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  1. Re: Battle of the tribes setup York City have only one player rated 86+ and that is F- David Healy.
  2. Re: Battle of the tribes setup I'm happy with that Kev.
  3. Re: Battle of the tribes setup I have to agree with Col here,Kev.As I have at least a half dozen players rated 85,I would like to be able to replace any that exceed the 5 player 86+ limit.A transfer ban could cause some difficulty.Especially if a club has several players that rise above 85.
  4. Re: Team application-Africa+MiddleEast I would be happy to swap Enyimba for Amazulu or one of the other listed clubs,if that helps Luke.I would enjoy the challenge of Amazulu.
  5. Re: Team application-Africa+MiddleEast I prefer one division of 16.Not a fan of the short 14-18 game schedules.However,I will abide with whatever the majority decides.
  6. Re: Team application-Africa+MiddleEast Enyimba Saipa Maccabi Tel Aviv The only rule I would like to see is no buying player over 30
  7. Re: Three free setups Thank you very much,Luke.
  8. Re: Three free setups My apologies Luke.I didn't see your post mentioning invitations:o .Please forgive my presumption.Should there be a waiting list,I would like to be placed on it please.
  9. Re: Three free setups All three ideas are good Luke.I'm particularly interested in the African-Middle East setup.I would be glad to join,if there was a team available.With your permission I would like to be part of any of the three you listed.
  10. Re: Battle of the tribes setup York Quite the poor team last season, York have something to prove. Manager Kev G has done some amazing panic-buying, and has elevated the squad to that of one capable of something. Still lacking a few quality players though. Prediction: 8th And that concludes the predictions for Division 2. Now, feel free to moan! [/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/left] [/center] Not an unreasonable assessment of my club,Lee.Panic-buying? .York City have no 86+rated players in t
  11. Re: The debt solution Firstly gentlemen,the ban on the purchase of any new players is in place as an incentive for managers to sell players,thus reducing their club's debt.Perhaps a point deduction is in order to prevent managers from incurring a deficit in the first place.Just an idea,I'm interested in what you might think.
  12. Re: Kevs North/South Invitational Thank you Kev.
  13. Re: Kevs North/South Invitational May I have Galway please,Kev?
  14. Re: The One Parma are looking to loan a DM for the season.If any club has a DM available,please let me know.Thank you.KevG:)
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