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  1. i just manged a brand new milan, and i want to sell the old players. so can you huys give some opinion, who to swap and who to sell:

    Ibrahimovic(good but getting old)


    robinho(don't like him)




    van bommel


    Thanks :)

  2. Hey Guys,

    I am against a very strong team and he uses 4-2-2-2. The information about his team is:

    opponent average rating= 92/93 my team average rating= 91/92

    i lost the friendly match with the team 6-0 :(

    i use 3-5-2 with foward arrow on the midfielder (except DM)

    and back arrow on DM

    I really need to win this match.

    So could you guys give a good tactics to counter 4-2-2-2.

    Thanks in advance :)

  3. Re: Kurt Zouma

    An amazing young player' date=' he is only 17, and is already an 83, and is one of St Etienne's best players. He should rise up 2/3 next update, and is an extremely good prospect, and will probably pair with Varane in the future for France[/quote']

    nice found mate. i am going to buy him. there is also M'baye Niang

    he is also 17 and 83

  4. Re: Respuesta: to Control one more club

    You dont. You got 3 teams if u signed up pre 2011. Not sure of exact date when it changed to 2 clubs only.

    Back to original question. U wont get a 4th unless u buy gold management' date=' extra club slots, reserve a club (which also adds a extra slot) or make a 2nd account[/quote']

    i have sign up in 2010, but still i didn't get my 3rd slot. why?????????????:confused:

  5. Re: Riferimento: Good Tactics!



    Hard tackles in tough matches or in matches you have to win' date=' otherwise Normal tackles (you could play also aggressive but not for all the game-time)

    Normal mentality in away matches and home matches against stronger teams, otherwise attacking mentality.

    Short passes if you have better midfielders compared with your opponent, , direct passes if your midfield is weaker than your opponent but you have good forwards compared to your opponent's defence, otherwise normal.

    Down both flanks if your opponent's wide players aren't any good and you think you can cross the ball many times, through the middle if you want to pass the ball directly to your forwards, otherwise mixed.

    Slow tempo only when using normal mentality never with attacking mentality, when you want to keep possession. Fast tempo if you want to quickly get the ball to your forwards, but you will have less possession. Normal tempo is a balance.

    Pressing all over with an attacking mentality and in own half with a normal mentality. Don't consider own area with 3-5-2.[/quote']

    thanks for the tactics.

    what about arrows and substitution

    and play style

  6. Re: Riferimento: Good Tactics!


    could you paste here your squad with ratings' date=' roles, ages and so on?


    Name Position Age Rating

    SIRIGU, Salvatore Gk 25 90

    COENTRAO, Fábio LB/DM 24 91

    WALKER, Kyle RB/LB 21 88

    RAFINHA, Marcio RB/RM 26 90

    PEPE, Ferreira CB/DM 29 93

    MERTESACKER, Per CB 27 92

    KOSCIELNY, Laurent CB 26 89

    RUIZ, Víctor CB 23 88

    BUSQUETS, Sergio DM/CB 23 94

    SCHOLES, Paul CM/DM 37 90

    MODRIC, Luka CM/LM 26 93

    DIEGO, Ribas AM/CM 27 91

    MARTIN, Marvin AM/CM 23 89

    ÖZIL, Mesut AM/Wing 23 94

    BALE, Gareth Wing/LB 22 91

    GERVINHO, Yao Kouassi Wing/Fwd 24 90

    NANI, Luís Wing 25 93

    SUAREZ, Luis Fwd/AM 25 92

    CAVANI, Édinson Fwd 25 92

    SAVIOLA, Javier Fwd 30 90

    DZEKO, Edin CF 26 92

    FALCAO, Radamel CF 26 91

    average rating is 91/92

  7. Re: Riferimento: Good Tactics!

    could you add informations like current ratings and positions for all your squad players? because i'm not a DB :P (im' joking)

    thank you

    i will answer you back later

    finally thanks for replying. i thaught no one will reply it. i was in 4th position but today's match i lost by 0-2 to internazionale. now i am in 6th position.


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