use 3-5-2 with foward arrow on the midfielder (except DM) and back arrow on DM I really need to win this match. So could you guys give a good tactics to counter 4-2-2-2. Thanks in advance
  14. will phil jones rating rise, or should i sell him?
  15. Re: Ramos Deal! i actually need a wing. and ivanovic could replace ramos. so i think that i should do the deal.
  16. Re: Riferimento: Ramos Deal! sergio is my only rb.
  17. Re: Good Tactics! i played against 4-5-1
  18. Re: Van Persie for Pedro definitely get RVP
  19. Re: Good Tactics! lost the match. 1-0
  20. i got sergio ramos, and chelsea offered me ivanovic+mata for ramos. should i do the deal or not thanks
  21. i got vidic and kompany is in a external club, should i swap vidic for kompany. thanks
  22. Re: Respuesta: to Control one more club
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