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    Kaka, Clarence Seedorf, Dimitar Berbatov & Fernando Torres
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  1. Lee_Tyler

    HALO!! - PC

    Re: HALO!! - PC No viruses, anybody wanna play now? Reply and Ill create a room
  2. Lee_Tyler

    HALO!! - PC

    Re: HALO!! - PC We need more people, we can do 10 sm lads.... 5v5... cmon ppl!!! Hurry!!!! www.google.com then type Halo trial click first link and download!!!!
  3. Lee_Tyler

    HALO!! - PC

    Re: HALO!! - PC Was searching and this came up! I have also dowbloaded the trial, its awesome. I think some of the SM lads should also, sow e can get a game going on! All the people interested - on google, type down "Halo Trial" Click the first link, we can play each other VIA internet! Cmon ppl!!!
  4. Re: Anderson Nice to see you agree, and to think I got neg repped for that post by some idiot
  5. Re: Karim BENZEMA Have to agree, Karim is a great young player. Scores lots of goals and has massive potential. I expect to see a 90+ in the next rating changes:)
  6. Re: Bobo's Personal Rumour Thread! First of all, nice gossips Bobo;) As I have mentioned in the past, Modric would be great at the Emirates, After Hnery, The Gunners now have freedom and they play some great football. Modric would fit in well IMO. Capello for England? I wonder how he's gonna translate match talks to the lads!!!
  7. Re: searching 88-89 LB who rise 90s Bale, Marceloa, Drenthe
  8. Re: Team's shirt are awfull! You could always send a ticket to SM. Most of them are quick responses. I think it's just a minor error which will be sorted soon
  9. Lee_Tyler


    Re: ello Welcome Womble Hope you enjoy it here, A very friendly community, feel free to state opinions and ideas. But mke sure they aren't already suggested by using the SEARCH too. Here it is!!!!! Don't be afraid to use it Just teasing mate, welcome and enjoy
  10. Re: Luka Modric Agree with you there, I think he should be at Arsenal, maybe take Flamini's place He is already developed at just 22, but can improve further no doubt. And Arsene Wenger is top class at doing that. Moving to Chelsea will be a mistake, Sidwell still repenting.....
  11. Re: Contract Renewal? Thanks Leigh for the information Really helps...... But it really gets to me, all the contract renewings, if only there was an assistant manager or someone to do it for us. For example, we could tell him to renew contracts of:- All players with 2 years remaining All youth players All players rated 90+ Sorry it's in the wrong place but was just wondering. Or is this already being constructed or soemthing? Leon,
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