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  1. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) About to reject Barcelona GC 129. They have Messi, Ibrahimovic, Iniesta, Xavi, Busquets, Pique, Alves etc but reason for rejecting is they have hardly been kept fresh. Still have Abidal & Maxwell who could have been traded out ages ago and as such, Busquets aside, have no players 25 and under more than 89 rated. Still, it is Barca..
  2. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread I broke my leg in 2 places and was back on the treadmill after 6 weeks. I suppose it depends on the type of break but sometimes it heals quicker and the area of break fuses stronger than before the break. I think fractures are worse because of the possibilty of fragmentation opposed to clean breaks. I always presumed the months it takes for footballers to back from leg breaks is more to do with any muscle wastage that would occur while being unable to use the leg than the actual break itself.
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Diego Costa or Kagawa + 10.7m?
  4. Re: The New Players Thread Josh Tracey. 17yr old Derry winger linked with a couple of the EPL big guns in the last couple of days. Only 10k so pretty minimal risk.
  5. Re: cannot change team I made a thread about this in the general help section. Last nights games have still not been processed so it's a matter of wait and see if the same line up goes out twice in a row. I made a similar thread the last time it happened and no Dev or anyone from SM replied to it, in fact it was deleted. It's probably just a technical issue that they're trying to fix but even someone acknowledging what's happening and saying "sorry for the inconvenience" wouldn't go amiss. That won't happen though, after all we're not real customers who pay real money for a service......wait a minute, yes we are! It's not even worth saying that SM's customer relations is woeful or inept it's just nothing. It doesn't exist. There is no SM customer relations.
  6. Re: Tonights matches Fitness certainly is affected in SMFA cup games. At least everyone I've ever played in in gold championships anyway.
  7. any idea when will they be getting processed then?
  8. Re: The New Players Thread It's weird. I've never had to download data packs to see new players. Yet somebody else is telling me it looks like I've signed a player with a number for a name when I see it as Jairo Weiderweld. My laptop is not a very good one either so don't know why I've never had to do it.
  9. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Didn't try to say anything. Said something.
  10. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Weird thing just happened, manager took over 2 clubs in the same GC to collapse deals, resigned immediately and it WASN'T Matthew Horn.
  11. Re: The New Players Thread Man Utd and England under-19 Tyler Blackett added. No idea how his potential is though.
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  14. Re: Website Down? So my connect game from today has been played but still 3 club games from last night have not. Gold championship games. What we pay membership for. 1 of the teams has 4 games in 5 days and is currently 1 point clear at the top of the league with 2 games to go but if the matches are not processed then it will be my cup team that gets sent out. With a second leg SMFA champions cup tomorrow it's fairly important I can rotate the players. What are you playing at SM not even coming with an explanation?? Idiots.
  15. Re: Website Down? Why is it that more than 12 hours after Friday's game were to have been played they still have not which means I can't set tactics for tonights games either. More importantly why has none of the esteemed SM hierarchy seen fit to mention it or explain it all. Perhaps if they weren't so focussed on fleecing their customers at every turn and focus a bit on the actual basics of the game, like getting matches processed for example, they wouldn't be held in such disdain on the forum.
  16. The GC's I have SMFA champions cup matches in last night have still not been updated. Any idea when it will happen? I can't set tactics for Saturday games until they come through.
  17. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Bolded have at least been playing regular first team football. Gunter, Ilori, Jedvall etc might be well thought of but they're not going to rise until they start getting some games. Definitely keep Balanta & Moreno in defence as potential keepers, not just risers. You'll have no choice but to keep Cristante as you can only just have signed him. If your selling because you need money I'd be tempted to sell Zaha & Kirchoff because somebody will probably give you max cash for them which will equal selling 10-15 of others. Definitely keep the 2 Zivkovic's though. Kurzawa will get the most significant increase next time around. Only 80 rated just now but first choice left back for 3rd place Monaco. So not sure why all the advice to keep Gunter etc ahead of him.
  18. Re: Profound and Touching Quotes Thread "Leader of the world"? Anyway in defence of his mistake, everyone has a slip of the tongue it's just any he has will have a higher than most peoples chance of being on record. I'm sure most people will have called even their parents, siblings or partners by a different name on at least one occassion. It doesn't mean that you actually thought they were a different person at that point. Verbal equivalent of a typo is a lot more likely than he thought America actually had more states than it does.
  19. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Just about to reject Santos in GC 129 with Neymar, Lamela, Benatia, and a number of likely risers. Cabral Rafael, Ganso, Alex Sandro, Kondogbia, Lucas Fernando, Luiz Danilo, Ola John, Guilavogui, Van Rhijn, Jordan Ferri, Locadia and quite a few more. Currently 3rd in the league behind my Sao Paolo and leaders Botafogo.
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    Re: The Joke Thread Ok, he's a cheesy variety act from days gone by but this has to be one of the best self-effacing one(two) liners their has ever been from the late Bob Monkhouse: "They all laughed when I said I wanted to be a comedian. Well, they're not laughing now"
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