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  1. This man was a massive character and loved by most in the footballing world and to pass away at 49 is a nothing age to die at. My condolences are with Tommy's friends and family and everyone else close to him. RIP Tommy! You'll ever be forgotten!
  2. Re: Have you ever been to watch a rival team play Can't say I have. It would kill me to go and watch someone like Leicester if we were playing on the same day.
  3. Re: 2008 football league play-offs Haha yeah, I hope so. I have a soft spot for the Toon too ironically, because my dad is a Geordie and I supported Coventry because it's where I was born and where I am not but I have family up in Newcastle still. Well done to the Tigers last night, my mrs is a season ticket holder up there and was up there last night and will probably get a ticket to Wembley too. They're one step closer now, I can't see Bristol City beating Hull after watching Hull last night!!
  4. Re: QPR Haha. They will not go up now they have Dowie in charge, he's clueless!
  5. Re: QPR Money doesn't buy you silverware. Sorry but in 5 years I can see them in the Championship, whether that'd mean them staying in this league from now 'til then or going up to the EPL and then dropping back down again !
  6. Re: 2008 football league play-offs Yes, what crackers the Bristol goals were too, especially McIndoe's free-kick. Not sure about tomorrow night mind, Hull will get there in my opinion but who to win the final is a tough call. I love travelling to Hull with Coventry to the KC good laugh up there. Not to mention the Mrs is a season ticket holder at the KC. I would like to see Hull up but on the other hand, I'd miss them!
  7. Re: Have Leeds blown their Play Off chances? I hope so too mate. Leeds will be an easy 6 points next season with their team full of grandads.
  8. Re: Have Leeds blown their Play Off chances? There is a god! Please Carlisle, finish them off up your place and shut the arrogant lot up !!!
  9. Who does everyone think we will get? I love this transfer talk at this time of the season and it will be exciting to see which pull through. I heard today that Cookie was at a meeting down in London today with a player regarding a transfer here and apparently he is 25 and played in the Premier League last term. I think it's Moritz Volz from Fulham, not too sure though. I'd also love to see us get one of Eastwood or Earnshaw, Eastwood looking the most likely at the minute, McSheffrey back from Brum, though that could be a bit unlikely now they've come down, Schmeichel on a permanent and hop
  10. Re: Ronaldo Over-rated Diddy, this is a ludicrous post. He is easily the best player in the world at the minute and there's no way you can deprive him that at least!
  11. Re: Let's all laugh at Leicester!!! I was down in Charlton on this day and so so nervous, I was nearly in tears. I was so relieved when those crispies got relegated.
  12. Re: Closing forum account? Cheers guys. Well, I might aswell stay on now then!
  13. Hi all. I've been on these forums for a while, not so much posted a lot, but I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how to close down my forum account? Also, if I closed my forum account down, would this affect me playing soccer manager? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  14. Re: QPR Open Invitation Ok, well, I've just bought a load of players, mainly old ones, and I've put most of the squad that was there before on the transfer list... I will update you with match reports and any other transfers when they come in... My first game this season, is at home to Hartlepool on Saturday.
  15. Re: England Championship 401 - Transfer news and Match Reports oopppppsie
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