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  1. Re: ** rating not changing

    It has never been powered by Soccer Wiki' date=' because all sorts of people without any knowledge can suggest and vote on ratings.

    Changes on Soccer Wiki are likely to happen in SM too, but do not take them for granted and if a rating is changed on Soccer Wiki that is done by the Soccer Manager team, not because someone suggested it and others voted it up. If the latter would be the case the ratings would go even more ridiculous than ever.

    If Aubameyang is indeed getting 90 its likely he'll get that update tomorrow, usually rating changes are around 7/8AM UK time I believe (at least that's when the messages appear ingame).[/quote']

    Aubamayang's rating changed 2 days ago in soccer wiki, but it is still haven't chnage in SM. Also players like Illaramendi- who just moved to real madrid- has been updated in soccerwiki but still hasn't in sm. I am really :confused:

  2. Hello,

    as everyone know, sm is powered by soccer wiki. and i have an acvcount on soccer wiki. If you guy go to soccer wiki and look at aubamayang's rating, it is 90 whereas in sm it is still 89. it is not only for aubamayang but other players too. I found it completely **. so i want to know if there is any way i can complain to sm about this.

  3. Re: Reus for Falcao

    I will not do the deal

    Reus will be 93 in the following review (or the worst' date=' the next one be he will rise for sure)

    where Falcao couldn't or very difficult to go above 94 with Monaco (lets say 99% since he will not play in UCL)

    plus considering you will play for long term in competitive GW and Reus is younger which can serve your purpose:)[/quote']

    Thanks for the response. I am just waiting for some more replies, and then make the decision

  4. Hello,

    I currently have Reus in a very competetive gameworld. I have been offered Falcao for Reus. I accepted it, but I will stay in the game world for long term. What should I do? Should I cancel the deal or Should I do the deal.

  5. I have been offered kompany and balotelli for chiellini. i have accepted it. but i am not sure about it. Is it a good deal, as i really needed a fwd, which balotelli is going to take, and i play chiellini in cb, which kompany can take.

  6. Re: rooney or aguero???

    who should i buy???

    i have the money to buy both in a world championship in which i manage barca.

    i would go for rooney. i know rooney didn't play well last couple of seasons, but after he is back from injury this season, he is doing quite well. if he keep up it, he might move up to 96 again.

  7. Re: Modric+7 for Kompany? Please answer quickly

    I made a bid for Kompany' date=' a manager made me a counteroffer modric+7?

    should i accept?

    I play 4-3-3 wingers, have Busquets, Silva, Fabregas, Khedira and Vidal in the middle, Thiago Silva, Vidic and Badstuber as CB-s...i think i'm gonna accept, as i have Thiago and Eriksen as potential midfield stars, but i need to hear some more opinions? please...[/quote']

    accept it quickly. kompany will definitely rise in the next change

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