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  1. Re: Higuain

    Benzema rose in the last changes in April' date=' there has not been enough games to warrant him rising to a 95 in the next changes and I say that with a great deal of confidence.[/quote']

    doudt he will rise next changes, but he will rise in the future for sure

  2. I have been offered muller for my hazard. should i accept it or not?

    I think i should keep hazard as he is very talented and have the potential to rise to 94/95 or even 96. and muller ain't playing that well.

    so what do you guys think

    thank you :)

  3. i am stuck guys my real madrid was in top of the table for the whole season but i lost all last 5 matches of the season with 89- rated teams and i finished the season as second postition:mad:. i used the formation 4-2-3-1 as one of the memebr of this forum suggested it and it worked the whole season but the last 5 matches it didn't work. so any new formation please and can you give the play style aswell.

    thanks :)

  4. I just took control of a b.munich, and i offered my muller for silva. is it a good deal. i offered muller for nasri, di maria,nani, ozil and silva. what do you guys think. which of these player would be the best one to swap for muller.

    And can you tell me that muller will rise in the future or not? if yes how long it will take him to rise.

    Thanks :)

  5. hello guys,

    i took over a team that start with no player and i has 200m money, but i bought 8 good players and now i have 5m, so what should i do. i have to buy 13 more players. so what should i do.


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