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  1. Hello guys this is my squad, who should i keep,sell and swap with a good player

    HELTON, Arruda

    KIESZEK, Pawel

    VENTURA, Hugo

    FREITAS, Fabiano


    ANSALDI, Cristian

    PEREIRA, Álvaro

    ADDY, David

    MBOLA, Emmanuel

    RAFAEL, Emídio

    SAPUNARU, Cristian

    OTAMENDI, Nicolás

    MAICON, Pereira

    SERENO, Henrique

    SAKHO, Mamadou

    BURA, Miguel Ângelo

    DE ROSSI, Daniele

    M'VILA, Yann

    FELLAINI, Marouane

    SAHIN, Nuri

    DEFOUR, Steven

    BELLUSCHI, Fernando

    MOREIRA, Pedro

    CAZORLA, Santi

    DJALMA, Braume

    UKRA, Monteiro

    BENZEMA, Karim

    CAVANI, Édinson

    SOLDADO, Roberto

    MARTINEZ, Jackson

    the player in bold, is the player i just bought and juventus is external, so i made a offer to swap periera for vidal. is this a good deal. and i don't have a single money

    Thanks :)

  2. Re: swap deals!

    this is the deal you should do:

    ferdinand for pepe-as ferdinand is very old and more likely to drop

    nani for di maria- di maria is talented and have to potential to be 95 rated

    a.young for reus- reus is also talented and have more potential than young

    carrick for javi martinez and money(without money it is a great deal)

    anderson for kroos(young and more potential)

  3. Re: hart for neuer??

    i am managing man city in an english league.

    I am thinking of exchanging stuart taylor and joe hart for manuel neuer.

    Would that be a good deal???

    Apart from this i am planning to exchnge silva and boyata(i have recalled him for this deal) for ineista and nasri for thomas muller.

    Would these 3 be good deals???

    Apart from this can anyone suggest a suitable replacement for toure.though he is 93 but he will soon be 30.any younger player whom i can buy for him?

    i would keep hart and get iniesta

    Don't swap nasri for muller, nasri is far better than him and swap yaya for schwensteiger,sneijder.

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