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  1. Will Nesta go down? Shall i sell him if so for how much?
  2. Re: Robben deal- Was i done or a good deal? How long do you think mate?
  3. Where shall i improve! I play a 3-5-2 Handanovic 90 CB Subotic 91 CB Nesta 91 CB Luisao 91 CDM Y Toure 93 WInger Gotze 91 Winger Schmelzer 90 CM Moutinho 91 CM David Silva 94 ST RVP 94 ST Tevez 93 Im tempted to get Robben and hes accepted Gotze and Moutinho and 9 million for him, should i do this deal? I have 45 million btw and would also like to go to 4 at the back but need a LB and a RB 91+. Please give me ideas on transfer targets and realistic ones!
  4. Re: Robben deal- Was i done or a good deal? The deal hasnt gone through but i need a top notch winger 93+ Im Milan and all i have atm for wingers is that are good, Gotze RVP and Schmelzer! But dont play RVP wide as hes better up top!
  5. Gotze 91 + Moutinho 91 + 9 million ---------> Robben. Good deal or not for me? I got robben btw!
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