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  1. Re: Cheat in gameworld !

    let me check one more week, if he manage the club again and leave it. he is cheating.

    and i think that someone in our gameworld is doing this. lots of team got persie in the shortlist and someone could do it, to buy persie.

  2. i got a man u and i have saved money for persie which is in a unmanaged club. after i made a offer for persie a new manager, managed arsenal and left it right away. then after 7 day i made another offer. the same manager, managed arsenal again and left it again.

    so what should i do, i really need persie for my team. how do i report that manager. :)

  3. Re: Which Keeper

    I currently have Cech as my number 1 keeper and Lindegaard as number 2 and De Gea out on loan.

    If De Gea hits 90 this time round he will no longer be happy and begin to get concerns.

    My question is should I move Cech on with a view to installing De Dea as number 1 and gamble on his future rating increases or do i stick with Cech hoping he doenst drop further and sell De Gea?

    i think de gea, is very good keeper. if de gea hit 90 this time, i would recommend you to sell cech and put de gea as your number 1.

    you could swap cech for lloris. and put lloris as your number 1 for now, until de gea hit 90. and you can put lloris as your sub.


  4. this is my team

    First team:

    ALVES, Diego

    COENTRAO, Fábi

    SILVIO, Azevedo

    RAFINHA, Marcio

    PEPE, Ferreira


    KOSCIELNY, Laurent

    RUIZ, Víctor

    BUSQUETS, Sergio

    SCHOLES, Paul

    MODRIC, Luka

    DIEGO, Ribas

    MARTIN, Marvin

    ÖZIL, Mesut

    BALE, Gareth

    GERVINHO, Yao Kouassi

    NANI, Luís

    SUAREZ, Luis

    CAVANI, Édinson

    DZEKO, Edin

    FALCAO, Radamel

    Youth team:

    COURTOIS, Thibaut

    SAVIC, Stefan

    VARANE, Raphaël

    FRIMPONG, Emmanuel

    RAMSEY, Aaron


    SHAQIRI, Xherdan

    what tactic should i use?

    please tell the instuction aswell.

    Note: busquete and rafina is now injured.

    Thanks :)

    and please suggest for a good goalkeeper (better than alves) and cheap.

  5. Re: Rooney for Fabregas!

    I rate both players very high' date='it depends on position,what players do you have on Rooney and Fabre position?[/quote']

    i got L.suarez,Young,Villa in rooney's position

    and not good players for example, anderson,gibson,fletcher in fabregas position

  6. Re: Help with My Borussia Dortmund Team

    Hi guys' date=' I just took over Dortmund in a brand new German Championship. None of the other managers seemed interested in buying young talents, so i was able to buy heaps of star prospects for the future. I've written my squad below, and can i have some help in who else I should buy (preferably 22 or under). eg: i'm really short in the defence and forward department.

    GK: Courtouis, Leno

    DF: Hummels, Subotic, Jones, Kyle walker, Davide Santon, Bartra, Kelly, Varane

    MIDs: Gotze, Hazard, Thiago A, Wilshere, James rodriguez, Shaqiri, Eriksen, Rodwell, Xhaka, Muniain, Yann M'Vila, Oxlade Chamberlain, Kovacic

    Fwds: Balotelli, Neymar, Luuk De Jong, Deulofeu, Mason Bennett, Cuenca

    However, i'm a bit strapped for cash, so I need to buy relatively cheap players[/quote']

    i know you want 22 or under player but if you got some money you should buy messi and fabregas

    these are the players i would recommend to buy which is under 22




  7. Re: Riferimento: Against a tough team!

    against 4-2-3-1 DON'T USE 3-5-2

    DON'T USE IT!!!!!

    Copy his tactic and set the proper instructions to counter him

    Or use 5-4-1 !!!!!

    In the counters-topic you'll find an article made by me about countering 4-2-3-1.

    Feel free to use it or not.

    Does he use any arrows???

    no he doesn't use any arrows

  8. I am against a very tough real madrid tomorrow and he uses 4-3-2-1 and got some good players

    my team is barcelona and my one is at the top of the league. i also good good players including ibrahimovic,messi,robben,nasri,muller,xavi etc.

    I normally use 3-5-2 with back arrow on DM AND foward arrow on all midfielders, and it went quite well

    now i am against a very tough team so any good tactics

    and last match i managed a draw with real madrid for i need to win this one


  9. Re: Riferimento: Counter formations

    i don't recommend 3-5-2 because i think that 4-3-3 wingers used with the correct instructions is still a good counter-tactic vs 3-5-2 so better not to risk

    in my opinion you could copy it and go defensive minded and play defensive style it he plays offensively. i have done always and at least picked up a draw' date=' however never failed.

    another possibility, as people have already told, is : 4-2-3-1

    and i would like also to add 'normal' 4-5-1 that none has mentioned before, although it's similar to 4-2-3-1 they're different :P[/quote']

    i agree

    i lost the match 2-4 :D

  10. Re: Counter formations

    hello guys i am going to against a very tough team which got both ronaldo and messi and he uses 4-3-3 wingers

    which formation can i use to counter it

    normally i use 3-5-2 but i am not sure about this one :)

  11. i got a borussia dortmund and i use 4-5-1defensive but i lost some of the matches so i need a good tactic

    ----------joe hart-------------





    so any good tactics

    and please tell the play style as-well

    Thanks :)

  12. Re: Riferimento: Real Madrid Tactics Help!

    I don't know if you've already used that but i suggested always 4-2-3-1 for Real.

    And till now the people who i suggested it have obtained positive results.

    Now back to business' date=' the instructions:

    Hard tackling

    Attacking mentality

    Direct passes (if they don't work try mixed)

    Attacking style mixed (other option: down both flanks)

    Fast tempo

    Pressing all over


    Tight Marking

    Use playmaker = CR7

    Use target man = Higuain or Benzema, depens on who you use upfront

    if losing or drawing :

    forward arrow on Ramos and Marcelo, your fullbacks, select Play-offside and pull of Tight marking

    ps: Cr7 and Di Maria are your wingers, Ozil your AM[/quote']

    do i have to put any arrow in normal starting 11

    and i use 4-2-3-1 but i lost the last one

  13. Re: Cesc Fabregas

    I agree' date='but It will be hard,because Fabre value is very high..[/quote']

    i agree with NariN fabregas value is high i tired to give kagwa+schmelzer+2.2M for my chairman the value is 38M and (fabregas value is 37.5M if other player is offered) and for barcelona chairman value is 31.2M

    i think i have to sell another player to get money

    which player can i sell any suggestions

    thanks for the contribution :)

  14. HART, Joe

    FOCHER, Johannes

    SCHMELZER, Marcel

    LÖWE, Chris

    RAFAEL, Da Silva

    KLOPP, Marc

    SILVA, Thiago

    HUMMELS, Mats

    KEHL, Sebastian


    TREUDE, Tim

    BAKALORZ, Marvin

    GOTZE, Mario

    KAGAWA, Shinji

    VRANCIC, Mario

    DE BRUYNE, Kevin

    MESSI, Lionel

    WELBECK, Danny

    CAVANI, Édinson

    which palyer to sell/swap to get fabregas

    fabregas is one of my favourite player and i want him in my starting 11

    i don't got enough money

    i got 2.2M pounds

    (Note: De Bruyne, Messi,Cavani,Welbeck,Silva,Hart is recently transferred so they are banned)

    and i don't wanna sell gotze and hummels

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